Jewish World Review April 26, 2002 / 14 Iyar, 5762

Mona Charen

Mona Charen
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In search of the truth: Questions few will answer |
Where is the universal condemnation of Palestinian war crimes? Why have we heard no protests from the Christian world at the barbarous taking of priests as hostages at the Church of the Nativity? Why, when the press presents emotional accounts of Palestinians unable to reach hospitals because the ambulances in which they were traveling were stopped at Israeli checkpoints, are we never told that many ambulances have been found ferrying bombs and weapons (another violation of the Geneva Convention)?

Where is the outcry about the summary execution of Palestinians "suspected" of "collaborating" with Israel? Why no protests from human rights groups about the Palestinian practice of strapping belts of explosives on children as young as 10 and sending them out as human bombs? Is this not child sacrifice, circa 2002?

Why do those who accuse Israel of "excessive" force against the Palestinians not consider that the easiest course for Israel, if she truly had no compunctions about causing civilian casualties, would have been to attack Jenin and other terror nests from the skies (as we did in Afghanistan), instead of going house-to-house, risking (and losing) the lives of her soldiers?

If the deaths of 70 or so armed combatants in Jenin is sufficient to move the United Nations to investigate the possibility of war crimes, why has the U.N. not been moved by the massacre of 1 million Sudanese black Christians at the hands of their Muslim rulers? How about the deaths of untold numbers of Muslims by the Russians in Chechnya? What about the persistent attacks on Hindus in India by Muslims -- a ghastly firebomb attack on a train full of people (the terrorists locked the doors after torching the train) being one of the more recent examples?

Why has the United Nations never investigated China for gunning down hundreds in Tiananmen Square and killing thousands of others more quietly? Why has the U.N. never investigated Saddam Hussein for gassing his Kurdish population or the Syrian government for the massacre at Hama, in which up to 20,000 were killed in one day?

And why, pray, could the United Nations, as well as Europe and the rest of the world (with the shining exception of the United States of America), never bat an eye as innocent Israelis were bombed and maimed on a daily basis for 18 months to the evident delight of even "moderate" Arab states.

And why, with this despicable record, do liberals continue to hold the "world community" in such awe?

Why could the United States Senate not bring itself to drill for oil in one-hundredth of one percent of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- an area of frozen tundra about the size of Dulles Airport -- even though the region would bring in an estimated 1.3 million barrels of oil per day, about what we currently import from our fine friends, the Saudis?

And why do four out of five American Jews continue to vote Democrat? At the pro-Israel rally in Washington, D.C., Republicans and conservatives -- including (smelling salts please) Christian conservatives -- were well represented. On the op-ed pages and on television news, as the peerless William Safire has observed, it is conservatives who are morally committed to Israel's security and liberals whose sympathies go toward the Palestinians.

National polls show the same thing. Here's the Gallup poll: "Throughout the 1990s, Republicans consistently gave larger margins of support to the Israelis over the Palestinians than did the Democrats." A recent poll found that 67 percent of Republicans support Israel, versus only 8 percent supporting the Palestinians. Among Democrats, only 45 percent support Israel, while 21 percent favor the Palestinians. Among conservatives, 59 percent support Israel, while only 41 percent of liberals say they do. Forty percent of liberals prefer the Palestinians. Fifty-four percent of whites support Israel, versus only 38 percent of non-whites.

Since supporting the Palestinians means winking at the most vile anti-Semitism since Hitler, and since so many liberals seem comfortable doing so, doesn't this trump other issues (like abortion) that cause Jews to vote Democrat? Isn't a reassessment of Jewish political loyalties overdue?

In 1932, publisher Robert Vann recommended that blacks depart the Republican Party. "Go turn Lincoln's picture to the wall," he said. "That debt is paid in full." American Jews ought now to do the same to the picture of the man Vann supported -- FDR. Jews have many old enemies, but some loyal friends among American conservatives.

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