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Jewish World Review May 26, 2000 / 21 Iyar, 5760

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter
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Choose liberalism -- DR. LAURA SCHLESSINGER, the second most popular talk radio host in America, is creating a major ruckus. Procter & Gamble has already dropped its sponsorship of her radio show as well as her new television show. United Airlines announced that it was scrapping advertisements for her radio show in its in-flight magazine. And the Canadian Broadcast "Standards" Council denounced Dr. Schlessinger's radio commentary, actually recommending that stations censor her.

Dr. Laura, it seems, has referred to homosexuality as "deviant" behavior and a "biological error." Dr. Laura, you see, is an Orthodox Jew. Just for the record, I myself do not happen to be an Orthodox Jew, but I'm still against censoring them. If you don't want to hear the advice of a religious Jew, don't listen to Dr. Laura's show.

I, for example, stopped listening to that cretinous sex addict Dr. Ruth Westheimer after hearing only one of her shows back in 1985. A young man about 14 years old called in saying that he wanted a girlfriend but was having difficulty in that quest because he was confined to a wheelchair for a few years. He was lonely, and clearly wanted someone to pal around with who would listen to his problems and care about his life.

But instead of directing a boy who was already consumed with his infirm body to improve his mind or his soul, Dr. Ruth simply directed him to another part of his anatomy: She advised him to start buying prodigious amounts of pornography so that once he was out of his wheelchair, he could be the best "lover" in the world. (So many women have found that guys obsessed with girlie magazines are really great catches, apparently.)

It was the dumbest and cruelest advice I've ever heard. But oddly enough, it didn't occur to me to demand a boycott of Dr. Sex Addict. If you want the advice of a woman who treats human sexuality like animal husbandry (and can be depended on to advise you to masturbate more), call Dr. Ruth. If you want the advice of someone whose counsel is based on the Scriptures and who will harangue you to be a better person, to stop living with the guy who's never going to marry you, to stick with your wife, or to put your children before the handyman on the side -- call Dr. Laura.

But liberals who claim to love "choice" when they are defending Hustler magazine or infanticide don't want you to have a choice. Or, rather, they want there to be only one choice, and somehow it's always the same choice: godless liberalism.

They demand that all children be educated in government schools and then invoke the apocryphal "separation of church and state" to ensure there is no mention of G-d or religion in those schools. They want a free flow of information in the marketplace of "ideas" when it comes nude dancing, and then burn conservative newspapers and demand conservative writers be taken off the op-ed page. They insist that abortion be respected as one of many "choices," but then sue when family counseling clinics offer pregnant women other choices.

Among the many lifestyle "choices" that must be respected, even celebrated, by society -- such as that of pornographer, vagrant or adulterer -- the one choice that can't get any respect is the choice of a lifetime commitment.

You enter a contract, make a promise before man and God, but then if you or your partner breaches the contract, it's a "private matter," nobody's business, everybody does it, and oh, poor Mayor Giuliani is having a midlife crisis (a midlife crisis that's been going on for about a decade, evidently). This is one choice that can't even be achieved with a contract.

Adultery advocates aren't merely sitting back and opining that monogamy is "deviant" or a "biological error." That you could take or leave, just like Dr. Laura or Dr. Ruth. The media, pundits and adultering politicians are making the lifestyle choice of monogamy impossible to choose, by forever rushing in to excuse the party in breach.

A married president can engage in sodomic acts with an intern on Easter Sunday -- the holiest of all Christian holidays, I need hardly add -- and there isn't a peep out of Procter & Gamble and United Airlines about dropping their corporate support of the churchgoing hypocrite. (Like most companies, both P&G and UAL give large, unregulated donations to political parties.)

There was no corporate boycott from these or any other corporations against the mayor who denied his wife, Donna Hanover, her lifestyle choice, even though she had gotten it in writing.

If corporate America is going to start defending various lifestyle choices, I just wish they'd support the marriage choice as much as they support the homosexuality choice.

JWR contributor Ann Coulter is the author of High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton.


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