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Jewish World Review Oct. 11, 2000 / 12 Tishrei, 5761

Walter Williams

Walter Williams
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Black loyalty -- IT'S INDISPUTABLY beyond question that black Americans have a level of loyalty to the Democratic Party and its big-government policies second to none. They connect political power with economic power. But the evidence that I see is that individual application and effort are far more important determinants of socioeconomic progress than dependence on government. If anything, government is the primary source of handicaps suffered by a large segment of the black community. Let's look at one of those handicaps, education.

Quality education is a serious problem for black Americans. There's little dispute that government-operated schools deliver grossly fraudulent education to most black students. The quality delivered to white students is nothing to write home about, either.

By any measure of academic achievement, black students score at or near the bottom. It's typical for some black high-school seniors, with a record of A's and B's, to have an academic achievement level two, three or four years behind their white counterparts. At many predominantly black high schools, it's common for Scholastic Assessment Test scores to average 600 or 700 out of a possible 1600. Four hundred points are awarded simply by taking the test. Low academic achievement means that admission to even second- and-third tier colleges requires admission standards lower than that for other students.

In an increasingly high-tech world, fraudulent education is a growing barrier to upward mobility. What do black Americans do about the systematic academic destruction of our children? We surely don't hold those responsible for that destruction accountable. To the contrary, we generously support those responsible, in the name of "saving public education." Personally, I care much more about saving children than saving public education. I support any method of education delivery that provides high quality education, whether it's parochial schools, private schools -- both religious and non-religious -- and public schools.

When people's primary concern is about individual children, they shouldn't focus on repeated failed attempts to save a particular system. Instead, if schools are failing to educate, they should try to provide means to get children out of problem schools into succeeding schools. That's done by empowering parents, not the failed school system.


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