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Jewish World Review April 24, 2000 /19 Nissan, 5760

Greg Crosby

Greg Crosby
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For The Children? -- BILL CLINTON kicked off the Earth Day celebrations early Saturday morning by rubbing more dirt in America’s face.

With the sneak five A.M. raid on the Gonzalez home, this administration has now come full circle. Watching those disturbing images of INS officers dressed for combat and wielding machine guns as they pull a terrified, crying six year old child from his home reminded me of the early days of Clinton’s reign and the Waco massacre.

In both situations, the m.o. is the same. Clinton, ever the coward, assumes no direct responsibility for issuing the orders, but instead uses language like, “I support the decision,” which is intended to give the misleading impression that the buck stops with Janet Reno. Waco may have been the first time that Brave Billy actually used Reno as his protective shield -- the beginning of what would become an unprecedented and outrageous eight year partnership dealing in cover-ups, obstruction of justice, obfuscation, and propaganda spinning.

In Miami, just as in Waco, the excuse for the jackboot tactics are the same. “Negotiations for a peaceful solution have broken down. Swift action became necessary for the welfare of the child (or the children).” In Waco, Reno’s Raiders saved the Dividian children by slaughtering them. In Miami they have rescued little Elian from the evils of American democracy and have taken the first step in returning the child to a happy, productive life of Communism in Castro’s Cuba.

Was it really necessary for the government troops to storm the house in full battle gear, busting down fences and doors, screaming obscenities and pointing semiautomatic weapons at everyone in sight (including Elian himself)? Yes, they tell us, because (again, like Waco) the agents couldn’t be sure just how many weapons the family had inside the house and so they had to go in with overwhelming force. The fact is, the Gonzalez family and their supporters had no weapons at all in the home.

At a news conference on Friday evening, Reno assured the public that if any action would be taken, it wouldn’t happen until after the holiday weekend. Oops, a lie.

Shortly after the boy was seized on Saturday, INS spokeswoman Maria Cardona said the semiautomatic rifles were “not pointed at anyone at any time ...” Oops ... another lie, since the entire world has now seen the infamous photograph of an INS agent clearly pointing his weapon at Donato Dalrymple holding an hysterical Elian in his arms. Mr. Dalrymple, you might remember, is the man who literally pulled Elian out of the ocean last Thanksgiving.

The Clinton spinners were all over television on Saturday and again on Easter Sunday defending the actions of the administration -- actions that up until now I have only associated with Nazi Germany, Communist China, and other thug regimes. That tactics of this sort should happen in America sickens me. It doesn’t surprise me, though, because I have long ago learned never to underestimate Clinton’s ability to bring shame and embarrassment to our country.

As I write this, (late Sunday afternoon on the west coast ) the word is that Elian is spending “quiet time” with his father within the Andrews Air Force Base complex. The Miami relatives, who flew up to the base, have not been permitted at this point to visit with the father and the boy. Two questions come to mind ...

1. Although still photos of a smiling Elian in his father’s arms were immediately sent out to all the wire services, (obviously intended to counteract the raid photos) why hasn’t there been film or video footage of the boy since he was taken from the Miami house?

2. Why was Elian’s father taken to the air force base? Why wasn’t Elian simply taken to his father at the Cuban mission or to some neutral residential house?

Could it be that Elian has already been flown back to Cuba with Juan Miguel Gonzalez?

Or will be soon? Janet Reno has assured us in a news conference today that the boy will not leave the country until after a decision has been made in the May 11th court hearing. Well, okay Janet, if you say so. After all, I know that you and Bill and Fidel have only the welfare of the child at heart.

We keep hearing how concerned Clinton is with establishing his presidential legacy. He needn’t be. His unique place in American history will be forever etched in stone.

JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. You may contact him by clicking here.


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