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10/28/04: Even if Kerry wins, he loses
10/25/04: The next President of the United States may well be elected in Michigan
10/21/04: Kerry's forced tears
10/14/04: Kerry is telling tales in church
10/11/04: Kerry on points, W on substance
10/05/04: Iran's nukes: Israel's on the case
09/27/04: Kerry hands Bush the big-buzz issues
09/15/04: Dan's 'scoop' is as shaky as his status
09/09/04: The new fascism reunites one of history's great alliances
09/09/04: Kerry's got troubles: He can't shake Vietnam
09/07/04:The jihadists' dream is a return to empire
09/02/04: If Kerry can't win over vets, he's in big trouble
08/31/04: Truth-telling, at long last
08/26/04: Bush pulls a Swift one: He has Kerry caught in a dilemma on soft-money attack ads
08/12/04: Why Kerry's Cambodia question must be answered
08/08/04: Why not say it bluntly? Islam is an aggressive, violent political ideology
08/05/04: Why Bush is going to win
08/02/04: Introducing the Demmie Awards
07/29/04: Kerry has fundamental problems: Party's support for gay rights a turnoff for black religionists
07/28/04: 9/11 panel IDs the enemy: The time has come to call the West's foe by its name
07/22/04: The intifadeh is over — just listen
07/06/04: If Mayor Mike wants W to win, he should unleash the protesters on GOP's big show
07/01/04: Obits are the ultimate democracy
06/29/04: When both houses of Congress voted to show support of Israel last week Kerry was MIA --- that should be sending a potent message to friends of the Jewish state
06/21/04: Putin gives Bush a boost: Confirmation of a Saddam threat to the U.S. undermines Kerry
06/14/04: Hit the road, Elvis: The King was only a pretender to the crown worn by Ray Charles
06/10/04: The only good infidel is a dead infidel
06/07/04: Turns out Bush's plan for Iraq was more than just talk
05/28/04: Cold feet and cold beers
05/17/04: The Berg dilemma
05/13/04: A flashback for Kerry: Dump-Rumsfeld push brings Vietnam-era tactics to Iraq war
05/06/04: Genocide belongs on our radar
05/03/04: Sharpton gets a speaking role, Kerry gets new set of problems
04/23/04: Give us paper ballots: Computers can be hacked, so let's do it old-fashioned way
04/11/04: Force is the only choice
04/05/04: Theater of blood
03/22/04: Martha's doing us a service
03/11/04: The runner stumbles
03/08/04: A George for John?
03/04/04: How to rebuild Haiti
02/23/04: The Democrats have a free trade dilemma
02/17/04: Integrity is everything
02/09/04: Twilight of the Kennedys: Kerry reduces Teddy and his once-mighty clan to political supporting roles
01/29/04: CIA chief has to go: The intel on Iraq's WMDs was wrong — that's unforgivable
01/26/04: The big hitters step up
01/21/04: That's Al, folks!
01/15/04: Sharpton pays back Dean a snub by throwing the race harpoon
01/13/04: Right man, right note
01/06/04: Riding the wave
12/29/03: Southern discomfort
12/22/03: What Sharon knows about talking dogs
12/11/03: Beating Sharpton at his own game
12/03/03: Atomic reaction
11/17/03: Give Iraq a strongman
11/17/03: Give Iraq a strongman
10/30/03: Why won't the Prez stop using ‘fuzzy terrorism’ language?
10/21/03: How to be a Muslim moderate
10/16/03: Zim, the new boomer hero
10/07/03: The death of a New York jihad hero
09/29/03: Clark adds up
09/25/03: President gave the UN tough talk it deserves
08/26/03: Press scandal: Kowtowing in Iraq
08/26/03: Having a Jewish wife won't save Dean
08/26/03: W's Iraq sting ends Dems' summer daze
08/26/03: Latinos are looking up
08/13/03: The cynical manipulation of Hitler's legacy for political purposes
07/23/03: Dems under the spell of midsummer's dream
07/21/03: Can't count on Arab polls for the truth
07/14/03: Dead spy walking
07/13/03: It's a mistake to battle insurgents
07/10/03: It's a mistake to send troops to Liberia
06/26/03: A Dem leaps in and lands on his face
06/20/03: Let Iraq build its own playgrounds
06/12/03: Raines and Clinton — boomers gone astray
06/09/03: Why Hillary did believe Bubba and what it says about her prospective presidency
06/04/03: Iran is next: Bush must tell Americans the Big Truth about ayatollahs
05/30/03: NYTimes has a bigger problem than Blair and Bragg — Dowd
05/27/03: Political — and literal — suicide
05/12/03: That noise is Europe rising
05/09/03: Dems overplay the economy card
05/05/03: Truth or Consequences: To win Arab liberals' trust, Bush needs to find Iraq's WMDs
05/01/03: U.S. security, not economy, is key for prez
04/28/03: Real artists, not airheads
04/22/03: Sealed With a Kiss
04/14/03: Don't believe the cheers
04/03/03: Iraq's only the start --- Syria & Iran are next
04/01/03: War's happy troubadours
03/27/03: What's not going on is the key in this war
03/20/03: The big question: Can Arabs handle liberty?
03/17/03: In war, like in baseball, the idea is to make the other guy cry --- now, let's go get 'em!
03/13/03: Jewish plot? This pol has gone punchy
03/11/03: Prez is ready to finish off the Security Council, too
03/04/03: Those human shields need some star power
02/28/03: How prez could further racial pluralism but end affirnative action
02/24/03: Prof's arrest will test Arab Americans' loyalty
02/11/03: Rhyme, but no reason
02/04/03: McGovern's children
01/23/03: A peace movement that's going nowhere
01/13/03: No time for experts
01/07/03: Senator from Mayberry shouldn't alarm prez
12/31/02: Dem Dummies
12/19/02: Saudis still play Santa to Arafat
12/13/02: Lott has to be dumped to save W's authority
12/05/02: Kissinger's Saudi pals litter 9/11 money trail
11/25/02: Sharon looks like a winner
11/18/02: It's the war, stupid
11/14/02: The Dems don't have a prayer
11/07/02: Watch for Dubya to give Arik political hug
10/31/02: Sharpton the patriot
10/22/02: Rabin, gone but not missed
10/17/02: Israelis bracing for US' punch at Iraq
10/14/02: Geriatric war resisters
09/27/02: Al Gore: The Lost Boy of American politics
09/05/02: The intifadeh's over, and the Israelis won
08/29/02: At the world summit, just anger & hypocrisy
08/21/02: No time for weak knees on Iraq
08/16/02: A pro-Arab pol may get the beating she deserves
08/13/02: Fight it out now
08/02/02: Memo to The Council on Foreign Relations: U.S. values won't sell in Arab world
07/31/02: Israel's nutty neighbors

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