Jewish World Review Feb. 28, 2002/ 16 Adar, 5762

Marianne M. Jennings

Marianne M. Jennings
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The dangers of organized philanthropy -- AN urban legend in philanthropy goes like this: A man, moved by the plight of the hungry, made sandwiches each day, loaded them into a basket, and walked the streets giving to the hungry. His kindness prompted passers-by to give money for the cause. Awash in cash, he made more sandwiches in his cramped and humble kitchen.

His sandwich philanthropy caught the attention of church elders who offered their building and long tables for production efficiencies. Church members, moved by sandwich charity, gave more money to the man. He arose earlier and spent his mornings making sandwiches.

Soon the television cameras arrived to film this remarkable effort. Executive directors of organized charities, as opposed to this chaotic, novice format of one-on-one contact, stepped in with advice on distribution, fundraising, board structure, annual reports and 501(3)(c) status. They told him to take Master Card, Visa, and American Express so as to up donations. Multiculturists clicked about homeless with allergies and nixing the peanut butter. Vegetarians demanded a tofu pita for the lacto-ovo homeless.

As the din of the advice and structure filled the air above the simple Wonder Bread effort, the man who had started it all with a jar of peanut butter, a loaf of bread and Thou, threw down his knife, grabbed his basket and walked away from the bureaucrats of noblesse oblige muttering, "Make your own damn sandwiches."

Bless George W. Bush for all that he has done to lead the country. But, the lad's program, "Communities of Character," is daft. September 11 togetherness has succumbed, as it inevitably must, to sixties peace and love and Euro trash intellectualism. Mr. Bush's prescription for feel-goodism with conscription via guilt and federal bureaucratic involvement are death knells for the true spirit of charity.

Organized charities enjoy a cloak of purity, but they are no different from capitalists. It's all self-interest. Anonymous giving is a rush for donors. Public service brings accolades. Identified donors command an entourage of obsequious executive directors seeking funds. Presidential candidates don't show up with hammers at a Habitat for Humanity for carpentry skills. It's the photo op, stupid!

Self-interest was obvious with the disastrous, as it were, decision of the Red Cross to use some funds donated for September 11 victims and their families for office equipment. Even folks who work in nonprofits want new computers.

President Clinton's AmeriCorps saw young people selflessly earn about $14,000 per year in tuition and living stipends for 20 hours of volunteerism per week. And they got to be politically correct to boot. They did "turn in your guns" programs in the inner cities and lectured on "anti-gay bias."

President Bush wants more of these silly federal programs that pay volunteers. He has proposed using $560 million in federal funds to create Citizens Corp., a slap-happy group of citizens pleased as punch to be noble, socially progressives volunteers paid for community service. President Bush may have cleaning up condoms in parks in mind, but these programs are likely to end up distributors of them instead.

Mr. Bush ignores the reality that many who devote time to charity and service should be spending time at home. Feeding and clothing the homeless are secondary to home responsibilities. Drawn by the accolades or driven by presidentially-imposed guilt, too many will fail individually even as they feel good in Citizens Corps.

The finest community service begins at home. Being a good neighbor doesn't require federal funding or new computers. The parents of the neighborhood druggies will be out scrubbing graffiti from walls whilst singing "Valderi! Valdera! My knapsack on my back" as a replacement for the difficult and thankless task of being a parent. The fruits of our loins are ingrates when it comes to rules and curfew. Mr. Bush's funding and demands for services embedded in patriotism elevate community service above the drudgery of family, individual responsibility and personal accountability.

Neither money nor program is required for a parent to spend 10 minutes a day helping a child to read, but Mr. Bush wants $50 million for a reading volunteer program. He wants another $40 million for senior corps so that the retired can help in their communities. How did grandparents in years past become so involved in their grandchildren's lives without funding, a national agency, or executive director?

Federally funded superficial volunteerism in the name of terrorism rings hollow. Altruism is not always glamorous or organized. It is most glorious when anonymous and often occurs within the walls of our home and in our cul-de-sacs. Begin at home and ease into next door in quiet ways, free from bureaucratic mandates and selflessly with no expectation of funding or praise. After all is said, done and funded, someone has to make the da-n sandwiches.

JWR contributor Marianne M. Jennings is a professor of legal and ethical studies at Arizona State University. Send your comments by clicking here.


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