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Jewish World Review May 20, 2002/ 9 Sivan, 5762

Don Feder

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Welcome mat's out for illegal aliens | Incredible as it seems, open-borders advocates are now saying the federal government is responsible for ensuring the safety of those who try to come here illegally.

Last week, the families of 11 Mexicans who died in 2001 attempting to cross the border into Arizona filed a $41 million claim (the first step toward a lawsuit) against the Deptartment of Interior and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

A. James Clark, a lawyer for the families, says the agencies had a responsibility to provide water for illegals in transit.

Since the U.S. Border Patrol shut down points of entry in more populous areas, illegals have taken to trekking through the semi-arid land. "What these agencies knew -- or should have known -- is that by doing this (cutting off easy access), and with a history of deaths in the desert, these people would cross in these dangerous areas," Clark charges.

By extension, Washington should also provide food, shelter, comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen to our uninvited guests. Perhaps the feds could even operate a bus service from the border to points north, so illegals won't risk being run over by semis while hitchhiking.

Clark's claim is based on a premise popular with The Wall Street Journal, the libertarian CATO Institute and Democratic Party -- that everyone has a G-d-given right to live here, and that we have an obligation to facilitate their passage. Thus, if there are foreseeable dangers to said lawbreaking that government does not counteract, the taxpayers are liable.

It's a staggering proposition, but a logical extension of the welcome-mat mentality.

When Californians revolted against the alien deluge and passed Proposition 187 (cutting off most public benefits to border-jumpers), a federal court said, in effect, that taxpayers have no right to protect their wallets from alien pickpockets.

Several states give drivers licenses to illegals. Tyson's (one of the nation's largest poultry proces

sors) is accused of arranging to bring in illegals to work in its plants. Anyone who thought the Bush administration might reassert national sovereignty here, in the wake of Sept. 11, should be vastly disappointed.

In January, Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner James Ziglar addressed the pro-huddled masses National Immigration Forum.

Ziglar repeated the administration's support for more amnesties. "If we can find a way to move illegal immigrants into legal channels, we would enable the Border Patrol to focus on the bad guys coming across the border rather than people coming across to work," the utopian in charge of enforcing the nation's immigration laws declared.

Presumably, the "bad guys" are Al Qaeda agents with applications to flight schools in their pockets.

All of the migrants with sixth-grade educations (who'll end up taking more in public services than they ever pay in taxes), those with communicable diseases, members of the hard-core criminal class (between 1988 and 1994, illegals in California prisons increased from 5,500 to 18,000) and the unassimilable -- these must be the good guys.

Thanks to immigration, America is being transformed overnight. Her people have absolutely no say in the matter.

Immigration has worked its wonders on that quintessentially American state, California. During the last decade, while the state's population grew by 3 million, due to an Anglo outflow, the number of white Californians fell by almost half a million. Of those under 18 (the face of the future), 43 percent are Hispanic. In Orange County, home of Disneyland, a majority speak a language other than English at home.

This is the end result of careful planning on the both sides of the border. Mexico's population grows by 10 million a decade. Its economic policy is premised on the export of its least educated, least skilled, most likely to become dependent to the gullible gringos.

They are also accelerating the reconquest of large parts of the United States. Said former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, "I have proudly proclaimed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important -- a very important -- part of this."

What chutzpah, you will say. But when Mexicans can sue for a lack of watering holes for illegals, clearly, it's working.

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