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Tony Snow archives

04/21/06: The developers of the Age of Instancy have neglected to create a pause button
04/07/06: Any immigration reform will eventually fizzle
03/31/06: Immigration is not the pox neo-Know Nothings make it out to be
03/17/06: Bush & Co. have become not merely the custodians of the largest government in the history of humankind, but exponents of its vigorous expansion
03/10/06: Trend setting in South Dakota?
03/03/06: Fearful Fringe nativism is the essence of surrender
02/24/06: Spasm of Know-Nothingism afflicting Congress
02/17/06: It's obvious that political classes are slow to learn
02/10/06: Why American Islamics are behaving
02/03/06: Brilliant foreign policy and listless domestic policy
01/27/06: Trying to end life as we know it
01/20/06: Race-baiting industry is dead
01/06/06: OOPS!
12/30/05: Prez owes NYTimes journos his gratitude
12/15/05: Benchmarks and deadlines: Is having a plan superior to having a clue?
12/09/05: Reveal the truth, Frist and Hastert
12/02/05: Cowardice, not corruption, plaguing GOPers
11/11/05: Message to GOPers: When you sell out, you get booted out
11/04/05: The manipulation of ignorance
10/28/05: Remembering the Jean D'Arc of the Civil Rights Movement
10/21/05: Americans trust each other because of shared values and faith, not despite of them
10/14/05: Media misses big/good news while focusing on the quag-Mier
10/07/05: Dubya the gambler will enjoy the last laugh
09/30/05: Time for Prez to remove the ‘KICK ME!’ sign
09/23/05: Campaign reform causes ‘normal’ politicians to go crazy
09/16/05: Counting our blessings and passing them on
09/09/05: Stop the arguing and start the action
09/02/05: Roberts, backer of legal rigor, unfairly targeted
08/26/05: Timeless music remains that way for a good reason
08/19/05: It’s 1968 in Crawford, Texas
08/12/05: How to evolve the debate on evolution
08/05/05: Doc Senator misdiagnoses embryonic stem cell research
07/29/05: Where GOPers fear to tread
07/22/05: Dems definition of separation of church and state is all state and no church
07/15/05: The Democrats are confusing the spin for the facts
06/15/05: Peer Pressure
06/09/05: The Democrats’ Black Problem
06/08/05: Monsters Under the Bed, Part I
05/24/05: Portfolio of a Non-Reformer
05/23/05: The Head-in-the-Toilet Test
05/17/05: The Credibility Chasm
05/16/05: He’s Gone Berserk
05/13/05: I, um, do
05/10/05: Filibusters: The Sandbox Rules
05/06/05: How to be Sick
05/04/05: Dinner table English: A primer
04/28/05: Cover Up???
02/14/05: The Budget: An Explainer
01/12/05: CBS and the snare of human vanity
12/09/04: Now, the Theophobes
12/02/04: The ‘Has-Been Media’ Bill, Dan, Dave, Tom & Co.
11/23/04: Time to up Thanksgiving's importance
11/19/04: The New Age Presidency
11/16/04: Tanned, rested and ready
11/11/04: Of course the prez didn't win a mandate
11/10/04: Of course the prez didn't win a mandate
11/05/04: Grace in concession
11/02/04: Round-up
10/15/04: Save the debates!
09/29/04: Debate Tips
09/23/04: The debate begins
09/21/04: Remember Iraq?
09/15/04: The Face of a Patriot
09/08/04: Bill Clinton and the Ravages of Age
09/01/04: Looking back
08/30/04: All hat and no Cambodia
08/26/04: Fear and Smear
08/12/04: Swift Boats, Continued
08/11/04: Not passing judgment — just yet
08/05/04: The Sandwich Board Effect
08/03/04: The Dead Cat Bounce
07/30/04: Shazaam!
07/29/04: Tell me you love me
07/28/04: Bring Back the Good Old Days!
07/21/04: Political Pop Quiz
07/16/04: Bush's modest triumphs
06/24/04 As the world churns
06/10/04 Why Reagan's legacy tops Roosevelt's
05/13/04 Remembering the real enemy
05/06/04 More Good News
05/04/04 What the president should say about Abu Ghraib
04/28/04 Lay off Cheney
02/11/04 Why the fight over judges matters
11/11/03 We've got to rebuild human hearts — and persuade people that hope isn't just possible, but essential
11/04/03 The Big Picture
10/28/03 Bubba and Dubya: Peas in a Pod?
12/13/02 We also want to be sure that we're fighting for right
12/12/02 Domestic Dubya/ Bush the bold
12/10/02 The mistake of prophecy
12/09/02 President Bush fired me
12/05/02 I'm a commander in the right wing coup
12/03/02 This UN inspector knows a thing or two about torture
11/27/02 Why and when prez ought to strike
11/21/02 Edifying idea?
11/19/02 Surprise, surprise! And what was the sleeper issue in this year's election?
11/18/02 Will the Dems destroy themselves if they stake out a left-wing position on issues?
11/15/02 Bin Laden's 'return'
11/14/02 Ignore the scolds
11/08/02: Election outcome is good for more than GOPers
07/13/01: 'Just one more thing'
06/01/01: The best break Dubya ever got
05/21/01: Who's in charge?
05/14/01: McVeigh was slated for the Big Sleep not just for legal reasons
05/07/01: McVeigh has won
04/30/01: Washington's defining peculiarities: The inability of politicians and pundits to connect the dots
04/23/01: Teaching with solipsism: New-new math not adding up
03/26/01: The raw energy of politics explodes from limitless, vague aspirations
03/16/01: Bush's first bona fide crisis
03/12/01: Cowardice dressed up as good manners
03/02/01: In a tizzy
02/23/01: Bubba's fools
02/16/01: Silent no longer: Clarence Thomas unplugged
02/09/01: The squawkers
02/02/01: Our testifying president
01/26/01: Breaking a promise to myelf
01/22/01: Advice to the new Bushies from a Washington "insider"
01/01/01: Clinton will forever will be measured against what he could have been
01/12/00: Bush understands that nobody in this town takes orders from the Cowardly Lion
12/18/00: Message to Dubya: Want to 'unite' the country?
12/15/00: Time to tell the truth
12/08/00: Gore's tantrums served a purpose
12/01/00: Al Gore's bridge selling
11/23/00: Thanks can go both ways
11/17/00: After the bickering ends
11/10/00: Anatomy of a mega goof --- and the learning of political humility
11/03/00: Clinton learns that in Washington, you can't take friendship personally
10/27/00: Desperate and devious Dems wage fright fest before Halloween as Al gets gored
10/20/00: Why Gore's votaries are working so feverishly to paint Gov. Bush as a potential threat to minorities
10/13/00: Debate was one one of the most surreal episodes in modern forensic history
10/06/00: Campaign 2K: Only weeks left and still no focus
09/29/00: What policies? What risk?
09/22/00: AlGore's lies, the abridged edition
09/15/00: How a scandal spins
09/08/00: Reporters worship "objectivity," but practice advocacy
09/01/00: The gift of an opponent's hypocrisy
08/28/00: Politics as amusement
08/21/00: Defending Clintonism without defending Clinton
08/11/00: Why do pundits laud Liberman's "morality"?
08/02/00: What the GOPers have finally discovered
07/31/00: Demonstrably dull Dick has Dems in a dither
07/24/00: Behind those golden -- really! -- EIB microphones
07/17/00: Somebody call Steven King!
07/07/00: Watching would-be veeps grovel and mewl
07/03/00: High Court is determined to make abortion zealots of us all
06/28/00: Refuting the pacifists
06/26/00: Fatherhood after Father's Day
06/22/00: Does the Consitution mandate lousy, unsafe schools?
06/16/00: These days in the groves of academe
06/08/00: We have destroyed the Dept. of Justice!
05/26/00: They marched willingly into battle for the sake of our country
05/12/00: Million Mother Myopia
05/05/00: Stamping out religion in the name of preserving religious liberty
05/01/00: Prevailing myths of the Vietnam War
04/24/00: Time for people-of-faith to abandon politics?
04/14/00: Elian's bull market in hypocrisy
04/07/00: Behind, new, wacky census --- a ticket for federal spoils
03/31/00: The upside of progressive taxation
03/24/00: Potentially unlimited technology is effectively unlimited government
03/20/00: Give the liars a good jolt
03/03/00: What makes McCain tick?
02/25/00: Dubyah's missed lesson
02/22/00: Promoting civility through conflict
02/114/00: Flush times make for lousy politics
02/04/00: The New Hampshire primary: A boisterous fraud unique to the American political genotype
01/28/00: Bush-McCain battle is a pillow fight, not a war
01/21/00: Issue ads force candidates to show their cards
01/14/00: Bumpin' ugly with Fidel Castro?
01/07/00: Bill Bradley: The Garbo of the Hustings
12/31/99: The TRUTH about Kwanzaa
12/17/99: The way it will be
12/10/99: Under siege by Gotham's limousine class
12/06/99: Commiting dullness rather than news
12/03/99: Woodstock for America's malcontents
11/25/99: America's real worth
11/19/99: The Party of Lincoln is aiming low
11/12/99: Dubyah is told to act his age
11/08/99: The last toadies
11/01/99: Incorrigible exhibitionists
10/25/99: Does Forbes have a chance?
10/18/99: Subsidizing the Condom Cult
10/11/99: Ventura's open season on human freedom
10/01/99: Holy drek!?
09/27/99: 'Walking on my daughter's grave'
09/17/99: Not even a hint of shame
09/13/99: Candidate 'what's-his-name'
09/03/99: School voucers cause 'irreparable harm'?
08/30/99: Cultural conservatism despairs not of culture, but humanity
08/23/99: The New Segregationism
08/02/99: Keeping what we earn
07/26/99: Kennedy family values
07/16/99: Pointed to a destination called 'Nowhere'
07/12/99: Punditry for Dummies
07/08/99: Queen Tut?
07/02/99: Master's day of reckoning is fast approaching
06/28/99: Used tires and hope
06/21/99: The first baby-boom grudge match
06/11/99: My exploratory committee
06/01/99: Sending the sheriff away from Dodge City
05/28/99: Rosie is the 'Queen' of WHAT!?
05/27/99: Stopping a dictator --- the EPA
05/14/99: Symbolism over substance
05/07/99: Why Kosovo is unique
04/30/99: A blithe acceptance of espionage
04/22/99: Snacking on life-splitting agony
04/15/99: Starr’s last stand?
04/12/99: Combining punishment and proselytism
04/05/99: Now that the ‘honorables’ have returned …
03/29/99: And the senators pressed on
03/25/99: Moronic meddling
03/22/99: Kangas, the Left’s ‘Foster’? More like a diligent nut
03/18/99: Does Forbes have a chance?
03/15/99: Team Clinton aren’t treasonists ...
03/11/99: Blackmun’s burden
03/08/99: The Lewinsky Principle
03/05/99: Buchanan & Ventura’s lure
03/01/99: Open season on women
02/25/99: The birth of political wisdom
02/22/99: Children of optimism
02/18/99: Wake up, Republicans!
02/16/99: Why we feel so good
02/11/99: What exactly does George W. stand for?
02/08/99: Run, GOPers, run?
02/04/99: The languid sigh of waves lapping ashore
02/01/99: Verbal vortex
01/28/99: To be a ‘sell-out’ or an unelectable pol --- that is the question
01/25/99: The apogee of a trend
01/21/99:What my 3-year-old taught me
01/17/99:Don't be fooled, folks
01/14/99: Must a pol be ‘baaaad’ in order to get elected?
01/12/99: Jumpin’ Jack (Kemp)
01/08/99 : Hot air in the Windy City

©1999, Creators Syndicate