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09/08/06: News, animals, actors, and others
09/01/06: Celebration of Sadness
08/25/06: WaMu Poo Poo Ca Ca
08/18/06: FOUND! Unaired portions of Mike Wallace Interview with Iran's Ahmadinejad
08/11/06: How come?
08/04/06: The Jewish Problem
07/28/06: More Quotes of Note
07/21/06: ‘Need Help with that Bag? No problem, man.’
07/14/06: Illegal Bits & Pieces
07/07/06: The Dreaded O Word
06/30/06: American quotes
06/23/06: ‘Why do you have to be a patriot?’
06/16/06: Playing by women's rules
06/09/06: Clear words, clear thought
06/01/06: You can’t make this stuff up
05/26/06: The United States of the Third World
05/19/06: Imbeciles, Idiots, and Jerks — Oh My!
05/12/06: “Outing” history
05/05/06: The unwritten columns
04/28/06: The unwritten columns
04/21/06: To Zoo or Not to Zoo
04/07/06: Rules? I don't got to obey no rules!
03/31/06: Gone With the Wind
03/22/06: Mom
03/17/06: Knock yourself out
03/10/06: Shelf life
03/03/06: Shelf life
02/17/06: Oh, and One More Thing …
02/10/06: Doing All Kinds of Stuff with the Stars
02/03/06: Era endings
01/27/06: Dusting Off the Magic Wand
01/20/06: The physical issue
01/13/06: Mid-January musings
01/06/06: No-brainer movie concepts
12/30/05: Some good things
12/23/05: Last minute end-of-the-year bellyaching
12/16/05: A scary episode
12/09/05: It can't be done
11/11/05: Weather or Not
11/04/05: Irene Dunne
10/28/05: It’s Not the Dollars That Get You, It’s the Dimes
10/21/05: Joys of Supermarket Shopping
10/14/05: Joel McCrea
10/11/05: Autumn
09/30/05: Hands
09/23/05: Loose Ends
09/16/05: Sunday at the Theatre
09/09/05: Serving My Time
09/02/05: Katrina is No Lady but Help is on the Way
08/26/05: Some Annoying Things
08/19/05: Blockbusters or Bust
08/12/05: The Non-assimilation Problem
08/05/05: Back to Class?
07/29/05: Name That Community
07/22/05: Summer Camp for Puppies and Other Things
07/15/05: How Low Can You Go?
07/08/05: A Tear-Down?
07/01/05: Stars and Stripes Forever
06/24/05: Study This
06/17/05: Driving While Talking
06/10/05: Late Breaking Democrat News
06/03/05: Hot Off the Press
05/27/05: Neutral Media
05/20/05: LA's Mexican Mayor
05/13/05: All Television All the Time
05/06/05: How to Increase City Funds without Raising Taxes
04/29/05: Missing Types
04/22/05: Terrorist Denial
04/15/05: A Country without Borders
04/08/05: Two Good Men
04/04/05: Spring
03/25/05: More Characters
03/18/05: Bully for Blake
03/11/05: The Truth Will Set You Free
03/04/05: Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!
02/25/05: The “Secret” Tapes
02/18/05: Characters
02/11/05: The Trouble with Movies
02/04/05: Nothing to Laugh At
01/28/05: No Parking
01/21/05: More iPod News
01/14/05: Invasion of the iPods
01/07/05: Whose Home Team is it Anyway?
12/31/04: Time to vent
12/24/04: Driving Me Crazy
12/13/04: Stupid songs
11/29/04:Dogs are most definitely endorphin makers
11/19/04: A political Thanksgiving: The year in review
11/12/04: Random Thoughts on the Election
11/05/04:The Passing Parade
10/29/04: Phony verses Real
10/22/04: Almost Over? Don't Bet On It
10/15/04: Who Will REALLY Keep America Safer?
10/04/04: What do they mean by that?
09/24/04: Dapper Dan the Cock 'n Bull Story Newsman
09/10/04: The Islamic War against Civilization
08/30/04: Fun games to play with your liberal friends
08/20/04: Good news for a change
08/13/04: Art — Shoved Down Your Throat
08/06/04: Stupid Democrat Tricks
08/02/04: All dressed up
07/23/04: Cry Babies
07/16/04: What is John Kerry Saying?
07/09/04: Immortals
07/02/04: That's Entertainment?
06/25/04: What's the matter, ya chicken?
06/18/04: It ain't fair
06/14/04: Ronald Reagan, R.I.P.
06/04/04: Memorial Day Remembrances 2004
06/04/04: How we will lose the Islamo-Fascist War
05/14/04: Yet another reminder
05/07/04: Little things
05/03/04: Sticks and Stones
04/23/04: Think about it
04/16/04: Open Letter to the Big Macher-teer
04/09/04: I Really Should Be in Bed
04/02/04: Martha's in the Pen — Now What?
03/26/04: The case for hatred
03/19/04: The real difference between the two political parties
03/12/04: Robbing the Cradle for Votes
03/05/04: America's storyteller
02/27/04: FOUND! Letters to San Francisco Mayor Newsom
02/20/04: Same-Family Marriages Draw Scores of Couples
02/13/04: Yes, Selma, there is a Negro
02/06/04: Close Encounters with Mr. Lincoln
01/30/04: Road Thoughts, Part IV
01/23/04: Finger men and more
01/16/04: Assorted Gripes
01/09/04: Road Thoughts, Part III
01/05/04: Road Thoughts, Part II
12/26/03: Road Thoughts
12/19/03: All Roads Lead to Box Stores
12/12/03: Driving across America
11/07/03: Got Tattoos?
10/31/03: Lovers, Partners, and Others
10/24/03: Unfair and Unbalanced
10/17/03: The scary thing about October
10/10/03: We Won!
10/03/03: What's News
09/19/03: It's, like, the way it is
09/19/03: A good idea for a Broadway show
09/12/03: Uncommon Sense
09/05/03: Canda-ditzy
08/28/03: The Last Gray Days of Gray Davis
08/01/03: It's All In The Timing
07/25/03: Summertime and the reportin' is sleazy
07/18/03: Not easy this week
07/11/03: Losing
07/03/03: Confucius Say "Charlie Chan is a Good Thing"
06/24/03: Want peace? Try this
06/13/03: Pitchers At Eleven
06/05/03: Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse
05/29/03: Milking it for all it's worth
05/23/03: Thanks for the memory, Bob Hope
05/19/03: A road map in search of a road
05/09/03: My monologue for Bob Hope
05/05/03: Ski Nose and Der Bingle -- Just a Couple of Roadies
04/28/03: By any other name
04/17/03: When They Hate You, They Hate You
04/10/03: Proud to be an American
04/04/03: Words of Mass Confusion
03/28/03: Like fighting with one arm tied behind your back
03/21/03: One of those weeks
03/14/03: Crosby In Wonderland, Part II
03/07/03: C'mon, let's make Osama and Saddam smile!
03/03/03: Crosby in Wonderland
02/21/03: Memo to the L.A. City Council --- GET A LIFE!
02/14/03: A Valentine from Milton Berle
02/07/03: Think about this...
01/31/03: Choo-choo Blues
01/25/03: Taxing rhetoric
01/17/03: Dressing the Part
01/07/03: Award season
12/31/02: Auld Lang Syne
12/23/02: Winter comes to paradise
12/16/02: Stream of Consciousness All Over The Place
12/06/02: New Toys for 2002
11/25/02: Only in America
11/15/02: He's Ba-ack!
11/08/02: The 2002 Elections -- Are They Over Yet?
11/01/02: The Postal Service's dirty little secret
10/28/02: How to survive our times
10/21/02: Media mental midgets
10/11/02: Lefty Belafonte speaks out
10/07/02: Not my column
09/30/02: Confessions of a pop culture ignoramus
09/23/02: The Network For The Rest of Us?
09/13/02: Odds and Ends on 9/11/2002
09/06/02: And the box office winner for this weekend is...
08/30/02: How Best to Commemorate the First Anniversary of Sept 11, 2001
08/23/02: Why women will never be men
08/19/02: Dead but making big bucks
08/09/02: Private sorrow as public spectacle
08/02/02: The right words
07/26/02: Nothing to Write About
07/19/02: Time to bring back the good old fashioned neighborhood
07/12/02: You can't handle the truth
07/08/02 How Can We Miss You If You Won't Go Away?
06/28/02 One Nation Under Whatever
06/25/02 War on Terror Update
06/21/02 What's Love Got To Do With It?
06/14/02 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
06/10/02 Secret meeting
05/31/02 Questions ...
05/28/02 Killing Jews for Peace
05/19/02 Ethnic cleansing -- California style
05/13/02: Let the war conclude
05/06/02: The Invisible Hollywood Jews
04/26/02: Media Bias -- Los Angeles Style
04/19/02: Read My Lips: No Negotiating With Terrorists
04/15/02: Some things never change
04/05/02: First You Have to Get Their Attention
04/01/02: Choices
03/22/02: Calamity fame
03/15/02: The Great Escape
03/08/02: Anchors away
03/01/02: Absurdity in our time
02/22/02: A nice guy who finished first
02/08/02: Games People Play
02/04/02: A Candy of Color
01/25/02: Poor, poor terrorists
01/18/02: NBC = No Broadcast Code
01/11/02: What does mid-summer mist smell like?
01/04/02: Euroland
12/28/01: I Resolve
12/21/01: A Letter to Santa
12/14/01: JDL head Irv Rubin is a pathetic loser
12/07/01: Doughboy Dan Joins G.I. Geraldo Joe At The Front
11/30/01: Some good news for a change
11/16/01: Giving thanks
11/09/01: Home front
11/02/01: Will Hollywood Re-up?
10/26/01: Some Thoughts About The "War On Terror," Part II
10/19/01: Some Thoughts About the "War On Terror": Part I
10/12/01: In Nature We Trust
10/04/01: Go ahead, Phil Donahue, tell Mullah Mohammed Omar to "give peace a chance"
09/27/01: "Stand beside her and guard her …"
09/14/01: Plan of action
09/09/01: Equal Rights
08/31/01: The Incredible Dan Rather Announcement
08/17/01: Crazy thoughts
08/10/01: Selling vulgarity
08/03/01: Home services
07/27/01: Putting Spanish First
07/20/01: Gender nonspecific
07/13/01: Sure-fire Broadway smash
07/06/01: As the world churns
06/29/01: Swish this around in your mouth and spit
06/22/01: Bop While You Shop
06/14/01: How not to have your house painted
06/07/01: Home Sweet Home
05/25/01: But who buys garages?
05/18/01: When the (media) circus comes to town ...
05/11/01: A Moving Experience
05/04/01: Those Smiling Faces
04/27/01: Name brands
04/20/01: Our wacky world
04/13/01: Drummed Out of the Mickey Mouse Club
04/06/01: Academy Award Winning Song?
03/30/01: Curiously strong
03/23/01: The Not Very Funny Papers
03/16/01: Acting Politically Correct
03/09/01: Get Off The Phone!
03/02/01: A Brief Statement by Al Gore (A Fantasy Which Will Never Happen)
02/23/01: President Bush Q & A Exclusive
02/13/01: Pregnant and in your face
02/05/01: Let 'em know
01/30/01: One Final Trashing
01/26/01: Don't look in the mirror
01/19/01: He Got It His Way
01/12/01: Be cool ... be very cool
01/05/01: What’s Next?
12/29/00: "Hi, I'm Megan And I'll Be Your Dealer This Evening."
12/23/00: A nice old-fashioned winter
12/15/00: A holiday carol for the Fat Lady
12/08/00: Vice president Queeg
12/01/00: Here we come a-caroling
11/23/00: Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
11/17/00: Gore’s Desperation
11/10/00: It Ain't Over
11/03/00: Read this before you vote
10/27/00: Democratic Big Guns Shoot Blanks
10/20/00: Generation Duh
10/13/00: And the whiner is ...
10/06/00: The Vicious Hollywood Left
09/29/00: Pop Porn
09/22/00: Put On A Tie, Ya Bums!
09/15/00: A sneak peek at The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library
09/08/00: The Big Mooseketeer
09/01/00: In Honor of Those Who Never Were
08/25/00: Building a Bridge to the Sixties
08/22/00: Leaks
08/18/00: Sour Grapes
08/11/00: But he’s Jewish!
08/04/00: Aint Nothin’ But A Hound Dog
07/27/00: Trick or Treat
07/21/00: Another Golden Moment In Broadcasting
07/14/00: Who eats this, ahem, 'stuff'?
07/07/00: In Your Face Advertising
06/29/00: My Home Sweet Home
06/23/00: Hairs The Thing
06/13/00: The Sweetest Sounds
06/02/00: Another Opening, Another Show
05/22/00: What's next, The Million Mutt March?
05/19/00: Hail the Conquering Hero
05/12/00: Extra! Read All About It!
05/03/00: Clinton’s Transparent Department of Duplicity and Demagoguery
04/24/00: For The Children?
04/19/00: Liars And Cowards And Bums, Oh My!
04/11/00: Gripe, Gripe, Gripe
04/05/00: Counting the Race Cards
03/30/00: Speed Bumps
03/22/00: The Eyes Have It
03/15/00: Academia and Media --- They’re Just Not Right
03/09/00: Sweat The Small Stuff -- It’s Okay
03/02/00: Actors And Other Animals
02/23/00: Campaign 2000 --- Wake Me When Its Over
02/15/00: Who Wants to be Regis Philbin?
02/08/00: Aftermath of a Tragedy
01/31/00: Ask Mr. Politically Correct Man
01/25/00: I’d Like To Thank All The Little People
01/20/00: Merger Mania
01/11/00: Just Say JA-GWAAR
01/04/00: Who Was That Masked Man? My Hero!
12/28/99: New Millennium --- New Rules
12/21/99: Bubba’s Visit From Saint Nick
12/14/99: Call Me Mister
12/08/99: So Much Going On, So Little Time
11/30/99: Sunday Afternoon
11/22/99: The Best Money Can’t Buy
11/15/99: My Peter Pan Generation
11/08/99: Fall Invasion
10/29/99: When my wife was young and Gay
10/22/99: Too Late for Dinner
10/15/99: Pondering, Musing and Supposing
10/05/99: A Message From Your Journalistic Human Interest Commentator
09/24/99: The Getting Away With It Decade
09/17/99: The Scoop of the Century
09/09/99: Important Millennium Advisory
09/03/99: Ask Mr. Politically Correct Man
08/26/99: Broadcasters, Please mind Your Manners
08/19/99: The Golden Age of Jerkdom
08/12/99: Dressing Down...and Out

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