Jewish World Review Oct. 29, 2004/ 14 Mar-Cheshvan, 5765

Greg Crosby

Greg Crosby
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Phony verses Real | Kerry marches out of the woods after going goose hunting dressed in camouflage clothes, carrying a rifle and claiming to reporters that he killed himself a goose today. There he is - the very image of macho/hunter, blue collar America and he seems to have no fear of alienating his anti-gun, animal rights liberal base. Why not?

Kerry stands up in front of America and salutes. "John Kerry reporting for duty," he says. He delivers a speech saying that if elected he will send additional troops into Iraq and he will hunt down the terrorists and kill them. Why isn't he afraid he might turn off his anti-military, anti-war base?

Kerry travels the country making speeches at black churches and talking about scripture and intoning biblical passages. He quotes from the bible far more than President Bush has ever done. His left-wing base is overwhelmingly secular, yet he isn't worried that all his religious talk may distance himself from that base. Why not?

The reason Kerry can "act like a conservative" and "talk like a conservative" without fear of harming his ultra-liberal constituency is very simple. His liberal supporters know he's faking. He is a phony and his supporters know it. They know that he is lying. They know that he is saying what he says and doing what he does because he is attempting to win over people whose actual values may be more in line with Bush, but just haven't been paying too much attention to the election.

Kerry doesn't have to stress his true liberal views because the left in this country KNOWS where Kerry really stands. He is undeniably the most liberal Democrat in the senate. Yes, he served in Vietnam, but he came home and instantly led an anti-war, anti-military campaign - demonstrating against the war, throwing his medals away, testifying in congress that he and his fellow servicemen committed war crimes, independently traveling to Europe to meet with the enemy, the North Vietnamese - all at a time when our country was still at war.

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The Republicans say that Kerry is a flip-flopper, but in fact he has consistently voted against military spending throughout his entire time in the senate. His voting record has been consistently liberal in every regard. He votes pro-abortion. He supports partial birth abortion and embryonic stem cell research (including cloning).

He votes anti-gun. He votes anti-religion. His voting record mirrors the ACLU's left-wing secular agenda completely. He votes with the pro-litigation trial lawyers. He votes with the progressive policies of the teacher's unions. He votes with the multiculturalists. He votes for big government at every opportunity. He is supported by race-bating demagogues such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. He is supported by Michael Moore, a propagandist, socialist, and proven liar. He is supported by all the pro-Islamic groups in America. The Arab organizations in the U.S. support Kerry 100%. What does that tell you?

No, the liberals don't have to be told about the real John Kerry - they know what he is. The Kerry we have been seeing throughout this campaign is a fake. Kerry pretends to be the hard-as-nails tough solider who will "hunt them down and kill them" but he is really the anti-military peace activist. He pretends to be the NRA beer-drinking blue collar guy who goes out and bags himself a goose on the weekend, but he is really more the windsurfing in Massachusetts, snowboarding in Aspen type. He pretends to be the G-d-fearing humble man of faith who follows the teachings of his bible, but he has never supported any of his own church's policies.

John Kerry is a sham, a phony, a fake. If you tend to be more of a moderate, traditional American with all of those old-fashion family values everybody keeps talking about, then you really should vote for Bush - he is more in line with your thinking and your beliefs. On the other hand, if you are more of a liberal, if you would like to see the name of God removed from our money and all other aspects of our American culture, if you tend towards big government programs and you think that the U.S. shouldn't act in it's own behalf without first getting permission from the United Nations, if you believe in all those things that the REAL John Kerry believes in, by all means, vote for him - he is your man.

But just know what John F. Kerry truly stands for before you vote for him, that's all I ask.

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. A freelance writer in Southern California, you may contact him by clicking here.

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