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03/30/06: Where is the outrage?
03/28/06: Game over for Bonds?
03/20/06: Is sleeping hazardous to your health?
03/07/06: ‘The Simpsons‘ Vs. the First Amendmen
02/28/06: U.S. Supreme Court's crazy cases
02/16/06: Spray responsibly: The art of wearing men's cologne
02/14/06: To classify or not to classify
02/10/06: Low-fat diet study: Back to guilty pleasures?
02/09/06: Defending boneheaded celebrities
02/02/06: Media is not an ‘axis of evil’
01/19/06: Should single guys trade their pinstripes for prison stripes?
01/11/06: New Murdering Mom trial a waste of resources
01/10/06: The lovey-dovey pre-nup
12/21/05: Attention Kazakhstan, it's a joke!
12/06/05: Time for more than lip service
12/02/05: Curse of Lady Luck
12/01/05: Why no pre-nup for Nick and Jessica?
11/29/05: No lawsuit in Macy's parade incident
11/23/05: O.J. giving Blake advice
11/22/05: Tailgaters beware
11/17/05: Equal opportunities for female suicide bombers
11/11/05: Owens lacking class
11/09/05: Bush backing the morning after pill?
11/08/05: Homecoming court goes hardcore
10/31/05: Caught red-handed, now mayor is suing
10/28/05: Ted Olson gets my vote
09/21/05: Time to play blame game
08/30/05: Hypocrisy over Holloway coverage
08/25/05: Certain juries do disservice
08/15/05: Take a 360 yourself
07/26/05: Story of selfless heroism
06/10/05: Why I’m tired of the glorification of Hollywood’s bad boys
06/06/05: Is a Jackson conviction likely? A recent mood shift in Santa Maria courthouse suggests, yes
06/03/05: Does doing the right thing make someone a villian?
06/02/05: Sex offender laws: Couey accomplices should pay too
05/26/05: Am I a self-hating lawyer?
05/20/05: Let's not forget about the Lefkow murders and the need to protect our judges
05/18/05: Why journalists should be quick to admit mistakes
05/12/05: Spokane mayor playing blame-the-media game
05/11/05: Lawsuit psychosis now impacting potential good samaritans
05/10/05: A face only a mother could love?
05/04/05: And they will do anything for love...
04/27/05: Curbing sex crimes: It's about enforcement, not more laws
04/21/05: Bankruptcy law overhaul long overdue
04/15/05: Cost of protecting judges competes with pork
04/08/05: PB&J in a jam
03/24/05: Where's the outrage over the Red Lake school shooting?
03/17/05: What the conviction of Bernie Ebbers really means
03/16/05: Citizens are the first line of defense
03/10/05: Italian journalist's hypothesis is absurd
03/09/05: Prosecutors and judges also stand in the line of fire
03/08/05: Prison gives you street cred or celebrity chic
03/03/05: Why Michael Jackson will not be convicted
02/22/05: Missing the goal
02/18/05: CIA: guardian of terrorists
02/14/05: Polanski pulls out all stops to outwit legal system
02/02/05: The Jackson case no match O.J.'s
01/14/05: A little love leads to lawsuit prevention
12/29/04: A rhyme with reason
12/21/04: The Peterson case and satanic cults
12/17/04: Please keep the skies friendly — and cellphone-free
12/13/04: Not all mothers' pain is created equal
12/01/04: Spammers beware
11/22/04: Geneva did not envision urban warfare with terrorists
11/05/04: Appointing a right judge could be the wrong choice
10/28/04: Why the battle over the 9/11 Commission's recommended changes represent politics at its worst
10/27/04: Why it's time to make voting mandatory
10/26/04: Bashing lawyer for sport
10/25/04: Why are the criminal punishments so soft on voter fraud if this could ruin our country's ability to have a fair election?
10/19/04: Our voting system could learn a little something from the NFL
10/18/04: Why you can't copyright a reality show idea
10/14/04: Politicians play on words: Much ado about Bush and Kerry's awkward phrases
09/29/04: Florida is not a Third World nation in need of monitoring
09/27/04: Why many in Britain are giving al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq exactly what they want
08/04/04: Is there a way to make the new national intelligence director position non-political?
07/28/04: Be smart in evaluating candidates, as you would as a juror in court
07/26/04: Dems' request to U.N. embarrassing
07/22/04: What is Michael Jackson's defense team so afraid of?
07/21/04: The newfound lawyering of politics
07/16/04: Time to end the color-coded terror alert system
07/02/04: Outside the courtroom, innocence doesn't have to be assumed
07/01/04: Polls on First Amendment defeats its purpose
06/29/04: Why it's refreshing to see justices of the U.S. Supreme Court looking beyond the marble halls to the impact of their decisions
06/28/04: Why only now is the Saudi Royal Family now seemingly cracking down on al Qaeda?
06/24/04: Why it's nice to see medical associations cracking down on not so expert testimony
06/23/04: Parsing words confuse 9/11 report statements: Are politicians starting to sound like lawyers?
06/21/04: The U.N. again proves it cannot be objective when it comes to the Middle East
06/16/04: Second trial of the Oklahoma City bomber ridicules judicial process
06/09/04: When money talks, celeb defendants walk: High-profile defenses outdo even typically powerful prosecutions
06/07/04: Why it's not always the big bad government that has the edge in criminal trials
06/02/04: Homeland Security should have reign over releasing new terror threats
06/01/04: Keeping it clean: A bizarre bill to make sure new underwear is just that — new
05/25/04: Madonna lets terrorists win
05/21/04: Who is to blame?
05/14/04: Cracking down on bogus degrees in U.S. government: Violators should be punished, but fraud aside, what's important is whether the job gets done
05/13/04: Beheading no response to prison abuses: Buying their rationale would be a terrorist victory
05/12/04: How can we pay abused Iraqis and fail to give frozen Iraqi funds to Americans tortured by Saddam?
05/11/04: It wasn't improper for Gen. Myers to ask CBS to delay the release of the prisoner abuse pictures
05/10/04: Deflecting blame does not help our military or the U.S.
05/07/04: Insurance companies shouldn't discriminate based on the political environment
05/06/04: Why have we been seeing some questionable outcomes when the cover-up becomes the crime?
05/05/04: Jacko behaves in court this time around
04/30/04: Calling accuser a ‘victim’ is within prosecutors' rights
04/29/04: Arab media isn't doing journalism
04/28/04: Why dumping a lawyer can be like ending a relationship: It's the 'promiscuous' parties that are the problem
04/27/04: Tillman was more than a hero
04/26/04: California Supreme Court sends right message to sleazy lawyers
04/23/04: So what exactly is an indictment? Making sense of the latest Jacko court thriller
04/22/04: A pathetic attempt by some defense attorneys to blame the attorney general for their clients' arrests
04/21/04: The terrorists who have succeeded get most of the attention, but there are plenty of them who have failed
04/19/04: Arab media demonizing U.S. troops
04/15/04: A New York judge found not guilty of drunk driving still needs a major credibility check
04/14/04: The release of the August 6, 2001 PDB shouldn't change anything in the blame game
04/11/04: 9/11 Commission should be accepted, no matter what it finds
04/09/04: Making the Enron mess worse
04/08/04: Why was a mistrial granted in the Tyco case? We deserve to know why the legal system failed
04/05/04: Can 'Runaway Jury' be real? So-called "stealth jurors" could be sabotaging the justice system
04/02/04: Judge on trial for drunk driving will likely remain on the bench even if convicted
03/26/04: Those trying to place blame for 9/11 are taking political cheap shots
03/18/04: Palestinian terrorists are using children — where's the outrage?
03/15/04: Let's fight the common enemy
03/12/04: Lawsuits against fast food companies are ridiculous
03/09/04: In Martha case, justice was served, but it wasn't exactly fair
03/05/04: Martha's celebrity friends visit the courtroom: Were they trying to send a message to the jurors?
03/03/04: Bravo to the Israeli Supreme Court
03/02/04: When prosecutors overcharge: Seeing what will stick is not the way to go
02/27/04: Our warped perception of TV: Are you willing to watch a televised execution?
02/24/04: Why term limits for district attorneys make no sense — and why voters should have more confidence in themselves to vote out someone they don't like
02/23/04: Why Martha Stewart shouldn't testify
02/17/04: We need to get over O.J.
02/13/04: Why safety and security have to take precedence over certain environmental concerns
02/02/04: Not the celebrity circus: Why all high profile trials are not created equal
01/27/04: To Kobe and Michael: Playing the race card would be a mistake
01/26/04: Closed jury selection at the Martha Stewart trial makes sense
01/24/04: Being more frugal with the death penalty: Getting it right, more important than getting it often
01/15/04: Stupid warning labels: The death of common sense and responsibility
01/14/04: Because 9/11 did change America: New government proposal on airline screening seems fair
01/13/04: Jury of one's peers: Not to be taken literally
01/09/04: When the truth hurts, lawyers try to close proceedings
01/08/04: Lies, damn lies and those that don't seem to matter
01/07/04: Convicted child murderer's mommy should start accepting some responsibility for son's fate
12/17/03: It's time to stop assuming that the Iraqi people can't fairly try Saddam Hussein
12/15/03: Why the case of 16-year-old convicted murderer highlights the problem with some defense attorneys, to whom the truth is sometimes beside the point
12/11/03: Tweaking Miranda
12/10/03: Why the accused in "Central Park jogger" case aren't falsely accused angels
12/08/03: Lawyers blaming the media
11/20/03: Why it's time to throw out the insanity defense, as we know it
11/14/03: What happens when jurors leave their common sense at the door?
11/13/03: Are the Brits finally learning that the risks of suppressing or banning speech are greater than allowing it and then punishing the violators?
11/12/03: Fairer fare
11/06/03: Why so-called no-nonsense judges sometimes put up with a lot of nonsense
10/23/03: Why the presumption of innocence does not and should not exist outside a courtroom
10/22/03: College kid (in)security maven deserves country's gratitude
10/21/03: If you don't like it, you can drive
10/17/03: Blurring the line in the Kobe Bryant case between what is significant and what is just salacious
10/16/03: Why prosecutors and the judge shouldn't let Kobe's lawyer hijack the preliminary hearing
10/15/03: False bravado from the mayor of New York
10/13/03: The media circus myth
10/10/03: Angry electorate?
10/07/03: Why a recent ruling in the case of Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called 20th hijacker is no cause for concern
10/02/03: Children, guns and political fear
10/01/03: Why you should hold off on thanking politicians for passing and signing the national do-not-call list
09/30/03: A star Ohio State running back is suing to become eligible for the NFL draft
09/25/03: The effort by some law schools to keep military recruiters off their campuses
09/23/03: What a hurricane can teach us about dealing with terrorism
09/22/03: Why I'm tired of criminal defense attorneys in particular in high profile cases complaining about media leaks
09/18/03: How budget cuts nationwide are starving many of the state courts and allowing some criminals to go free
09/17/03: Charging wounded soldiers for food!?
09/16/03: al Qaeda has finally found a media home
09/15/03: Journalists who exposed security threat, now being punished?
08/14/03: The California ‘student council blue light special’ election
08/13/03: Why the Transportation Security Administration needs to start getting it's priorities straight
08/12/03: Let local U.S. attorneys do their jobs
08/07/03: Why it’s time to release the documents surrounding Kobe Bryant’s arrest
08/06/03: Terror warnings do serve a purpose
08/03/03: How even the most pro-Saudi polls still make many of the Saudi people seem like enemies of America
08/01/03: Why is the outgoing president of one of the most influential legal organizations advising attorneys not to represent certain clients?
07/31/03: Class action lawyers get huge fees while their clients get squat
07/30/03: Why it makes no sense to keep the public and the victims in the dark about a key section of the 9/11 report from Congress
03/27/03: Homeland Security update
03/20/03: Did I misunderstand the French?
03/18/03: No longer shielded from reality
03/17/03: Franco-phobic nonsense sweeping the nation
03/14/03: An exception to my "be extra tough on terrorists" rule
03/13/03: Whiner Assad still doesn't get it
03/11/03: What a new deadline for Iraq should really mean
03/10/03: The dishonest arguments against war with Iraq
03/07/03: On Iraq, the administration seems undeterred. It seems, there is no other way out
03/05/03: The so-called human shields in Iraq, now coming back from Fantasyland
03/04/03: Michigan backing off of mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug crimes
03/03/03: Why military tribunals could be the best optione of defining them as military
02/28/03: Is prez signaling a return to the American Bar Association ratings for prospective judicial candidates?
02/26/03: And now the "don't-blame-me" attitude is extending to mass deaths
02/10/03: Avoid politicizing the shuttle disaster
01/29/03: A litany of violations? That Saddam has not disarmed is already a given
01/23/03: Why the feds should not give up on the prosecution of alleged 20th hijacker in a federal court
01/22/03: What was Powell thinking?
01/21/03: Human rights groups still don't get it when it comes to the new war on terror
01/16/03: Yet another reason why we shouldn't trust the Saudis
01/13/03: Why the administration should share intelligence with U.N. inspectors
01/10/03: From a special punishment to a garden variety one
01/08/03: Should victims of a terror attack sue the city?
01/06/03: The "Jackpot Jury" syndrome continues
12/30/02: It's the holidays, let me order my wine!
12/20/02: The judge who dropped the ball in the battle over who owns Barry Bonds' 73rd home run ball, valued at nearly $2 million
12/19/02: Requiring Pakistani and Saudi male visitors to register with the INS
12/18/02: Why many seem to misunderstand Iraq's international obligations
12/17/02: Shouldn't there be a standard for what would trigger a war with Iraq?
12/13/02: Judge Rose by what he did on the field
12/12/02: Manhattan prosecutors making a mistake in the Central Park jogger case
12/11/02: Why our government refuses to fully cooperate in the prosecution of a possible 9/11 conspirator
12/10/02: Hezbollah, not a terrorist organization, says Canada
12/09/02: The world's cynical view of America
12/04/02: Why we need to stop electing judges
11/27/02: Why men should be able to sue women who lie about who's the daddy
11/26/02: Training lawyers to be touchy-feely
11/25/02: The story of a real American hero
11/22/02: In Illinois, academics lawyers, judges hurting their pro-life cause
11/15/02: A close reading of Iraq's letter of acceptance makes it clear that Saddam will almost certainly refuse to live up to its terms
11/14/02: Al Jazeera: A state-sponsored mouth-piece
11/13/02: Should Moussaoui be sent to a military tribunal?
11/12/02: Should human rights activists complain about the detainees' treatment?

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