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Jewish World Review Nov. 26, 2001 /11 Kislev 5762

Don Feder

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Sleepwalking through history -- FORMER Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the destruction of the World Trade Center "a wake-up call from Hell." Not for liberals, who continue to sleepwalk through history.

National security still takes a backseat to a civil liberties obsession bordering on fetishism. Academia's sensitivity storm troopers are vigilant against "offensive" expressions of outrage over Sept. 11.

The College Republicans at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo have come under fire from the multiculturalist mujahedeen for their patriotic posters.

One shows Osama bin Laden on a flying carpet being chased by an F-16. Another has a five-day forecast for Afghanistan; the fifth day, illustrated with a mushroom cloud, is 4,500 degrees and sunny.

Administrator Patricia Harris e-mailed the group's president, Brent Vann, that she was "appalled" by the posters, which were not only "crude and ignorant" but, by "denigrating an entire people," quite possibly in violation of the school's speech code.

As Vann points out, this is a new low in political correctness -- "tolerance for terrorists." We wouldn't want Mullah Mohammed Omar not to feel good about himself. How dare these College Republicans malign the noble Afghans, who let a gang of Wahabi whack jobs turn their country into a terrorist superstore.

The Cal Poly mentality was very much in evidence at the Newton, Mass., North High School on Nov. 9. To help children understand the conflict, the school presented Marxist ideologue Howard Zinn. At a mandatory assembly, Ho Chi Zinn told students our bombing of Taliban forces "put us on the same level" as the World Trade Center killers.

Equating American self-defense with mass murder by Third World thugs was typical Zinn. The former Boston University professor has been an intellectual fifth columnist since the Vietnam War. Nor is it surprising that the liberal faculty at Newton North would think this inveterate anti-American was just the fellow to explain World War III to kids as young as 13.

The foregoing is froth on the sea of liberal inanity. To plumb its depths, consider objections to military tribunals to try terrorists.

The American Civil Liberties Union finds the prospect "deeply disturbing" and claims such courts would contravene values "central to our democracy."

Wouldn't it be tragic if bin Laden or one of his henchmen weren't able to invoke the exclusionary rule? (Were they properly Mirandized by the special forces that collared them?)

The ACLU and its allies on the bench have spent decades constructing arcane courtroom rituals by which innocence or guilt is less important than how the game is played. Not to let some slick lawyer get the architects of the Manhattan massacre off on a technicality would threaten the very foundations of constitutional liberty, they complain.

Self-styled civil libertarians can't comprehend that plotting biological warfare and crashing planes into 110-story buildings around 9 a.m. on a weekday aren't ordinary crimes.

That trying suspected terrorists in open court would compromise intelligence sources and turn the proceedings into a media circus doesn't concern them. To their thinking, justice for thousands of Americans who lie buried under rubble and girders, as well as the security of millions of others, is secondary to protecting the procedural rights of alien killers.

When not combatting anti-terrorist hate speech, liberals agonize over the post-World Trade Center detention of 1,100 suspects from nations with terrorist ties. "Racial profiling," the fetishists fuss, because those detained are all from the Middle East. (I actually heard a television commentator compare it to placing Japanese-Americans in detention camps during World War II.)

Never mind that the Sept. 11 hijackers were all from the Islamic world. It's so unfair to concentrate on jihadland nationals, instead of arresting random Scandinavians and Fiji Islanders to achieve a comforting diversity.

In a column shortly after Sept. 11, I called liberalism America's homegrown suicide cult and the real threat to our nation's survival. Osama bin Laden isn't the only one who deserves to be hiding in a cave, cowering every time he hears a jet overhead.

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