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03/15/21: Can You Imagine President Pence? 09/27/06: Surprise success of new sports flick shows highlights Americans yearning for heroes and underdogs who conquer adversity
05/22/06: Morose musicians get serious
05/15/06: Latest dumb trend is “living alone together”
05/12/06: To Disney, fast food's more dangerous than media sleaze
05/03/06: Who's winning ‘Happiness Wars’?
04/26/06: Demagoguery, not action, on gas prices
03/22/06: V for vapid and vile
03/10/06: Some reasons to celebrate the Oscars
02/28/06: The secret of the ‘happiness gap’
02/22/06: Lost in the ‘Tunnel of Oppression’
01/10/06: Top-money makers explode myths
01/03/06: In defense of birth-right citizenship
12/27/05: Big story of 2005: Crash of confidence in media
12/26/05: Refusing to make moral distinctions
12/23/05: ‘Drunk dorms’ trash traditional values
12/09/05: Only generous with tax money
12/07/05: Making Indian warriors into pacifists
11/29/05: News bulletins from the Northern ‘paradise’
09/22/05: Leading ladies: More glamour, less grit
08/25/05: The shock of a priestly visit
08/10/05: Distorting Dr. Dobson
08/03/05: Is Federalist Society dangerously extreme?
07/27/05: Values are behind liberal Hollywood's box office blues
07/22/05: Two surprises in Roberts choice
06/27/05: $40,000 a year for brainwashing?
06/27/05: The real issue about PBS
05/02/05: Urban problems demand good results, not just good intentions
04/27/05: Urban problems demand good results, not just good intentions
04/20/05: The mess of mass entertainment
04/12/05: The one way to follow Europe's example
04/06/05: Affirmative action for chimps?
03/28/05: Husband-wife love causes controversy at Harvard
03/24/05: The ‘suicide solution’ suddenly seems trendy
03/10/05: The ‘suicide solution’ suddenly seems trendy
02/28/05: More fanatical intolerance — by secularists
02/08/05: From New Deal to ‘no deal’
12/23/04: Did ‘wily Republicans’ invent cultural issues?
12/21/04: Michael Moore celebrates victimhood
12/14/04: Is Canada really a ‘beacon in U.S. gloom ’?
12/13/04: Abstinence works, every time
12/06/04: Media finally face the truth on Shepard case
11/23/04: Surprise movie hit embarrasses the out-of-touch elite
11/11/04: The myth of the evenly divided electorate
11/01/04: The election decision: Is it a real war?
10/27/04: What Israel understands about Bush
10/25/04: A Hollywood star defines ‘moral repugnance’
10/20/04: Bad news is good news in War on Terror?
10/18/04: Even with U.N. approval, Kerry wouldn't confront a dictator
10/13/04: A question of self-government, not tolerance
10/04/04: Can a lousy candidate become a good president?
09/27/04: Are Dems or GOP the ‘party of the rich’?
09/21/04: Michael Moore inspires conservatives
09/09/04: The civility gap
09/01/04: Time to cure fringe party sickness
08/25/04: An embarrassment for Republicans
08/23/04: The coming Bush dictatorial theocracy
08/18/04: Anti-Americanism didn't begin with Bush and won't end with a President Kerry
08/12/04: Secular fanatics are the true fundamentalists
11/11/03: 'Reagans' flap: Conservative turning point?
10/28/03: 'Kill Bill' mocks innate revulsion toward cruelty
06/16/03: Hollywood finally moves beyond racial obsession
02/14/03: The reality TV president?
11/07/02: Stars risk popularity for politics
08/02/02: Hollywood reconnects with families
07/02/02: Why won't Hollywood admit terrorism's Islamic link?
06/11/02: Why Hollywood relies on déjà vu films
05/10/02: Film puts best spin on USA
04/25/02: How a frustrated, overlooked Hollywood actor gets instant respectability
03/19/02: The Empire strikes back at Oscars
02/05/02: Heroes deserve screen time, too
12/07/01: Children suffer as political pawns
11/21/01: Hollywood's mixed messages?
10/01/01: Zap! Have fun and help defeat terrorists, too
10/16/01: Can Hollywood change its ugly version of USA?
10/05/01: Pointless rage vs. moral war
09/02/01: V-chip fiasco shows folly of political meddling
08/10/01: Good teamwork outshines superstar systems
07/20/01: Success of 'Fear Factor' gives reason to fear
07/06/01: New films show PG-13 is Hollywood's Trojan horse
06/01/01: Hollywood's altered realities snare celebs, viewers
05/02/01: Emotions, not money, propel writers strike
03/16/01: Is Hollywood losing its touch?
03/09/01: Escaping the quake, storm
03/02/01: 'Survivor' as a Machiavellian handbook on getting ahead!?
02/23/01: Politicos vs. Hollywood heavies: They can't both be right about public preferences
02/07/01: Senate Dems can strike an instant blow for justice and diversity
02/02/01: TV focuses on one 'hate crime,' forgets another
01/10/01: Temptation Island' critics miss boat
10/06/00: Hollywood's contempt for its audience
09/29/00: Remember love and marriage?
09/01/00: Should our next president be a 'Survivor' or a 'Millionaire'?
07/18/00: Why Hollywood still embraces Lieberman
07/13/00: 'Peeping Tom TV' exploits loneliness
06/30/00: Why we love quiz-show geeks
06/14/00: Homosexual establishment is more upset by substantive challenges than savage language
05/19/00: Macho Military Makes Comeback
05/02/00: Hollywood battles addiction to addiction movies
04/18/00: Film Makes Keeping the Faith Irrelevant
04/12/00: Key lessons from 1960 for 2000 presidential campaign
03/21/00: Oscars: Will Hollywood do its duty or follow its heart?
03/03/00: Family friendly video versions would provide choice, not censorship
02/18/00: Hollywood votes for liberalism (SURPRISE!) in the Oscar nomination primary
01/26/00: Who is more "Twisted," Rocker or his heavy metal critics?
12/23/99: Media century began with unity but ends with isolation
12/15/99:The "battle in Seattle" as a '60's flashback --- only on the surface
12/01/99: Delusion and denial
11/16/99: Good reason for chaotic state of American values
11/03/99: Religion is unfairly blamed for the world's wars
10/06/99: Hollywood again makes drug use seem hip
08/25/99: NAACP attacks the wrong TV target
08/16/99: Government declares we're in a post-marriage age?

© 2001, Michael Medved