Jewish World Review June 27, 2005 / 20 Sivan, 5765

Michael Medved

Michael Medved
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The real issue about PBS | Media coverage of the controversy over PBS wrongly focuses on issues of political bias while never raising the one fundamental question about federal funding of TV: Why should we use taxpayer money at all to produce shows that appeal primarily to the elite?

A Congressional committee slashed funds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting by 25%   —   from $400 to $300 million. Amazingly, we've been paying as much money to public TV as we pay in UN dues   —   another dubious investment, by the way!

The problem isn't leftist slant in one show or another; it's taking taxes from bus drivers and janitors to pay for shows for lawyers and stockbrokers, who could easily fund their favorites with their own tax-deductible contributions.

Federal funds cover only 15% of the total cost of public television   —   a sum that corporations and philanthropists could easily replace once government is properly disentangled from the inappropriate endeavor of producing TV.

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