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12/24/10: Trampling the 20th Amendment: Many in Washington are questioning the practice of having retiring members return to make law
12/06/10: A new Labor Department plan shows the president still has wide power to implement an anti-business agenda
12/01/10: GOPers who want to Mend ObamaCare
11/09/10: Rubio Republicans: GOP candidates can talk tough on immigration and still do well with Hispanic voters
11/02/10: Gallup's Advice for Dems: Duck and Cover
10/25/10: Why Mama Grizzlies Run the Tea Party
10/20/10: Senatorial Courtesy Has Its Limits
10/15/10: Stupid Politician Tricks
10/06/10: Gallup Delivers a Stunner
09/30/10: For Obama, Even the Good News Is Bad
09/23/10: The Carter-Obama Comparisons Grow
08/26/10: Why Palin's Man Won
07/14/10: Felons for Franken? Illegal felon voters may have handed Democrats 60-vote majority
07/07/10: A Very Obama Scandal
06/30/10: Racial Gerrymandering Backfires
06/15/10: Pelosi: Ethics Are Overrated
09/16/09: Acorn Runs Off the Rails: 'We're just community organizers, just like the president used to be.'
08/21/09: Holder's Black Panther Stonewall: Why did the Justice Department dismiss such a clear case of voter intimidation?
07/09/09: The real reason why Palin quit
03/30/09: New York Has a Referendum on Obama: The special House election upstate could have far-reaching consequences
02/13/09: Develop This! Kelo metastasis
02/10/09: Why Obama Wants Control of the Census
01/30/09: The Case of the Holmes Hobbyists
01/02/09: The Bush Hangover
12/30/08: Not Ready for SNL: Caroline Kennedy's 168 ‘you knows’
12/19/08: The Hedge Fund Party: Who got Madoff's money?
11/24/08: Secret-Ballot Hypocrisies: Dems believe in one man, one vote, one time
11/14/08: Can Newt save the GOP?
10/23/08: Obama's Amazing Fannie Contributions: Getting to the bottom of Congress's role, slowly
10/03/08: House Members Vote for Job Security — Their Own: Out of 435, seven profiles in courage
10/02/08: Battle of the Bracelets: Accessorizing, Obama style
09/29/08: Partners at the Destruction: Fannie, Freddie and just about everybody
09/24/08: McCain shorts himself
09/17/08: If a Biden commits a gaffe in the forestů
09/03/08: Obama Should Come Clean On Ayers, Rezko And the Iraqi Billionaire
08/04/08: A GOP Choice: Tom Coburn or Ted Stevens
07/21/08: Congress's Edifice Complex
07/14/08: Obama's Liberal Shock Troops
07/08/08: How Jesse Helms Made a Difference
06/30/08: No, McCain Isn't ‘Doomed’
05/19/08: Flirting with disaster
05/08/08: Sister Act: Is Indiana really disenfranchising elderly nuns?
04/30/08: A victory against voter fraud
04/22/08: The Media's Man: Journalists flay ABC for failing to coddle Obama
04/16/08: Obama's Flaws Multiply
04/14/08: Washington is ‘Home Alone’ as the Senate refuses to confirm nominees
04/07/08: Smoot-Chavez: Dems play politics with trade. America may end up paying the price
03/31/08: Rhodes to Ruin: Will Zimbabwe's Mugabe steal another election?
03/24/08: Tongue Twister: A Philly cheesesteak shop asks customers to speak English, survives an inquisition
03/17/08: Don't Go Postal: Michigan and Florida Democrats are wise to steer clear of mail-in ballots
03/12/08: Enduring lesson of Eliot the ‘Enforcer’'s meltdown
03/03/08: Obama and Chicago Mores
02/11/08: Getting to 270: Can John McCain win in November?
01/28/08: Winging It: John McCain has a golden opportunity to make peace with conservatives. Will he take advantage of it?
01/21/08: Base Runner: Huckabee tries but fails to win the votes of non-evangelicals
01/18/08: Voter-fraud rethink
01/14/08: Mayor McTease
01/10/08: Voter-Fraud Showdown: How can anyone object to asking for ID?
01/09/08: Congress allocates money for nearly 9,000 new earmarks. But no law says Bush has to spend it
01/02/08: The caucuses are anything but a Norman Rockwell exercise in small-town democracy
12/17/07: Here Dumbs the Judge: Sen. Jon Kyl joins a left-wing effort to censor seminars for federal judges
12/10/07: Giving Tanks: Across Europe, thinkers are promoting free-market ideals
12/03/07: Rogan's Run: A Clinton-era grudge may derail a judicial nominee with bipartisan support
11/29/07: Does Nancy Pelosi really object to a common language in the workplace?
11/26/07: Michigan's early vote is good news for George Romney's son and Bill Clinton's wife
11/19/07: Nancy Pelosi tries to force the Salvation Army to hire people who can't speak English
11/05/07: ‘This Will Make Voter Fraud Easier ’: Why does Hillary want driver's licenses for illegal aliens?
10/30/07: ‘Fairness’ Is Foul: Liberals vs. the First Amendment
10/29/07: Another Man From Hope: Who is Mike Huckabee?
10/22/07: Bayou Boy Wonder: Louisiana elects a reform governor. What's next?
10/15/07: Mad Maps: It's time to draw the line on gerrymandering
10/01/07: Rude Giuliani: If he wants voters to respect his privacy, he ought to show some respect for basic manners
09/24/07: North to the Future: The men who gave us the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ may be headed there themselves
09/17/07: Turbulence Ahead: Think flying is bad now? It'll get much worse if America doesn't upgrade its air traffic control system
09/10/07: A Bundle of Trouble: You wouldn't want to be in Hsu's of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama
08/27/07: License to Kill Jobs: State certification boards are supposed to help consumers. They often stifle competition instead
08/22/07: Make Up Your Own Mine: An impoverished town strikes gold. George Soros and foreign environmentalists say, leave it in the ground
08/20/07: Leave It to Deaver: ‘Close Reagan aide dies.’ I remember him from high school
08/06/07: Mad House: Congress needs an intervention
07/30/07:Whose Ox Is Gored: After Bush's victory, liberals shouted ‘Voter fraud!’ Why have they changed their tune?
07/09/07: Those Were the Days: Will nostalgia sweep the Clintons back into the White House?
07/02/07: A victory for disfranchised Mississippi voters — and they happen to be white
06/18/07: Card Tricks: Harry Reid hopes to help unions deprive workers of their right to vote
06/14/07: Americans overwhelmingly support voter ID. Are they all racists?
06/11/07: Hitting the Wall: Reagan's prophetic Berlin speech, 20 years later
06/04/07: Right Said Fred: Thompson excites the conservative base. But will his unorthodox campaign succeed?
05/21/07: Don't Run for the Border: America needs comprehensive immigration reform, but not a law enacted in haste
05/14/07: Cutting the Grass: Congressional Democrats prepare another assault on the First Amendment
05/07/07: Can Sarkozy reform France?
04/30/07: When Talk Isn't Cheap: Campaign finance regulators say speech isn't free — it's a form of ‘contribution’
04/23/07: Doolittle, Too Late: How a Reaganite idealist lost his way
04/16/07: Beating the Rap: Will the Imus imbroglio trip up hip hop?
04/02/07: Giuliani Under Fire: How to deflect uncomfortable questions? It might help to talk publicly about policy
03/26/07: Earmark Cover-Up: The Congressional Research Service is helping its masters hide wasteful spending
03/19/07: March Madness: Public-sector lobbyists lavish gifts on congressmen and their staffers. The scandal is it's perfectly legal
03/12/07: March Madness: Public-sector lobbyists lavish gifts on congressmen and their staffers. The scandal is it's perfectly legal
03/05/07: Mrs. Clinton's biggest problem may be voters' unease with dynastic politics
02/28/07: Mrs. Clinton's biggest problem may be voters' unease with dynastic politics
02/12/07: Some pundits and pols think the 2008 election is a sure thing. They've been wrong before
02/05/07: Somewhere, Milton Is Smiling: Utahns win a hard-fought victory for school choice
01/29/07: Paper Chase: Did investigators turn a blind eye to the seriousness of the Sandy Berger scandal
01/08/07: One Word: ‘Switchgrass’: Will President Bush emphasize sensible energy ideas, or trendy ones?
12/18/06: Not So Fast: Why Barack Obama may not run
12/11/06: Pelosi's Promise: Will the next speaker live up to her word and clean House?
12/04/06: How Congress put Hong Kong and London in a position to surpass New York as a financial capital
11/27/06: Better Late Than Never: Two Republicans take a stand against profligate spending
11/20/06: Preferences Forever? The University of Michigan's president does her best George Wallace impersonation
11/15/06: John Murtha and Congress' ‘culture of corruption’
11/08/06: Grapes of Rathke: Acorn, a liberal activist group, comes under scrutiny. About time
11/07/06: An hour-by-hour guide to tonight's results
10/23/06: Litigation Day? Control of Congress may be decided in the courts, starting Nov. 8
10/16/06: Staff Infection: The unelected thousands who really run Congress
10/09/06: Staff Infection: The unelected thousands who really run Congress
10/04/06: Trade Secrets of the Presidents: A dispassionate look at what's in store for White House wannabes — Freak Show and all
09/25/06: A Mormon from Massachusetts wows social conservatives
09/25/06: A Mormon from Massachusetts wows social conservatives
09/18/06: Time for a Time-Out? Will the GOP learn its lesson on pork?
08/21/06: Bush's Brain: The president just doesn't communicate anymore
08/14/06: Pushing the Limits: Lawmakers try to extend their terms. Voters balk
08/07/06: The Obstructionist: Sen. Harry Reid is doing his best to produce a ‘do-nothing Congress’
07/31/06: Will the Center Hold? A moderate senator and a far-left congresswoman face tough Democratic primary challenges
07/24/06: Borderline Insanity: By now it should be clear that ‘enforcement only’ won't solve the immigration problem
07/17/06: America's Other Mayor: Michael Bloomberg ponders the Perots and cons of a third-party presidential run
07/10/06: What Mexico can teach the United States
06/26/06: Is Murtha the man to lead the Dems?
06/19/06: Examining the three assumptions of how the Iraqi War is failing
06/05/06: Will the Senate impose race-based government on Hawaii?
05/22/06: Jimmy Carter Is Right: Amend the immigration bill to require voters to show ID
05/15/06: Incumbents under fire
05/08/06: Dems may not be able to win the House, but Republicans could lose it
05/01/06: Not all immigration advocates support today's protest
04/24/06:Cole Fire: Yale is set to ditch Taliban Man and may hire a notorious anti-Israel professor
04/17/06: Meet the Afghan Yale refused to admit
04/10/06: Flirting With Disaster: Will 2006 be for Republicans what 1994 was for Democrats?
04/03/06: Ivory Tower Stonewall: A 9/11 survivor asks Yale to explain why it admitted the Taliban Man
03/27/06: If Yale's president wants to educate a deserving Afghan, I've got just the woman for him
03/20/06: The campus that ran off a Nazi propagandist today welcomes one from the Taliban
03/13/06: Yale official calls Taliban critics ‘retarded’ while the university maintains a stony silence
03/06/06: The Taliban Man at Yale: University officials are embarrassed — but not embarrassed enough
02/27/06: The Taliban's former spokesman is now a Yale student. Anyone see a problem with that?
02/20/06: Regarding Henry: A moderate Texas Democrat faces a primary challenge from the left
01/30/06: The Republican Soul: Tom DeLay's predecessor talks about how to reclaim it
01/23/06: How to Cure Pork — and how big government produced the Abramoff scandal
01/16/06: ‘He's Throwing Away My Dream’: Guess who's blocking the school door now?
01/09/06: Ahnold's ‘Harriet Miers Moment’: Has Gov. Schwarzenegger jumped the shark?
12/05/05 Ahnold's ‘Harriet Miers Moment’: Has Gov. Schwarzenegger jumped the shark?
11/28/05 Power to the People: Washington policy makers stand in the way of sensible energy policies
11/21/05 Pelosi's Poodles: ‘Blue Dog’ Dems go to obedience school
11/14/05 And the Winners Are ...
10/31/05 Internet Rules: The Miers denouncement shows the power of the new media
10/24/05 What Went Wrong: Lessons the White House should learn from the Miers debacle
10/17/05 Judgment Call: Did Christian conservatives receive assurances that Miers would oppose Roe v. Wade?
10/03/05 A TV Show and Its Political Party
09/26/05 A Swamp of Corruption: In Katrina's wake, Louisiana's political culture needs a cleanup too
09/12/05 Hey, Big Spender: FDR and Truman made cuts when crises demanded it. Why won't Bush?
08/29/05 The world is flat — but America is a laggard in the tax-reform revolution
08/15/05 Run for the Border: Dems try to outflank the GOP on immigration
08/08/05 Aloha, Apartheid: A court strikes down a race-based policy in Hawaii, while Congress considers enshrining one
07/25/05 18 Years Is Long Enough: It's time for term limits for Supreme Court justices
07/18/05 Volcanic Politics: Congress considers setting up a race-based government for Native Hawaiians
07/11/05 Property Rights Are Civil Rights: Opposition to the Kelo decision crosses racial and party lines
06/27/05 The American Story: Why failing to teach history is bad for democracy
05/23/05 Gerhard Fall: Anti-Americanism reaches its limit in Germany
05/09/05 The Personal ‘Lockbox’: How to break the logjam on Social Security reform
04/18/05 Compassion, not compulsion
03/28/05 Selective Restraint: Libs cheered when Janet Reno defied the courts to seize Elian Gonzalez
02/28/05 High Taxes Wither Away: Former communist countries lead the way in abandoning progressivity
01/31/05 Rush for the Border: Limbaugh issues a warning to President Bush
01/24/05 If Bush wants to reform Social Security, he'll have to soften his approach to Congress 01/24/05
01/17/05 TiVo la France? Jacques Chirac wants to enter the news biz. The world won't be watching
01/10/05 A stolen election in Washington state? Not if bloggers can help it
01/03/05 The Unsung Maverick
12/27/04 All the Votes Fit to Count: Ukraine gets to revote. Why can't Washington state?
11/22/04 It's time to bring some intellectual diversity to America's colleges and universities
10/26/04 Turnout Titans: Meet the gurus of getting out the vote.
10/18/04: We May HAVA Problem: Will ‘provisional ballots’ be the new chads?
10/12/04: Getting Physical: Union thugs target Republicans
10/04/04: The Producer: Meet Mary Mapes, the crusading journalist behind CBS's current troubles
09/23/04: Ballots or Briefs? In election 2004, the man with the most lawyers may win
09/13/04: I'd Rather Be Blogging: CBS stonewalls as "guys in pajamas" uncover a fraud
08/30/04: Tryout Time: The 2008 presidential campaign gets under way in New York.
08/23/04: Why we're refighting Vietnam: Blame McCain-Feingold
08/18/04: Silence of the Lamb: C-SPAN cancels 'Booknotes'
08/16/04: Louisiana North: Why New Jersey is a pit of corruption
08/02/04: Patriotic liberalism
07/28/04: Caught in the Web: How Democrats mobilized online and other campaign tales
06/28/04: Bad ACTors: If Dems want honest elections, why did a Soros-backed group hire criminals to get out the vote?
06/21/04: This Time, Get It Right: Instead of "lawyering up," both parties should be working to prevent another Florida
06/14/04: Don't Pardon Their French: "Good government" Californians embrace the system that produced David Duke
06/07/04: Freedom's Team: How Reagan, Thatcher and John Paul II won the Cold War
05/25/04: Don't Touch That Dial? Radio hosts worry about the FCC's indecency regulations. What about political speech?
05/18/04: Anger Management: Dems start to realize that a campaign of hate won't beat President Bush
05/11/04: Will Sen. Kennedy turn out to be a political liability for John Kerry?
05/04/04: Buyer's Remorse: Dems start to worry that Kerry can't win
04/27/04: Arlen Specter's personality helps make him vulnerable in today's primary
04/20/04: Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks making laws should be a part-time job. He's right
03/23/04: Bragging of foreign support doesn't win many votes in America
03/16/04: The Vanishing Center: In both political parties, the defense of moderation is no virtue
03/09/04: A JFK-NBC Ticket? If Kerry wants to make things interesting, he'll consider Tom Brokaw for veep
03/02/04: As Virginia mulls a tax hike, all Americans should guard their wallets
02/24/04: Marriage of Inconvenience: Why same-sex nuptials make Democrats nervous
02/10/04: Republican Rot: Is Congress's GOP majority becoming as corrupt as the Democrats were?
02/03/04: Moore Trouble: Alabama's former chief justice may challenge Bush for the Religious Right vote
01/13/04: Rage of a Relic: Paul O'Neill is angry that the world has passed him by
01/06/04: Unintended Consequence: How Terry McAuliffe and James Carville created Howard Dean
09/03/03: The Anti-Dean: Why Hillary opposes the Democratic front-runner
06/27/03: The California jurist who may replace Justice O'Connor
06/02/03: Clinton the Hoover: Bill, Hillary and the Dems' political vacuum
05/27/03: Nerd Nirvana: Students are to the right of the faculty even at the U of Chicago
05/16/03: GOPers gain in the land of Humphrey and Mondale
04/28/03: With the war won, it's time for Bush to master the Senate
04/04/03: Is "diversity" on campus even a goal worth pursuing?
03/05/03: Sunday morning with the BBC
02/28/03: Shut Up, They Explained: If you can censor this, thank a teacher
02/21/03: Unmitigated Gaul: Saddam isn't the only dictator with whom Jacques Chirac is cozy
02/18/03: Growing number of black officials breaking ranks by calling for a more honest approach to race relations
01/31/03: Half and Half: Republicans have achieved parity among American voters
11/11/02: Sobering Thoughts: The GOP's cup runneth over? No, it's half empty
10/31/02: Blue Gray: California's governor answers a Nobel Prize winner with obscenities
10/14/02: Bad Hair Day: Did Montana Dems exploit antigay prejudice?
10/11/02: The kill-everything senate
09/30/02: Schroeder did what it took to win--but at what cost to Germany?
08/22/02: Buh-Bye Bob, So Long Cynthia : No amount of shouting could've saved Barr or McKinney
07/29/02: GOP: Get Over Panic --- Dems are vulnerable on corporate scandals, too
07/17/02: Not Just an Average Joe: A black GOPer may give Rep. Eliot Engel a run for his money
07/15/02: The McCain Mutiny-II
07/01/02: Opening the Schoolhouse Door: The politicians can't stop school choice now
06/20/02: The Body' Bows Out --- American politics will be duller without Jesse Ventura
06/06/02: It's time for President Bush to stand up to California's senators
05/16/02: A Court Intrigue: Procedural funny business in a racial-preference case
05/14/02: Thin moral ice: New revelations from a skater's Stasi files recall an oppressive era
05/09/02: Newark, Zimbabwe!?
05/02/02: Will Terror Leave Us No Choice? Teachers unions try to use Sept. 11 as an excuse for bad schools
04/23/02: The New Nixon? Al Gore plots his comeback
04/16/02: 'I, Uh, I Have No Comment': A union plays dirty in opposing an antitax initiative
03/31/02: Don't Just Do Something, Stand There!: Filibusters can help the Senate GOP get things done
03/14/02: Red-Light District: It's time to draw the line on gerrymandering
02/21/02: Slippery Slope: Can Dick Riordan beat California's Democratic governor?
02/14/02: Reform School: The Shays-Meehan incumbency protection act
02/07/02: Arizona Highway Robbery: Politicians make a grab for campaign cash
01/31/02: Disfranchise Lassie: Even dogs can register to vote. We need election reform with teeth
01/17/02: Dr. King's Greedy Relations: Cashing in on a national hero's legacy
01/10/02: Oil of Vitriol
01/04/02: The little engine that couldn't--and the senators who don't want it to
12/24/01: E-mail and low-cost computers could be conduits for a learning revolution
12/13/01: How Gore could have really won
12/07/01: Let our students keep their cell phones
12/04/01: Why the White House gave the RNC chairman the boot
11/12/01: A Winsome Politician: She won an election in a majority-black district--and she's a Republican
11/01/01: Bush Avoids Politics at His Peril
10/30/01: Cocked Pit: Armed pilots would mean polite skies
10/24/01: Chicken Pox: Hardly anyone has anthrax, but almost everyone has anthrax anxiety
10/11/01: Will Rush Hear Again? New technology may make it possible
10/04/01: Three Kinds of pols
08/24/01: Lauch Out: Who'll replace Jesse Helms?
08/08/01: Tome Alone: Clinton's book will probably end up on the remainder table
08/03/01: Of grubbing and grabbing: Corporation$ and local government$ perfect "public use"
07/31/01: Affairs of State: The Condit case isn't just about adultery. It's about public trust and national security
07/14/01: The First Amendment survives, and everyone has someone to blame for the failure of campaign reform
07/12/01: He's Still Bread: Despite what you've heard, Gary Condit isn't toast --- yet
07/12/01: Passing Lane: Left-wing attacks help boost John Stossel's and Brit Hume's audiences
06/25/01: Man vs. Machine: New Jersey's GOP establishment is doing everything it can to stop Bret Schundler
06/15/01: A Schundler Surprise? Don't count out "the Jack Kemp of New Jersey"
06/06/01: Memo to conservatives: Ignore McCain and maybe he'll go away
05/29/01: Integrity in Politics? Hardly. Jim Jeffords is no Wayne Morse
05/22/01: Davis' answer to California's energy crisis? Hire a couple of Clinton-Gore hatchet men
05/07/01: Prematurely declaring a winner wasn't the networks' worst sin in Florida
04/23/01: How to fix the electoral process --- REALLY!
04/11/01: A conservative hero may mount a California comeback
03/30/01: Can the GOP capture the nation's most closely balanced district?
03/09/01: Terminated
03/06/01: Leave well enough alone
02/22/01: Forgetting our heroes
02/15/01: In 1978 Clinton got a close look at the dangers of selling forgiveness
02/12/01: Clinton owes the country an explanation --- and an appology
02/06/01: How Ronald Reagan changed America
01/16/01: Why block Ashcroft? To demoralize the GOP's most loyal voters
01/15/01: Remembering John Schmitz, a cheerful extremist
12/29/00: Why are all Dems libs pickin' on me?
Dubya's 48% mandate is different than Ford's
12/13/00: Gore would have lost any recount that passed constitutional muster
11/13/00: The People Have Spoken: Will Gore listen?
10/25/00: She's really a Dodger
09/28/00: Locking up domestic oil?
09/25/00: Hillary gives new meaning to a "woman with a past"
09/21/00: Ignore the Polls. The Campaign Isn't Over Yet

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