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Jewish World Review Dec. 5, 2001/ 20 Kislev 5762

'I celebrate Chanukah you insensitive anti-Semite!'; idealism v. responsibility; stolen gifts

By Wendy Belzberg -- When people casually wish me a Merry Christmas I smile and say, "I'm Jewish, but I appreciate the good wishes. Happy holidays to you." I have come up with this rather verbose formulation as a compromise between not letting wrong assumptions pass and responding in kind to a friendly greeting.

This year my three year old son will probably get questions like, "Have you been a good boy for Santa?" and "What do you want from Santa?" etc. Any idea what I might say, or suggest he say, if and when someone asks him a clueless question?

A: It is possible to carry political correctness too far. What offends you more: that there are other religions in the world or that yours is not the dominant one? It may be insensitive not to ask which holiday your family celebrates, but calling it clueless is a stretch.

We live in a culture where sleigh bells ring and Santa sings to a point of sickening saturation-and you don't have to be Jewish to feel this. I can understand being protective-or overly protective-of your son during the holiday season. But if you do your job as a parent, you needn't worry that your child will be confused about his heritage. Arm your son with ammunition for when he is hit with an anti Semitic slur, not an innocent inquiry. Until then, a simple "I'm Jewish and we celebrate Chanukah," will do just fine. Save your big guns for the big battles.

Q: My husband wants to go on a solidarity mission to Israel. We have three children under the age of ten. I want to support Israel but I don't want to sacrifice my family's security to do so. Ever since I told my husband he can't go, he has barely spoken to me.

A: Your children may still be young enough for you to get away with such tactics, but no grown person likes to be told what he or she is allowed to do. Wives have never won points for putting their husbands under house arrest.

I can't say how I would have answered this question a month ago. But, unless you plan on going the distance and forbidding your husband to fly at all-or go to his office for that matter--your line in the Israeli sand suddenly seems arbitrary. Your entire family's interests are at stake here. There can be only one right answer to your question: a resolution that satisfies both yours and your husband's needs. I suspect many husbands and wives are having conversations about wills and insurance policies that were unimaginable just weeks ago. Have that conversation as well before arriving at your decision. If you do choose to continue to dictate to your husband what he can and cannot do, I suggest you prepare yourself for one of the following eventualities: divorce, or a life where your husband is just as free to force you to live by his rules.

My friend runs her boss's office: she opens the mail, reads the e-mail and fields the phone calls. She has the authority to decide what items to discard and what to bring to her busy boss's attention. Two years ago, her boss received a gift that she showed no interest in and never used. The item would make the perfect Chanukah present for the boyfriend of my cash-strapped friend. My friend says she has tried to raise the subject but that her boss is too busy to pay attention. No one uses the item and no one will miss it. Is it OK for her to take it?

A: Why not email this query directly to your friend's boss? Then, when she opens her boss's email, your friend can decide if the ethical implications of the question warrant her bringing the email to her busy boss's attention.

I am glad you didn't burden me with the nature of the item. Whether it is the Hope Diamond or an electric stapler, the answer remains the same: taking an item from one's boss without permission is wrong. If your friend chooses to do so, I strongly suggest she include the following note with the present: Happy Chanukah, I hope you enjoy this gift. I stole it for you.

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