Jewish World Review May 30, 2002/ 19 Sivan, 5762

Marianne M. Jennings

Marianne M. Jennings
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Of big hair and sanity | This year finds me with bounteous blessings. The Rosie O'Donnell show clumped to an end and Oprah's book club halted, thus bringing hope for literature beyond the Toni Morrison genre of "I grew up in a small town with right-wing hicks, and, dang, I was molested." Mercifully, ABC canceled Bill Maher and his Politically Incorrect collection of tedious hayseeds and models, the most intellectual of whom was Tom Arnold. As if these three demises were not sufficient grace from above, USA Today now reports that big hair is back. Smooth bouffants grace stylish heads once again.

The past 10 years of nouveau hairstyles have been difficult for those of us who were brought up right, with a teasing comb and a can of Aqua Net. Hairdressers discovered the ticket to fame and millions was creating hairstyles inspired by participants in extreme sports. For example, one hairdresser was able to convince Meg Ryan to wear her hair like Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz. Every female with tattooed calf and/or pierced belly adopted Meg's straggle look.

Obtaining such mussed looks was no small task and enterprising hair stylists sold mousse, muck, mud, insulation foam, and other hair stiffening products in funky cans. I found one hair product called "Sex cream." Shouldn't such promiscuous fare remain behind the counter, available only via pharmacist request? Hair also never looked clean because folks applied Kraft Marshmallow crème in spray, gel or perhaps reproductive can forms "immediately after shampooing."

The era of spikes, rumples, strands, and straggles seemed endless. Even the Farrah Fawcett shag era and the Jennifer Aniston smooth-but-uneven period were easier on the eyes. The return of the bouffant holds as much promise as when that cute Dorothy Hammill, who now suffers from heartburn if the Federal Trade Commission is keeping up with accuracy in celebrity endorsements, inspired women with her fluffy, springy bob.

The football helmet look of smooth, big hair most certainly has its origins with Mother Eve for it cries out, "Free at last from the shackles of feminist locks and frocks. Give me a pair of spike heels and an Ace comb for frumpy hair is over."

I blame the feminists for orthopedic hair because they started the no-frills look with their kinky flowing mops, that kind of Janis Joplin/Chandra Levy/Carole King style that makes me mutter, "Comb your hair."

I also blame the feminist movement for men now obsessed with styled hair. How ironic that the male offspring of women who spent no time with their hair would become slaves to their hair. Men sit in salons, holding little pieces of foil to hand to their "stylists" for creating their artificial flecks of blond. Get thee to a barbershop, you sissies. Speak there of auger bits, DeWalt generators and antler decorations, not Ricky Martin.

Coed dorms were bad enough, but male integration of beauty shops is decadent. Men turned "beauty shops," a shelter for gossip and a refuge from intellect via Cosmo, into "salons" and a funky experience.

I endure a unisex salon because I followed my now-deaf hairdresser there. The salon has Dance Fever/Soul Train music so loud that is shakes my spleen. I have learned to communicate with her by signing the words, "Fix the roots. Take a little off the ends."

Oddly, in spite of all the attention to their hair, more men are bald earlier. Twentysomething men in my classes have all manner of receding hairlines. I can count the full heads of hair on one hand. They suffer from traumatic alopecia, hair loss caused by too many chemicals and too much fussing. With all the goop, root spikes, gel, and what not, men's hair is like a wall with too many coats of paint. Hair is peeling away.

Perhaps my theory on baldness also has some merit. With their own bad hair days now, men cover the muss with baseball caps. Men have worn them incorrectly (backwards) and round-the-clock, including restaurants. Their hair sheds, much like a dog's hair beneath its collar. America is home to 50 million bald men.

Real men don't fuss so over their hair. Blast the feminists who lured them into submission. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder got a court order to stop a news report that alleged he dyed his hair. The story included the opinion of a political consultant who concluded that hair coloring was a sign of insecurity and that Schroeder "would be more credible if he didn't dye his hair." True feelings always emerge.

And the bouffant has reemerged. The Laura Petrie, Jackie Onassis, Tricia Nixon, Ursula Andress, Lady Bird, Lynda Bird and Lucy Bird poofy look is back. We've returned to our roots, as it were, of orderly hair. Now if they can just boot men out of beauty shops, civilization could advance.

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JWR contributor Marianne M. Jennings is a professor of legal and ethical studies at Arizona State University. Send your comments by clicking here.


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