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Jewish World Review Oct. 4, 2000 / 5 Tishrei, 5761

Walter Williams

Walter Williams
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Men must stand up -- QUITE FRANKLY the behavior of some women has gotten out of hand, and it's because we men have become cowards and wimps. The more men take of double-standards, ridiculous demands and just plain nonsense, the more these women are going to give.

You say, "What do you have against the fairer sex, Williams?" I say nothing. While some of my best friends are women, I'm getting tired of all the sex-based nonsense. Let's look at it. On "Today" show last November, Katie Couric suddenly deviated from her perkiness and asked a jilted bride, in reference to the groom who jilted her, "Have you considered castration as an option?" There was no storm of protest, and perky Katie remains on NBC's payroll. Fred Hayward, a men's rights organizer, told JWR contributing columnist, John Leo, "Imagine the reaction if Matt Lauer had asked a jilted groom, 'Wouldn't you just like to rip her uterus out?'" Matt Lauer would have been handed his walking papers.

Leo reports that up until recently the 3M company put out post-it notes with the printed message: "Men have only two faults: everything they say and everything they do." Hallmark went further with a greeting card that said, "Men are scum ... Excuse me. For a second there I was feeling generous." Then there was the American Greeting Cards ad that says on the front: "Men are always whining about how we are suffocating them," with the inside punch line, "Personally, I think if you can hear them whining, you're not pressing hard enough on the pillow." What do you think would happen if a company had an ad that joked about killing women?

Young boys aren't spared from the feminist attack. At a Boston area elementary school, nobody objected when girls wore shirts emblazoned with "Girls Rule" or when they taunted boys with a chant that goes, "Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider; girls go to college to get more knowledge." But when boys donned shirts emblazoned with "Boys Are Good," there was protest. One of the teachers protesting sported a button saying, "So many men, so little intelligence."

Women can get away with saying just about anything demeaning, evil and harassing to men, while men get into trouble for making the most innocent compliment. That happened to Seth Shaw, a counselor at an elementary school in Fort Worth, Texas. He said, "Hello, good-looking," to a new female employee, was charged with sexual harassment and wound up suffering a 20-day suspension without pay.

Leo's article suggests that all of this can get worse if foreign feminist demands reach our shores. Young women in Sweden, Germany and Australia have launched a new cause: They want men to sit down while urinating. Part of their demand is related to the "splash factor," but more crucially, men standing up to urinate is deemed by these women as triumphing in their masculinity, "a nasty macho gesture" and by extension degrading to women. Feminists at Stockholm University are campaigning to ban campus urinals and one Swedish elementary school has already removed urinals. I don't know about you, but if I don't tell women to stand up to urinate, they're not going to tell me to sit down to urinate.

The bottom line is that we men had better stand up to these feminist wackos before our last resort will be well-deserved spankings.


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