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Walter Williams Archives

08/02/06: College stupidity
07/26/06: Truly disgusting
07/19/06: Running out of oil?
07/12/06: The pretense of knowledge
07/05/06: Who's to blame?
06/27/06: Foreign aid to Africa
06/21/06: Historical tidbits
06/14/06: The slippery slope
06/07/06: Help for Americans
05/31/06: Click it or ticket
05/24/06: Click it or ticket
05/17/06: Restoring liberty in America
05/10/06: Caring vs. uncaring
05/03/06: Disappearing manufacturing jobs
04/26/06: Minimum wage, maximum folly
04/18/06: Is there a federal deficit?
04/12/06: Immigration vs. gate-crashing
04/05/06: What's with GMU?
03/29/06: Judicial activism or restraint
03/22/06: Busybodies or tyrants?
03/15/06: Youth indoctrination update
03/08/06: Pandering to blacks
03/01/06: How to create conflict
02/22/06: Indoctrination of our youth
02/15/06: Modern day silly talk
02/08/06: Bogus rights
02/01/06: Corporate courage
01/25/06: In government we trust
01/18/06: Attacking lobbyists wrong battle
01/11/06: Tax cut beneficiaries
01/04/06: The poverty hype
12/28/05: Do we deserve it?
12/21/05: The consumer rip-off
12/14/05: Betrayal of the struggle
12/07/05: Basic economics
11/30/05: Dead-end jobs
11/23/05: Leftist hate for America
11/15/05: What's inflation?
11/09/05: Windfall profits
11/02/05: Do we really care about children?
10/27/05: Ammunition for poverty pimps
10/20/05: A nation of sheeple
10/12/05: Dumb responses
10/06/05: Blaming Bush
09/28/05: Hurricane evacuation lessons
09/21/05: Is it permissible?
09/14/05: The role of prices
09/07/05: Economic lunacy
08/31/05: Gasoline prices
08/24/05: Security or hysteria?
08/17/05: Civil rights today
08/10/05: Making intelligent errors
08/03/05: Human rights v. property rights
07/27/05: Will we defend ourselves?
07/20/05: Slavery reparations
07/13/05: Aid to Africa
07/06/05: Dependency on government
06/29/05: Confiscating property
06/22/05: Do we want this?
06/21/05: Economics for the citizen, Part X
06/15/05:Click it or ticket
06/08/05:Victimhood: Rhetoric or reality?
06/01/05:Destroying effective policing
05/25/05:Our trade deficit
05/18/05:Ripping off the system
05/11/05:How not to be poor
05/04/05:Only in America
04/27/05:The productive vs. the unproductive
04/20/05:Stupid airport security III
04/13/05:Stupid airport security II
04/06/05:Stupid airport security
03/30/05:The law or good ideas?
03/23/05:Minimum wage, Maximum folly
03/22/05: Economics for the citizen, Part IX
03/16/05:Anti-intellectualism at Harvard
03/01/05: Economics for the citizen, Part VIII
02/23/05:Social Security deceit
02/15/05:Weak-kneed corporate CEOs
02/10/05: Economics for the citizen, Part VII
02/09/05: Not yours to give
02/02/05: Anti-Intellectualism among the academic elite
02/01/05: Economics for the citizen, Part VI
01/26/05: Should we save jobs?
01/25/05: Economics for the citizen, Part V
01/20/05: Economics for the citizen, Part IV
01/19/05: Weaker than we think
01/18/05: Economics for the citizen, Part III
01/17/05: Economics for the citizen, Part II
01/13/05: Economics for the citizen
01/12/05: Greedy or ignorant
01/05/05: Are we a republic or a democracy?
12/29/04: Attacking Western values
12/22/04: National sales tax
12/15/04: Higher education in decline, Part II
12/08/04: Higher education in decline
12/01/04: Attack on decency
11/24/04: Attacking Condi
11/17/04: Economic lunacy
11/10/04: Why we're a divided nation
11/03/04: Is politics the way?
10/27/04: How should you vote?
10/20/04: Political demagoguery
10/13/04: School violence toleration
10/06/04: Believe it or not
09/29/04: American despotism
09/22/04: Productive inequality
09/15/04: Danger of no tax liability
09/08/04: Income inequality
09/01/04: The power of the rich
08/25/04: The appeasement disease
08/17/04: Socialism is evil: Part II
08/11/04: Economics 101
08/04/04: Conservatives, liberals and blacks
07/28/04: Socialism is evil
07/21/04: Free health care
07/14/04: The Cos, again
07/07/04: Destructive western policy
06/30/04: Self-inflicted poverty
06/23/04: Will the West survive?
06/16/04: Price discrimination
06/09/04: Three cheers for The Cos, Part II
06/02/04: Three cheers for the Cos
05/25/04: Managing a disaster
05/19/04: Educational ineptitude, Cont'd
05/12/04: U.S. Atrocities in Iraq
05/05/04: Reinstating the military draft
04/28/04 Poor education prognosis
04/21/04 Racial profiling
04/14/04 College update
04/08/04 Democrat magicians
03/31/04 Minimum gasoline prices
03/24/04 Price gouging
03/17/04 Saddam Hussein's weapons
03/10/04 Educational ineptitude
03/03/04 Let's get married
02/25/04 Congressional miracles
02/18/04 Goodies cost
02/11/04 Governed by rules, not men
02/04/04 The anti-free trader's true enemy
01/28/04 Sweatshop exploitation
01/21/04 Black education
01/14/04 How can it be?
01/07/04 An urban legend
12/31/03 Some things I wonder about
12/24/03 Parting company is an option
12/17/03 Getting back our liberties
12/10/03 Let's do some detective work
12/03/03 Economic straight thinking
11/26/03 Jobs come and go
11/19/03 Harm's a two way street
11/12/03 A politician's public service
11/05/03 Commerce Clause abuse
10/29/03 NO Excuses, Part II
10/22/03 NO excuses
10/08/03 Trashing rule of law
10/01/03 Is it permissible?
09/24/03 The right to deal
09/17/03 We need a job-saving law
09/10/03 Click it or ticket
09/03/03 America's academic tyrants
08/27/03 Foreign trade angst
08/13/03 Africa: A tragic continent
08/06/03 Race board needed
07/30/03 Drug industry destruction
07/23/03 We made it
07/16/03 Insider trading
07/09/03 Media ignorance
07/02/03 Destroying black youth
06/25/03 How much we tolerate
06/18/03 Protecting the environment
06/11/03 Is this the America we want?
06/04/03 White guilt, black exploitation
05/28/03 Affirmative action grading
05/21/03 Dopey ideas and expressions
05/14/03 Prescription for less wealth
05/07/03 The morality of markets
04/30/03 Economic stupidity
04/23/03 From whence comes income?
04/16/03 Call it as it is
04/09/03 Does political power mean economic power?
04/02/03 Ruled by scoundrels
03/26/03 High-powered war technology
03/12/03 Market wonders
03/12/03 Congress' insidious discrimination
03/05/03 :Different visions, different policy
02/26/03: Affirmative action bake sale
02/19/03: Poverty in America
02/12/03: FAA aviation aversion therapy
02/05/03: Affirmative action or racism II
01/29/03: Affirmative action or racism
01/22/03: Poverty myths
01/15/03: Government against its citizens
01/09/03: Washington's education establishment
01/02/03: Celebrating multiculturalism and diversity
12/25/02: Fiddling whilst Rome burns
12/18/02: Selective 'racists': Dems double standards
12/11/02: Middle East peace recipe
12/04/02: Taxation 101
11/27/02: Non-politically correct thinking
11/20/02: Family secrets
11/13/02: The Great Generation?
11/06/02: The politics of envy
10/30/02: Economic Asininities
10/23/02: Wanting blacks to think alike
10/16/02: Another Nobel laureate
10/09/02: Killing people
10/02/02: Zimbabwe reparations
09/25/02: Rights versus wishes
09/18/02: Why America's become sissified
09/11/02: Poor language, poor thinking
09/04/02: Freedom of association
08/28/02: Phony diversity
08/21/02: Whose business is it?
08/14/02: America: A sissified nation?
08/07/02: Parting company
07/31/02: What or who is the market?
07/24/02: All the self-serving arguments of school choice opponents are bogus
07/17/02: Death by government
07/10/02: The idiots rule
07/03/02: Which is worse: Worldcom or Congress?
06/26/02: The role of profits
06/19/02: Does it count?
06/12/02: We need to profile
06/05/02: Threats to rule of law in America
05/29/02: Creating poverty
05/22/02: Do we want democracy?
05/15/02: Caring about the future
05/08/02: Celebration of liberty
05/01/02: Who should decide?
04/24/02: Do peace treaties produce peace?
04/17/02: America's biggest crook
04/09/02: Secession or nullification
04/02/02: Jiving us about security
03/20/02: Violating the Constitution in order to live at the expense of others
03/13/02: Giving back
03/06/02: They're coming after you
02/27/02: A new racist strategy
02/20/02: The cost of academic integrity
02/13/02: Stifling black students
02/06/02: How much for the war on terrorism?
01/30/02: Dependent on D.C.
01/23/02: Diversity II
01/16/02: Diversity
01/09/02: Were blacks better off under apartheid?
01/02/02: Who may harm whom?
12/27/01: The unlikely warrior
12/19/01: Education fraud in Philly
12/12/01: In the name of national security
12/05/01: Cigarette nazis on the march
11/28/01: A dynamite economics department
11/21/01: Profiling needed
11/14/01: Unfinished civil rights agenda
11/07/01: Business and government
10/31/01: Elitist contempt for American values
10/24/01: What's wrong with education?
10/17/01: Vultures and looters gather
10/11/01: Emasculation of intelligence services
10/04/01: There's no free lunch
09/26/01: Airport safety regulations
09/20/01: Reaping the whirlwind
09/12/01: It ain't necessarily so
09/05/01: Too much safety
08/29/01: Envirobamboozled
08/22/01: A usable black history
08/15/01: The new language
08/08/01: Race summit in Durban
08/01/01: Riot ideology and de-policing
07/25/01: Rational ignorance
07/18/01: Tethered citizens
07/11/01: Liberty's greatest advocate
07/05/01: American contempt for rule of law
06/27/01: Racial double standards
06/20/01: The seen and unseen
06/13/01: Slavery reparations
05/30/01: Inept teacher training
05/23/01: Orchestrating energy disaster
05/16/01: America's amnesia
05/09/01: America's new role models
05/02/01: Virginia State University tyranny
04/25/01: Kids and guns
04/18/01: Laws versus values
04/12/01: Basic Economics
04/04/01: Demoralizing young blacks
03/28/01: Radical reform needed
03/21/01: Congress hasn't the authority
03/14/01: The success side of American education
03/07/01: Elite arrogance
02/28/01: Masking education fraud
02/21/01: Fiddling whilst Rome burns
02/14/01: Sources of income
02/07/01: Does America owe reparations?
01/31/01: An evil racist plot to protect racists and in the process frame, jail and execute innocent black men
01/24/01: Constitutional ignorance
01/17/01: Government cruelty
01/10/01: Election 2000's message
01/03/01: Black slavery is alive
12/27/00: International thuggery
12/20/00: Racial rope-a-dope
12/13/00: Law and economics
12/06/00: A nation polarized
11/29/00: Democracy and economic growth
11/22/00: Majority rule equals tyranny
11/15/00: Losing the race
11/08/00: My new entitlement
11/01/00: An unseen cancer on the body politic
10/25/00: Political greed and exploitation
10/18/00: Government and the little guy
10/11/00: Black loyalty
10/04/00: Men must stand up
09/27/00: Helping the OPEC cartel
09/20/00: What's going on!?
09/13/00: It's time to part company
09/06/00: Death, wealth and taxes
08/30/00: Picking us off one at a time
08/23/00: Groveling 101
08/16/00: Could they be elected today?
08/09/00: Attacks on the rule of law
08/02/00: Three cheers for smugglers
07/26/00: Declining standards
07/19/00: Finding cures
07/12/00: Reparations for slavery
07/05/00: Those high gas prices
06/28/00: Was a Bill of Rights necessary?
06/22/00: Environmentalist update
06/14/00: Trading things
06/07/00: Economics 101
05/31/00: Shortsighted Americans
05/24/00: Social security lies
05/17/00: Mankind's most vicious idea
05/10/00: Economic misunderstandings
05/03/00: No excuses
05/01/00: Self-imposed starvation
04/19/00: Let's debate but think straight
04/12/00: Government against business
04/05/00: Prosperity and freedom
03/29/00: To keep and bear arms
03/22/00: A couple perplexities
03/15/00: The common defense
03/08/00: Deception 101
03/01/00: Political exploitation of ignorance
02/23/00: Campaign finance reform: Wrong target
02/16/00: Lifestyle Nazis update
02/09/00: Black students as meal tickets
02/02/00: Should the oath of office be changed?
01/26/00: Black Confederates
01/19/00: Choosing the right college
01/12/00: Another attack on liberty
01/05/00: Mankind's most brutal century -- Why?
12/29/99: No breaks
12/22/99: Totalitarian northern neighbor
12/15/99: Free markets are not enough
12/08/99: Understanding the WTO ruckus
12/01/99: Cigarette Nazi update
11/24/99: Microsoft and liberty
11/17/99: Misplaced priorities
11/10/99: On Democracy and Liberty
11/03/99: Is it airport security?
10/27/99: Stupidity, sickness or ignorance?
10/20/99: Protecting black people
10/13/99: Unacknowledged crime costs
10/06/99: The virtue of greed
09/29/99: Federal tyranny marches on
09/22/99: Protection, whether you want it or not
09/15/99: Yours and mine
09/08/99: America, land of restricted opportunity
09/01/99: Killing the messenger
08/25/99: News from the education front
08/18/99: An ugly conspiracy of silence
08/11/99: Saving the nation's youth
08/04/99: Forked-tongue scoundrels
07/30/99: Stupidity is the problem
07/23/99:Problem profiteers
07/16/99:The vanishing poor
07/09/99: State sovereignty
07/02/99: America's theater of the absurd
06/25/99: Corruption of language
06/18/99: Asian excellence, American mediocrity
06/11/99: Reining in the EPA
06/07/99: Minimum wage, maximum folly
05/27/99: An armed citizenry and liberty
05/19/99: Blaming the past
05/14/99: General principles
05/06/99: Confronting unpleasantries
04/29/99: Permissiveness costs
04/23/99: South Africa: after apartheid
04/19/99: A time for truth
04/12/99: Population and poverty
03/31/99: Moral hazards
03/24/99: Right to be left alone?
03/17/99: Why Congress can't be trusted
03/10/99: Racial profiling
03/03/99: Equality before the law
02/24/99: Population control nonsense
02/17/99: Congressional contempt
02/11/99:Blooming fur tyrants
02/05/99:More money, better education?
01/27/99:Absurdity, brazenness and hypocrisy reigns
01/20/99:Economics 101
01/13/99:A wrongful celebration
01/06/99: Economics of predation
12/30/98: Things I wonder about
12/23/98: Unseen crime costs
12/21/98: How to become rich
12/09/98: Advancing national decadence
12/02/98: The Civil War wasn't about slavery
11/24/98:What's happened to us?
11/20/98:Tragedy in black neighborhoods
11/11/98:Family debasement
I11/04/98: Is it them or us?
10/28/98: Where are the poor?
10/21/98: The budget surplus hoax
10/15/98: Where union power lies
10/08/98: Race and sex in the military
9/29/98: Can Clinton run the economy?
9/25/98: Liberals and the constitution
9/17/98: Clinton and future presidents
9/11/98: Donate or sell organs
9/03/98: Common Sense vs. Experts
8/26/98: Mother Nature's unfairness
8/24/98: The pretense of superiority
8/13/98: Yours or mine?
8/05/98: I do my job well, so that means I can....
7/29/98: Education production

©1999, Creators Syndicate