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03/21/07: Is Democratic Party leadership too supportive of Israel?
03/14/07: A good administrator fires incompetents and abusers
02/27/07: Wake up, America!
02/20/07: Pax America and Russia coalition to force peace throughout the world?
02/13/07: Pax America and Russia coalition to force peace throughout the world?
01/30/07: Celeb protesters — they're baaack
01/10/07: Prez must immediately issue ultimatum
12/28/06: Bush is my hero
10/19/06: The Pope, the Islamics and me
10/05/06: How long will it be before we all awaken to the inherent danger facing us?
09/29/06: The sermon I preached this Rosh Hashanah
09/01/06: Preserve our country's values while not jeopardizing its very existence
08/17/06: We won't win war on jihad — unless non-Islamics unite and play to win
07/19/06: Israel's critics aren't allowing truth to get in their way — and a warning
06/29/06: As the world churns
06/21/06: Short Bites
06/14/06: Foolish western self-flagellation
05/03/06: Those opposing pre-emptive action against Iran are usual crazies, pacifists, dreamers and self-haters of the U.S. who believe we are evil in aspirations and actions and our opponents are virtuous and worthy of support
04/26/06: Ideas for after the Bush-bashing ends
04/18/06: Hey, Dems: If you want to win, stop the Bush-bashing and stand for something
03/15/06: NYT report should force paper to admit error
03/02/06: Deadly farce: Killing each other and blaming US
01/25/06: Rove is right: War of civilizations should be the issue in 2006 Congressional elections
01/18/06: Why the Dems continue to set themselves up for failure
12/21/05: Harm the country or sell papers?
11/09/05: The French sowed the wind and now reaping the whirlwind
11/02/05: Israel will do what it needs to survive — ‘world opinion’ be damned
10/11/05: Prez's long-term geo-political goals should be supported
09/28/05: Speak up America! Sheehan has spent her sympathy
09/15/05: Learning how to accept responsibility
08/10/05: Common sense needed in subway searches
07/27/05: Needed in this war against civilized society
07/20/05: Liberal media is doing an injustice in its mishandling of terrorism
07/13/05: Platitudes instead of pluck
07/07/05: Pols who oppose Gonzales will do so at their own risk
06/22/05: There's only one reason why we should remain in Iraq
06/09/05: Naive NYTimes should save its finger-wagging
06/02/05: Closing Gitmo is not the answer
05/11/05: Potpourri
05/04/05: We must re-enact the Patriot Act — with changes
03/15/05: Prez and his fine UN pick grasp the realities of world geo-politics
03/09/05: It's time for the filibuster to go
02/16/05: Potpourri
02/02/05: Potpourri
01/12/05: A time to praise and a time to disagree
12/08/04: By stepping up to the plate on this important issue, the U.S. Attorney will be hitting a home run for justice
11/18/04: Shocked by Bill Moyers' 'coup' comment and radical media
11/10/04: Time to take back party from the radicals
10/19/04: Johns' disgraceful behavior has sealed their fate
09/29/04: Assessing which candidate terrorists would prefer is well within the bounds of political discourse
09/27/04: Why is the NYTimes ignoring the religious element of Islamics' terrorism?
09/09/04: Muslim terrorists are victims: The view from NYTimes Land
08/18/04: Anti-Bush demonstrators know they can help re-elect prez
08/12/04: I've been branded a ‘turncoat’
07/28/04: If everyone is deemed responsible, no one is responsible
07/20/04: Why Bush must win
07/14/04: The crass class
07/07/04: Potpourri
06/29/04: Moore is an irresponsible propagandist who would have denounced WW II, too
06/16/04: Behind every hero
06/08/04: Reagan's afterlife on Earth
05/19/04: We should not be pleading with the U.N. for help — we should be demanding it
05/12/04: Abu Ghraib will go away but Rummy — and Bush — shouldn't
04/20/04: Freedom of what?
03/03/04: Wake-up call: Prez will be defeated if he doesn't take action to stop other dangerous attack
03/12/04: Yes, Jews do engage in anti-Semitic behavior
02/04/04: History will judge Bush favorably
01/28/04: Why the President was justified — David Kay or not
01/15/04: It is not compassionate or intelligent to open our borders to all
12/24/03: Why I'm voting for Bush
11/26/03: Appeasement only whets the appetite of aggressors
11/06/03: Putin's prosecution of the oligarchs can teach a powerful lesson about anti-Semitism
07/30/03: As the world churns
07/23/03: America not so different than Russia in pursuing white collar criminals
07/16/03: Dems, media are making an unforgivable mistake
06/18/03: Keep American troops out of Israel
05/22/03: It's lots of fun to remain relevant
05/14/03: Living up to their mascot's image? Dems attacks on prez are backfiring
05/07/03: Wall Street settlement was not justice
04/16/03: The doves were proven wrong. Instead of conceding defeat, they are throwing another political tantrum
04/09/03: As the world churns
04/03/03: Gulf War II: The misleading media does it again
03/18/03: Have the courage to admit it, Pat: You're a classic anti-Semite who gives conservatives a bad name
03/12/03: "There they go again"? Not quite!
03/05/03: Making the case for war on British TV left some panelists stunned
02/20/03: Death penalty=racism? Don't confuse them with the facts
02/12/03: History is now repeating itself --- why don't the American bashers grasp it?
02/05/03: As the world turns
01/30/03: Why are sports exempt from racial diversity and universities encouraged to engage in racial preferences over individual academic achievement?
01/23/03: We absolutely can't back down
11/13/02: President blunted the Ted Kennedys of Democrat party --- good for him!
10/23/02: New Jersey's bigot laureate is no private citizen and his 'defenses' are idiotic
10/01/02: Congress is not doing its job
09/26/02: Confronting pathetic Americans in a post 9-11 world
09/19/02: Don't be fooled by Saddam
09/05/02: Necessary or not, getting congressional approval for war is common-sense
08/28/02: In defense of terrorism
08/22/02: Saddam Hussein is extremely popular in "Arab street," so why attack him?
08/15/02: My potpourri
08/09/02: Traitors: Journalistic and 'patriotic'
07/31/02: Euros should spend their time analyzing their own country's wartime actions
07/25/02: I may know next to nothing about the stock market, but I'm not getting out
07/18/02: Dems should stop trying to 'Whitewater' the President
07/11/02: Real Americans and the Islamic threat

© 2004, Edward I. Koch