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Jewish World Review March 22, 2002/ 9 Nisan, 5762

Don Feder

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Moslem rage finds many outlets | Israel isn't the only place non-Moslems are dying at the hands of followers of the religion of peace.

On Sunday, two men walked into a church near the U.S. embassy in Pakistan's capital and tossed grenades at worshippers. Five died, including two Americans -- an embassy worker and her teen-age daughter.

Last October, assassins invaded a church in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, killing 16. Gunmen with automatic weapons stood over twitching bodies firing methodically until the moaning stopped.

President George Bush said he was "outraged" by the Islamabad atrocity. "Acts of murder cannot be tolerated by any person of conscience," the president declared. He could have added, "unless the perpetrators are Palestinians and the victims, Jews."

Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in Israel on Monday with instructions from Saudi Arabia -- end the fighting by rewarding Yasser Arafat's reign of terror.

Gen. Anthony Zinni, Bush's envoy, spent the past week shuttling between Ramallah and Jerusalem, trying to negotiate a one-sided ceasefire. Israel is to desist from further acts of self-defense and withdraw from what the world chooses to call Palestine. In return, Arafat will temporarily curb his killers.

The administration's position here has evolved. In January, after the seizure of Arafat's Iranian arms ship, Israel was allowed to respond to terrorism by taking the war to its source, but with a caveat not to harm one hair on Arafat's head or dismantle his Palestinian Authority.

But now that Arabs must be appeased to build an anti-Saddam Hussein coalition, it's unhelpful for Jerusalem to respond militarily to the slaughter of women and children.

The administration is panting over the Saudi "peace plan" -- by which the Jewish state is to withdraw from biblical Israel (aka, the West Bank), evict 200,000 Israelis from their homes (it's taken for granted that while over a million Arabs will continue to live in Israel, Arafatistan must be Judenrein) and give Arafat the Old City, along with Jerusalem's holiest shrines. In return, Arab states will condescend to recognize what has been a reality for the past 54 years.

Prior to Cheney's arrival, there were more terrorist incidents, including the murder of a high school girl. Still, Bush will not be deterred from arranging a ceasefire that demonstrates to all the world that terrorism pays. In return for 17 months of Kristallnacht with nail-studded bombs, Arafat will achieve his interim goals, including recognition of a Palestinian state before final-status negotiations even commence.

Palestinian statehood will be a milestone, not journey's end. Eventually, the entire Middle East and much of the Third World are to be spiritually cleansed.

For every Jew who's murdered in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, a thousand Christians die in Nigeria, the Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Philippines. Their children are enslaved, their churches are burned to the ground, and their women are forcibly converted.

Apparently, the president isn't overly concerned about the deaths of a few Jews. (As James Baker, his father's secretary of state, is reputed to have said of American Jews: "Bleep 'em. They didn't vote for us.") You'd think that at least he'd care about the genocide of his fellow Christians.

A proposed mosque in Nazareth is a minor manifestation of what the rising Islamic tide portends.

Moslems are seeking to build a mosque in the shadow of the city's Basilica of the Annunciation. The area already has three mosques. But Moslems want to lord it over Christian pilgrims by forcing them to pass what's intended to be a symbol of Islamic dominance. (A sign posted on the proposed site proclaims, "God has no son, and Mohammed is his Prophet!")

The holy war on Zion is also about dominance and submission. Moslems can live in the West in a condition of equality. But Christians and Jews can exist in the Islamic world only as inferiors.

Jews with their own land, their own government, their own army -- in an area code where Mecca is a local call -- excites the same homicidal hatred as Christians praying in Pakistan (a nation that's 95 percent Moslem).

If there is a lull in Arafat's terrorist campaign (on his conditions), the body bags will keep coming. Israel is one front. Like Islam's ambitions, the war has global dimensions. Operation Anaconda may be a success, but Osama bin Laden's Palestinian proxy is winning.

JWR contributing columnist Don Feder's latest books are Who is afraid of the Religious Right? ($15.95) and A Jewish conservative looks at pagan America ($9.95). To receive an autographed copy, send a check or money order to: Don Feder, The Boston Herald, 1 Herald Sq., Boston, Mass. 02106. Doing so will help fund JWR, if so noted. He is also available as a guest speaker. To comment on this column please click here.

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