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Jewish World Review May 31, 2001 / 9 Sivan 5761

Couple he fixed-up is in a nasty breakup; overwrought over ring

By Wendy Belzberg -- I like to play matchmaker and to introduce single friends to one another. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I recently set up one of my close women friends with a work colleague; they dated for about six months, but their relationship ended in a nasty breakup. Now my friend won't talk to me. What should I do?

You know what they say: No good deed goes unpunished. If you knew there was something seriously wrong with your colleague (you were aware that he was an alcoholic with violent tendencies, for example) and you didn't disclose this in advance, your friend would have cause to be upset. If, on the other hand, things just didn't work out, your friend is being ungrateful. In the former case, you owe your friend an apology; in the latter, she owes you one.

In either case, you probably should recognize that doing others this kind of favor is a risky business. Stick to your day job. (Or make your friends sign a waiver in advance of a first date.)

My father passed away a year ago. He promised me a ring but every time I ask my mother for it she has a new excuse about why I shouldn't get it: It's a man's ring, it won't fit your finger, you have others sisters who would resent your getting it. My mother says that she never heard my dad promise it to me--even though he did so in front of her. I think my mother harbors bad feelings toward me, is resentful of the close relationship I had with my father and is trying to hurt me.  

It is also possible that the ring has sentimental value to your mother, every bit as much as it does to you. Perhaps she is not ready to part with the ring but does not know how to tell you; perhaps she is not ready to let your father go and this is one way she continues to hold on.  It does sound to me as if your mother is withholding something from you that you desperately want.

You and your mother have more to work out than the matter of your father's ring. Many mother-daughter relationships are less than ideal, but if you truly believe that your mother would intentionally try to hurt you, it is time either to get a professional involved to help the two of you work out your problems. Or to walk away. Better to leave the ring on the table but to have your peace of mind.

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