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11/20/08: Obama can set excellent example for CEOs by forgoing his salary
07/30/08: Terror attacks in Turkey, India should be a wakeup call for Americans
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10/24/07: Turkey-Kurd crisis benefits only al-Qaeda
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04/19/05: China, U.S. and Russia: 3 scenarios of fate
01/06/05: Why does it take tragedy to move the world?
09/28/04: Pin down Bush, Kerry on the most pressing issue: Terrorism
06/08/04: U.S. intelligence agencies must increase awareness in order to grow
05/20/04: Societies, markets will survive, thrive
05/04/04: With terror on the rise worldwide, America can't afford to be isolationists
11/18/03: U.S. now has right view on China
10/14/03: Reinstitute mandatory smallpox vaccinations as biodefense precaution?
08/05/03: It's time to be realistic on new age of terrorism

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