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Cal Thomas archives

08/10/06: The mainstreaming of Taliban Democrats?
08/08/06: Rumsfeld is right
08/03/06: Mel's night out
08/01/06: Armageddon again
07/27/06: The West's language problem
07/25/06: A teen's Y chromosome problem
07/20/06: ‘World Trade Center’ is a world-class movies
07/18/06: Understanding the temper of the times
07/13/06: Are GOPers kidding us?
07/11/06: No rules, just right
07/06/06: Can a Mormon be president?
07/03/06: New Jersey: Put Tony Soprano in charge
06/28/06: Stemming the flood
06/27/06: Katie's listening tour
06/22/06: Church lite
06/20/06: Hospitals: Heal thyselves
06/15/06: Immoral equivalence
06/13/06: Time to change dynamic in War on Terror
06/08/06: Dearly beloved
06/06/06: The real Iraq
06/01/06: The Hillary Factor
05/30/06: Lessons from the immigration war
05/25/06: A grateful nation
05/23/06: The death of political ideology
05/18/06: The President's immigration address
05/16/06: Morale slippage in Iraq
05/11/06: My kind of guy(s)
05/09/06: Was Moussaoui right?
05/04/06: Legal vs. illegal: The language battle
05/02/06: Republicans running on empty
04/27/06: Flight 93: Do we still care?
04/25/06: A traitor in the midst
04/21/06: Let 'em Eat Sand
04/18/06: Retired summer soldiers
04/12/06: Immigration and the law
04/11/06: The gospel of unbelief
04/06/06: The Tom Delay resignation
04/04/06: ABC News standards … and practices
03/30/06: The French job funk
03/28/06: Whose country is this?
03/23/06: Spending obscenities
03/21/06: Spending obscenities
03/16/06: The future of newspapers
03/14/06: The Tom Fox tragedy
03/09/06: Resurrecting the line-item veto
03/07/06: Is McCain the One?
03/06/06: American journalism's Founding Fathers
03/02/06: And the losers are ... the Jews
02/28/06: Swinging for the fences on abortion
02/23/06: America idolized
02/21/06: Any port in the terrorist storm
02/16/06: Al Gore's diminished capacity
02/14/06: The agenda-driven life
02/09/06: Springtime for Nixon
02/07/06: Cartoon wars are about more than sensitivity
02/02/06: The state of the union may be good …
01/31/06: Terrorists win: Why the surprise?
01/26/06: The ‘Culture of Corruption’
01/24/06: The mark of Kaine
01/18/06: Infiltration by the book
01/17/06: Infiltration by the book
01/12/06: Who has an agenda?
01/10/06: Lessons learned (and not learned) from the French riots
01/06/06: Dissing the ‘Iron Lady’
01/04/06: The return of British dependency
12/29/05: William Raspberry: Overcomer
12/27/05: Unintelligent designs
12/20/05: One step forward, two backward
12/15/05: Steamy teen ‘love’ in Tampa
12/13/05: Not so silent night
12/08/05: New ABC anchors: Interchangeable parts
12/06/05: Propaganda and the eye of the beholder
12/01/05: Out of many, many?
11/29/05: Who is lying about Iraq?
11/23/05: Narnia: Up from the church basement
11/22/05: Sounding the trumpet of retreat
11/17/05: Recovering from falling numbers
11/15/05: Bush and Rove find offense matters
11/09/05:France will be America's future, if we don't stop denying Muslim invasion is deliberate and purposeful
11/08/05: Man of Steele
11/03/05: Bring it on with Alito
11/01/05: Dump the special prosecutor
10/28/05: Miers' withdrawal and Bush's opportunity
10/27/05: The Harriet Miers doctrine of self-determination
10/24/05: Lessons from — and for — George W.
10/20/05: GOP Congress seeing the light?
10/17/05: Blacks need to overcome…their ‘leaders’
10/13/05: Faith, works and Harriet Miers
10/11/05: What's next for President Bush?
10/06/05: The Duke of Earle
10/03/05: Trust, but verify
09/29/05: Media blindside in hindsight
09/27/05: A prophecy fulfilled
09/22/05: Democrats try to get back in the game
09/15/05: Roberts rules
09/13/05: Karen Hughes' impossible job
09/08/05: Katrina: The aftermath and the politics
09/07/05: Bush's Supreme opportunity
09/01/05: From spendthrifts to thrifty spending
08/25/05: Iraq critics are blowing in the wind
08/23/05: Playing chicken games with the crocks
08/18/05: When gas was cheap and people were valuable
08/16/05: Meet with her (again), Mr. President
08/11/05: Rumsfeld's cautious optimism
08/09/05: Blair's anti-terror measures: Too little, too late
08/04/05: The end of Israel?
08/02/05: Senator Frist's grave mistake
07/28/05: Jane Fonda's second coming
07/26/05: Government: A bottomless pit
07/21/05: Bush hoping nomination will install Roberts' rules of order
07/19/05: What happened to unconditional surrender?
07/14/05: Teaching the Constitution
07/12/05: Terrorism's root causes
07/11/05: London's terrorist blitz
07/06/05: Supreme lessons
06/30/05: The President makes his case
06/29/05: The Constitution and the Commandments
06/28/05: Let's move on
06/23/05: Bias runs deep at PBS
06/21/05: Church, not state, must advance moral agenda
06/16/05: Tb or not Tb?
06/15/05: Faultless nation
06/09/05: Schools need to go back to basics
06/07/05: China: The gathering threat
06/02/05: Holy Shi'ite! Islam's double standard
06/01/05: French chickens come home to roost
05/25/05: Minority rule
05/24/05: Stem cell debate needs moral ‘home base’
05/19/05: Abbas is coming to Washington. Will Prez finally get tough with him?
05/17/05: Hillary and Newt: Making music together
05/12/05: The blog that ate real journalism
05/10/05: Unsafe after all
05/05/05: Bush must push Putin on Communism
05/03/05: Modified interrogation tactics: Good news for the enemy
04/28/05: Congressional fellow travelers
04/26/05: A time for choosing II
04/21/05: Religious ‘intolerance’ cuts both ways
04/19/05: Washington's field of dreams
04/14/05: Israel's big gamble
04/13/05: Beauty and the beasts
04/07/05: The weakest spot
04/04/05: Pope strengthened Church, weakened communism
04/01/05: St. Theresa Schiavo
03/31/05: Liberal bias in colleges bleeds into classroom
03/29/05: Lessons from Terri Schiavo
03/24/05: The Capital Spenders
03/22/05: Schiavo case matters in symbol and substance
03/17/05: Poor reflections in the media mirror
03/15/05: The Evangelical Third Coming
03/10/05: Are we being played for suckers by those who know us far better than we know them?
03/08/05: The Cucumber curriculum
03/01/05: The Supreme Judge and the Supreme Court
03/01/05: The march of freedom
02/24/05: Border control
02/22/05: We have been warned, now what?
02/17/05: AIDS mutation: Changing behavior is key
02/15/05: Stemming stem cell research
02/10/05: Take care of yourself
02/08/05: Shedding light in dark places
02/03/05: Transcript of interview with President Bush
02/01/05: Extreme makeover of Iraq could lead to the reshaping of many other dictatorial nations in the region
01/26/05: Living and dying by the Court
01/25/05: Embracing and exporting freedom
01/20/05: Using and abusing the Divine: Part deux
01/18/05: Inaugural doomsday?
01/13/05: When you wish upon a star...
01/11/05: CBS report fires 4, but fails to see bias
01/05/05: The Divine and suffering
01/04/05:Kathie Lee comes back with more values, virtues
12/30/04: When ‘free elections’ means just further legitimizing terrorism
12/28/04: The Dems try to get back on track
12/23/04: Arnold: Is victory not good enough?
12/21/04: Women in combat (again)
12/16/04: The ‘loyal opposition’ struggles for relevance
12/09/04: U.S. out of U.N. — now!
12/07/04: Reformer with results revisited
12/02/04: Women as heroines
11/30/04: An opportunity for Dems in red states
11/29/04: Dan Rather blinks
11/09/04: Liberal lamentations
11/18/04: Toward a moral foreign policy
11/16/04: More killers for President!
11/12/04: Arafat's legacy
11/09/04: Liberal lamentations
11/04/04: This was one of those turning point elections
11/02/04: Bin Laden points at Lebanon
10/28/04: The choice
10/26/04: The media vote
10/21/04: A healthier choice
10/19/04: Ignorant voters
10/15/04: The third debate
10/14/04: Airport insanity
10/12/04: What you don't see, you get
10/06/04: Number Twos try harder
10/05/04: Daniel in the lions' den
10/04/04: The media's trust problem
09/29/04: The media's trust problem
09/28/04: Debate advice and questions
09/23/04: Coherence vs. incoherence
09/21/04: John Kerry does it again
09/15/04: The 'death' of CBS News
09/14/04: Real reality TV
09/09/04: Moderate, peaceful Muslims — where is the evidence?
09/07/04: Fighting terrorists the right and wrong way
09/02/04: Fighting terrorists the right and wrong way
08/31/04: Black eye for the Bush guy
08/26/04: Those campaign commercials
08/19/04: Putting Florida children last
08/17/04: Playing the gay card
08/12/04: If at first you don't succeed...
08/10/04: Why truth matters
08/05/04: Fear factor and Fortress America
08/04/04: The truth gap
08/03/04: Kerry's stealth plan for Iraq
07/28/04: The convention cover-up
07/27/04: Where was the big media before 9/11?
07/22/04: When the foundations are being destroyed
07/21/04: Is Berger fried?
07/20/04: Rumsfeld and bad intelligence
07/15/04: The NAACP needs a name change
07/13/04: Finding fault with intelligence
07/08/04: Lightweight and lighter weight
07/06/04: Education plus money does not equal achievement
06/30/04: Curses and profanities
06/29/04: Now for the hard part in Iraq
06/24/04: Media recruiting less credibility
06/22/04: The Iraq-al Qaeda-terrorism connection explained
06/17/04: Some Irish eyes aren't smiling for Bush
06/15/04: Giving ‘exodus’ a new meaning
06/09/04: Recent Iraq history
06/07/04: Ronald Reagan's Wonderful Life
06/04/04: Why the right judge matters
06/02/04: War and a special remembrance
05/26/04: Addressing the Iraq panic attack
05/25/04: Listen to Doc Cos
05/20/04: Marriage Massachusetts-style
05/18/04: The best little whorehouse in Iraq
05/13/04: Unlearned lessons from 'The Passion'
05/11/04: A 'sorry' spectacle
05/06/04: Those Iraqi prisoner pictures
05/04/04: Does European Union mean European unity?
04/29/04: The 'presumptive' nominee
04/27/04: John Kerry's Catholic problem
04/22/04: Mother Earth movement showing her age
04/20/04: Sharon's big gamble
04/15/04: Apologize for what?
04/11/04: Authority figure
04/09/04: President Bush's secret weapon
04/08/04: No, Virginia, government isn't Santa Claus
04/01/04: At last a new idea
03/31/04: Our misspent tax dollars
03/30/04: Spinning John Wesley
03/24/04: Living and dying by the sword
03/23/04: The blame game
03/18/04: Politics as art and science — or dishonesty?
03/16/04: Terror rains on Spain
03/11/04: Peace with honor (again?)
03/09/04: What is the law?
03/04/04: Let our children go
03/02/04: The fairness doctrine
02/26/04: Bush strikes back
02/19/04: Reflected virtue
02/18/04: The National Guard (again)
02/12/04: Do Sharon and Bush grasp they are helping create a terrorist breeding ground?
02/10/04: Time to take the offensive
02/04/04: Rushing to judgment
02/03/04: The Caligula Broadcasting System does the Sleaze Bowl
01/29/04: Trouble on Bush's right?
01/27/04: Informed choice and abortion
01/22/04: The state of President Bush
01/21/04: Pickering's recess appointment
01/15/04: Paul O'Neill's charge
01/13/04: Pete Rose's foul ball
01/09/04: Lord of the gridiron: The return of the King
01/08/04: Pat Robertson's 'Burning Bush'
01/07/04: The choice: Accommodate or defeat evil
01/06/04: When the media meet the candidates
12/30/03: Howard Dean 'finds' Jesus
12/24/03: The future of marriage
12/23/03: Bush on a roll
12/18/03: The Playboy philosophy at 50
12/16/03: Capturing the 'Ace of Spades'
12/11/03: The Supreme Court's gag order
12/09/03: Education the Chinese way
12/05/03: Hillary Clinton's political calendar
12/02/03: Christians keeping Christmas?
11/26/03: The embarrassing GOP
11/25/03: Judging Michael Jackson and ourselves
11/19/03: Marriage redefined
11/18/03: JFK, plus 40
11/13/03: Three strikes and you're broke
11/11/03: The ‘Arab Street's’ concept of freedom
11/06/03: The GOP 'on year' election
11/04/03: Fox in the media hen house
10/30/03: Why Dems are wrong on taxes
10/28/03: Ronald Reagan revisionism
10/23/03: Gov. Bush's stay of execution 10/21/03: Muzzling the wrong dog
10/14/03: Interview with Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon
10/14/03: Up close and personal with Ariel Sharon
10/09/03: Weapons of mass distraction
10/07/03: A good week for the Left?
10/02/03: In Dow we trust
09/30/03: Payback time for Iraq
09/25/03: The President and the dis-United Nations
09/23/03: Ike we liked, but Clark?
09/18/03: A new 'commandment' from Alabama
09/16/03: Johnny, we fondly knew you
09/11/03: A congress in reserve
09/09/03: Whatever it takes
09/04/03: SEPT. 11, PLUS TWO
09/03/03: A moving experience
08/27/03: (Mis)information at a price
08/25/03: When terror drives policy
08/14/03: The war that never ends
08/12/03:Arnold is no Ronald
08/07/03: Who gets to make the rules?
07/31/03: Dems are losing the center
07/29/03: Like I'm psychologically disturbed
07/23/03: A PAIR OF ACES!
07/10/03: Seeds of doubt
07/10/03: The Bush Slavery Doctrine
07/08/03: Theological dictators TARGET="_self">07/03/03: Useful idiots in the Middle East
07/01/03: End of the Constitution?
06/25/03: Negative action at the Supreme Court
06/24/03: The battle for the Constitution
06/19/03: What's happened to Tony Blair?
06/13/03: Good night, David
06/12/03: A Father's Day card
05/10/03: Media suffer from Acute Denial Syndrome
05/06/03: It's the economy, genius!
05/29/03: European governments: Let starving Africans eat
05/22/03: Wasting away in Congress
05/20/03: The threat among us
05/15/03: Deep in the heart of --- Oklahoma?
05/13/03: Toning down whose rhetoric?
05/08/03: The school choice revolution
05/06/03: Virtue is as virtue does?
05/01/03: Privacy and morals: Who decides?
04/29/03: A road map to Israel's oblivion
04/25/03: One last Touch by the Angels
04/22/03: The Scott Peterson conundrum
04/17/03: Back to the economy (stupid!)
04/15/03: False media prophets
04/10/03: Winners and losers
04/08/03: After the fall, what next?
04/03/03: Our money vs. their money
04/01/03: The coalition's other 'enemy'
03/27/03: Will the demise of the human family be completed?
03/25/03: What's next for the naysayers?
03/20/03: Blame America first vs. put America first
03/18/03: A 'road map' to nowhere
03/13/03: U.S. out of U.N. now?
03/11/03: Stamping out Saddam
03/06/03: Evangelicals being mainstream is not "good news" for elitist journos
03/04/03: The nation we have become: America's dirty little double standard
02/27/03: Losing the argument over Iraq
02/25/03: Eight down, many more to go
02/21/03: The (bipartisan) congressional money tree
02/19/03: A time for war
02/13/03: After Iraq, Israel
02/11/03: Paul Revere's Ride (updated)
02/07/03: Why can't more kids read?
02/06/03: Colin Powell's slam dunk
02/03/03: Columbia remembered
01/30/03: The state of President Bush is good
01/28/03: More time for what?
01/23/03: GOP guvs mimic Dems
01/21/03: Tony Blair's finest hour
01/16/03: Those meaningless polls
01/14/03: The death penalty: Mend it, don't end it
01/09/03: Rerunning the class warfare horror show
01/07/03: Why libs are in denial about talk radio and TV
01/02/03: Why not cloning?
12/31/02: A New Year's spending resolution
12/24/02: Road map to nowhere
12/19/02: Panderer-in-chief
12/17/02: Sen. Nickles' wish comes true
12/12/02: Old times there are not forgotten
12/10/02: Saddam Hussein's rope-a-dope strategy
12/06/02: 'Happy holidays'? What's that!?
12/04/02: 'Moderate' Muslims need to step up
12/02/02: Put your hands up
11/26/02: Shrill and shill rhetoric
11/21/02: More power to the government
11/19/02: Reinventing government II
11/15/02: The confidence factor
11/12/02: PLEASE, House Dems, elect Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco as your new minority leader
11/07/02: Lessons from the 2002 election
11/05/02: Loyalty is a two-way street
10/31/02: The election for which few care
10/29/02: It's not over
10/28/02: The Jewish mission is far from finished
10/28/02: Sniper coverage: Not the media's finest hours
10/24/02: To catch a killer
10/22/02: The Ignominious Appeasement Award
10/17/02: I can't get no education
10/15/02: No safe neighborhoods
10/11/02: Feel good TV
10/09/02: The president makes his case
10/03/02: Dems' hearts remain in San Francisco
10/01/02: We're already at war: Let's win
09/26/02: First Amendment troubles
09/24/02: The new offense is the best defense strategy
09/19/02: President Bush's 'Big Mo'
09/17/02: One-page apology
09/12/02: Remaining structural defects
09/10/02: Then (1942) and Now (2002)
09/05/02: Man's inhumanity to man explained?
09/03/02: The great Welsh disappointment
08/29/02: The dye is cast
08/27/02: Making monkeys out of evolutionists
08/22/02: Foul ball
08/20/02: Advice to Bush: Take out Saddam soon
08/15/02: The disunited states
08/13/02: Pre-election season
08/08/02: Saudi Arabia: Friend Or Foe?
08/06/02: For Al Gore: A question of ethics
08/01/02: Wealthy terrorists are not interested in diplomatic solutions
07/30/02: Fat is as fat does
07/25/02: The Law really is "a ass"
07/23/02: A crack in the dike?
07/19/02: Do Dems really want to play the integrity game?
07/16/02: Back in the hole again
07/11/02: The Politicians Are Coming: Lock Up Your Portfolios!
07/09/02: The (Bad) Luck of (Some) Irish
07/05/02: Ethics remain dead in America
06/28/02: One nation, under who?
06/27/02: The President's Middle East Peace Plan
06/25/02: Retardation and capital punishment
06/20/02: Radical recruiting in America's prisons
06/18/02: The Catholic (universal) problem
06/13/02: Two states of mind
06/11/02: Free at last
06/06/02: G (Global) W (Warming) Bush?
06/04/02: It's time to go on the offensive against terrorism
05/30/02: The (revised) FBI story
05/28/02: Bringing a very good thing to light
05/22/02: When suicide bombers come to call
05/21/02: Needed: an intelligent investigation
05/16/02: Ashcroft is right on guns05/16/02: 05/14/02: Lessons from the recent past
05/09/02: As long as Israel appears uncertain about its objectives, it will get more terror
05/07/02: Piling on the Catholic Church
05/02/02: Judgment Day For "Touched By An Angel"
04/30/02: A prince of a fellow
04/29/02: Pat Robertson's high horse
04/25/02: Karen Hughes' priorities
04/23/02: Flunking schools in Philadelphia
04/18/02: Byron White's life legacy
04/16/02: Black and white, or shades of gray?
04/10/02: Evidence That Demands A Verdict
04/08/02: Truth, but no consequences
04/05/02: The man who won't go away
04/02/02: The Middle East fantasyland
03/31/02: Crisis in the Catholic Church
03/26/02: Can't buy me love
03/21/02: The 20/20 hindsight and foresight of Margaret Thatcher
03/19/02: ABC's Rosie scenario
03/14/02: The best and worst of TV
03/12/02: Once more into the breach
03/07/02: Where are the sleeper cells?
03/05/02: Religion takes several hits
02/28/02: Waste much, want more
02/26/02: Pols testing new ways to raise taxes
02/21/02: Married with government
02/19/02: The Incumbent Protection Act
02/14/02: Bush's second front
02/07/02: Should we stop "muzzling'' churches?
02/05/02: Women and children first
01/31/02: The State of the Union (and Bush) is good
01/29/02: Enron and personal responsibility
01/25/02: Purging the evil from among us
01/22/02: Roe vs. Wade vs. cloning
01/17/02: One year down and three (or seven?) to go
01/15/02: Is Enron 'Bush's Whitewater'?
01/10/02: The cost of bipartisanship
01/08/02: Europe's bland new currency
01/04/02: President Bush's domestic war
01/02/02: Old lessons for a new year
12/28/01: Insecure security
12/26/01: The retiring, but not shy, Anthony Lewis
12/18/01: NBC: The National Boozecasting Company
12/14/01: Message from 9/11: Bigger government?
12/11/01: The second death of religious politics
12/06/01: Economics 101
12/04/01: It's time to unleash Israel
11/30/01: Outlawing drifting smoke -- and other dumb laws
11/28/01: Why not cloning?
11/26/01: Powell's "vision'' is a mirage
11/20/01: After the bombs: The kindness offensive
11/17/01: George McGovern was right
11/16/01: Milking and bilking the people over 9-11
11/13/01: Inspiring the nation
11/08/01: The off-year election
11/06/01: Some things never change
11/02/01: The nuclear option
10/30/01: Needed: Confidence building
10/25/01: The media must share some blame for Sept. 11
10/23/01: Bishop doesn't think Islam is peaceful
10/18/01: Arafat as political welfare queen
10/16/01: President Bush: From weak man to Incredible Hulk
10/15/01: Achieving homeland security is everyone's responsibility
10/11/01: The next attack
10/08/01: Will they fool us twice?
10/04/01: September 11th's last casualty
09/28/01: A "prophet'' finds honor at last
09/26/01: New York City impressions
09/24/01: Getting ready for another battle
09/20/01: Plenty of problems to correct
09/17/01: The death of moral equivalency
09/14/01: A plan for the president to consider
09/12/01: Another day of infamy
09/11/01: I'm sorry about the slave trade
09/06/01: Giving the Chinese the shield they'll use to cream us
09/04/01: School daze
08/30/01: Voodoo economics II
08/28/01: Condit is no Clinton
08/24/01: RUN, AL, RUN!
08/21/01: Bush needs a new strategy
08/17/01: School for scandal
08/15/01: A skilled manipulator
08/13/01: President Bush's compromise
08/09/01: The abusive date. Why are we surprised?
08/07/01: Rumors of war
08/05/01: Why pay for ex-presidents?
08/03/01: Clinton left Military in a shambles
07/30/01: The check is in my mail
07/26/01: Breaking the rules
07/24/01: Ronald Reagan's valuable view of life
07/19/01: The surplus declines because the spending increases
07/17/01: U.S. should boycott 2008 Olympics
07/12/01: What's right about Fox
07/10/01: Justice O'Connor and the death penalty
07/05/01: And after stem cells, what?
07/03/01: John Stossel's environmental exposi
06/28/01: Is Sharon morphing into Barak?
06/26/01: Patients' Bill of Wrongs
06/23/01: GOP establishment has the jitters in New Jersey
06/20/01: A not so innocent abroad
06/18/01: Ashcroft speaks
06/14/01: The school superintendent who knew too much
06/12/01: Waste much, want much
06/08/01: Teen sex is not inevitable
06/06/01: A coalition of terror
06/04/01: Gasbag politicians contribute to gas price hikes
06/01/01: Rid the human race of McVeigh
05/30/01: School vouchers are dead, school choice is not
05/25/01: The Jeffords defection
05/24/01: The whining generation
05/22/01: Needed: A new Middle East model
05/17/01: Out of focus families
05/15/01: Bush must conduct a full court press
05/10/01: New study: Gays can go straight
05/08/01: Must-sleaze TV?
05/03/01: The President's self-defense initiative
05/01/01: Kerrey's damage control
04/27/01: The 100-Day Dash
04/25/01: Broadway's new lullaby
04/23/01: An eye for a lie; A tooth for the truth
04/20/01: Bush's presidential visit
04/18/01: Death's door in the Netherlands
04/16/01: The Bush budget
04/13/01: 'Very sorry'
04/10/01: America's education scandal
04/05/01: Political bullying works
03/29/01: Energy politics
03/27/01: Stop school shootings by putting children first
03/22/01: A new U.S. attitude toward the Middle East?
03/20/01: Rejected inmate thinks Clinton pardons unfair
03/15/01:Rejected inmate thinks Clinton pardons unfair
03/13/01: The church of the state
03/07/01: Idols for destruction
03/01/01: The refund president
02/27/01: Squeezing our money out of politicians
02/23/01: The return of the spies
02/21/01: A conversation with the Vice President
02/16/01: Cut spending along with taxes
02/14/01: Press trying to get its integrity groove back
02/12/01: Sharon victory a better road to peace
02/07/01: The politics of personal civility
02/05/01: Will shekels mean shackles for faith-based programs?
02/01/01: Happy birthday, President Reagan
01/31/01: End education mediocrity. Put children first
01/29/01: Unity and union
01/24/01: Jesse's loss of moral authority
01/22/01: The best he could get
01/19/01: The new president and the old challenges
01/16/01: John Ashcroft and the religious double standard
01/15/01: Tax cuts fuel Irish economy
01/11/01: The political "snuff job'' on Linda Chavez
01/09/01: Tax cuts fuel Irish economy
01/05/01: Look who some Brits are calling stupid
12/29/00: Defining Israel's annihilation
12/27/00: The John Ashcroft I know
12/26/00: Those spendthrift Republicans
12/21/00: Bad advice for the president-elect
12/18/00: The president elect and the president reject
12/12/00: Judicial fiat
12/08/00: What happens next?
12/05/00: Doing the right thing
11/30/00: Al Gore's ultimate entitlement
11/28/00: One more theory on the unending election
11/23/00: Raw judicial power
11/22/00: The next election
11/20/00: Florida, the law and the king
11/17/00: Truth on television
11/16/00: Matriculating at Electoral College
11/14/00: A house divided
11/13/00: A political matrix
11/09/00: Irreconcilable differences
11/03/00: The choice
11/01/00: Steve Allen: One of a kind
10/30/00: Gore's political death pall
10/25/00: Economic prosperity doesn't solve moral deficit
10/19/00: Whom do you trust?
10/17/00: Moments of truth
10/13/00: Debate 2: The fudging continues
10/11/00: The piecemeal destruction of Israel
10/06/00:The Boston debate
10/04/00: The immoral majority
10/02/00: Debate advice from an experienced voice
09/29/00: Oily politics
09/25/00: The real China connection
09/22/00: Whitewasher
09/20/00: Lessons from an NFL game
09/15/00: AlGore does 'Oprah'
09/13/00: Bush needs a fast course correction
09/11/00: Dishing and taking
09/07/00: When truth becomes a negative
08/31/00: George W. Bush: A study in contrasts
08/25/00: The Injustice Department
08/21/00: AlGore and the ghost of Nixon
08/17/00: Please observe me if you will, I'm Prof. Harold Hill
08/15/00: AlGore's 1968 problem
08/11/00:The military: Ready or not?
08/09/00: The Jewish question
08/07/00: W. puts it together
08/04/00: Big media spins the GOP convention
08/02/00: Five ways Bush can lose
07/31/00: Down from the mountain
07/28/00: Not your father's GOP convention
07/26/00: Cheney offers stability after a wild ride
07/24/00: Soul in the balance
07/18/00:The tobacco ruling and personal responsibility
07/14/00: The compassion tour does the NAACP
07/10/00: Neither the time nor the place for a summit
07/10/00: PBS' 'Finest Hour'
07/07/00: Bubba's Day of Reckoning?
07/05/00: The Genome map: A potentially frightening new world
06/27/00: The Supreme Court mocks law and life
06/27/00: AlGore: 'It depends on the meaning of "raising'' '
06/20/00: George W's life-and-death issue
06/16/00: AlGore's one-year gap
06/14/00: Assad the Terrible
06/12/00: Ma Bell, call girl
06/07/00: Coming home to school
06/05/00: Has Israel lost the will to live?
06/01/00: Bush's impressive trial balloon
05/30/00: Northern Ireland's Gen-Next
05/24/00: Will peace be given a chance?
05/22/00: Forgetting the past endangers the future
05/16/00: Message to Rudy: First save your marriage
05/10/00: Gore's plan: More good money for bad education
05/08/00: Profiting from Elian Gonzalez
05/05/00: Cardinal John O'Connor
05/03/00: Censoring the opposition
04/28/00: Castro's mouthpiece: The American media
04/25/00: A knock on the door
04/24/00: Will you accept this `collect call' from your government?
04/19/00: Falwell's 'Second Coming'
04/17/00: A taxing time
04/13/00: Gun control but no self-control
04/11/00: Religion and politics: A double standard
04/05/00: The propaganda broadcasting network
03/28/00: GOPers vs. Dems: The weak vs. the strong
03/23/00: Israel's apocalypse near
03/21/00: The death of Life
03/17/00: Standing in the schoolhouse door again
03/15/00: Upstairs at the White (whore)House
03/10/00: Gore's vulnerability and Bush's opportunity
03/08/00: A 'living' constitution?
03/02/00: Unholy war in the GOP
02/29/00: Clinton-Gore's China legacy
02/22/00: The religious right emerges from a coma
02/17/00: The GOP food fight
02/15/00: Religion and politics New York style
02/10/00:The war process continues against Israel
02/08/00: Who wants it more?
02/04/00: John Rocker goes to (re-education) camp
02/01/00: Al Gore's abortion lies
01/27/00: ANALYZE THIS!
01/25/00: George W. Bush: Ready for prime time
01/19/00:'Hanoi Jane' no more
01/14/00: How Dubyah will win
01/12/00: Elian Gonzalez libre
01/07/00: Your home is not the government's castle -- yet
01/05/00: Missing persons from the last century
12/31/99: America and the new gilded age
12/29/99: Off his Rocker
12/27/99: Raw Judicial Power II
12/14/99:The reading of Israel's will
12/09/99:The homeless make a comeback
12/01/99: Television's outsiders looking in
12/01/99: Re-educating the American people
11/29/99: Dubyah as Reagan III, not Bush II
11/11/99: Israel's betrayal is sealed with a kiss
11/11/99: From the Macarena to 'Victor/Victoria'
11/09/99: They returned with honor
11/04/99: Virginia makes history
11/02/99: School daze
10/26/99: Gore to oil companies: Let them eat crude
10/22/99: The dishonorable and the honorable man
10/19/99: Bubba's endgame
10/15/99: Obvious answers to what teenagers want
10/12/99: The shape of things to come
10/08/99: Beauty and the beast
10/05/99: Inquiring of Gov. Bush's mind
10/01/99: The unknowable Ronald Reagan
09/29/99: China at 50: What's to celebrate?
09/24/99: The power to do one good thing
09/22/99:The Middle East spin cycle
09/20/99: DON'T, PAT, DON'T
09/16/99: Here she comes: Ms. America? 09/15/99: Bigotry or truth? 09/08/99: Begging their pardon
09/02/99: Gambling's growing political influence
08/31/99: Let those Cleveland children go
08/27/99: Boy George (Stephanopoulos), intrepid reporter?
08/24/99: George W's real problem
08/20/99: Back to what kind of school?
08/17/99: Powerless politics
08/13/99: The 'Final Solution' to crime
08/11/99: The good and the bad get ugly
08/09/99: A poet who didn't know it
08/02/99: It's our money, give it back!
07/28/99: The television people kill broadcast journalism
07/26/99: Barak's flawed prophesy
07/23/99: George W. Bush Sends A Signal
07/16/99: Hillary's drop-in candidacy
07/13/99: Sen. Bob Smith's revolt
07/09/99: Clinton has wrong answers on poverty tour
07/07/99: To tell the truth
06/29/99: A family to value
06/25/99: Remembering Eric Liddell
06/21/99: In the culture wars it's G-d vs. guns
06/18/99: Unequal justice under a bad law
06/15/99: Speaker Hastert wants reinforcements
06/11/99: Clues for the clueless
06/09/99: Victory? What victory?
06/07/99: Too good for prime time
06/03/99:The Creator and Commencement
05/28/99: The Cox Committee Report
05/26/99: 'A turning point for our country'
05/24/99: Barak is not Israel's savior
05/19/99: It takes a leader
05/17/99: Questions for Gov. Bush and the others
05/12/99: OAF-ish behavior explains U.S. mistakes
05/07/99: Israel's high-stakes election
05/04/99: Jeb Bush chooses to save kids, not institutions
04/26/99: Surrendering our civilization
04/26/99: War abroad, war at home

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