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Jewish World Review Dec. 5, 2000 / 9 Kislev 5761

Don Feder

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Dems deserve nothing but scorn -- TO HELL with bipartisanship; this is war.

Last week, Vice President Al Gore did not tell us he was tying up the election because of his all-consuming ambition. He did not admit to whining because, even with the extension granted by Florida's judicial activists, he didn't have enough time to steal the presidency. He wasn't going into that good night kicking and screaming because he has no life outside politics.

Oh no, he was doing it, he said, for democracy, because the Constitution matters more than convenience, because -- in America -- every vote must be counted. It was a performance worthy of a man who learned at Bill Clinton's knee.

Three weeks after the election, Gore continues to procrastinate, obfuscate and litigate, while cloaking his desperation in the rhetoric of fairness.

Every vote must be counted -- and recounted and molded and massaged until enough Gore votes can be manufactured to hijack the presidency.

Every vote must be accurately assessed -- behind closed doors, in heavily Democratic counties, by Democratic-controlled canvassing boards. Every ballot must be fairly weighed, except military absentee ballots, which must be thrown out on technicalities, wherever possible.

In their post-election caper (Operation Chad), Democrats are playing by World Wrestling Federation Smackdown rules -- eye-gouging, groin-kicking, win-at-all-costs politics. This is exactly the way they behaved two years ago, during impeachment.

Democratic senators knew Bill Clinton committed perjury and violated his oath of office -- crimes that necessitated his removal. Democracy, the Constitution, the integrity of our legal system -- none of it mattered. Democrats were determined to maintain power at all costs.

Now, they are equally determined to win by any means necessary.

Democrats' post-election endgame is an extension of the slimiest campaign in memory -- where the GOP candidate was portrayed as an imbecile, news of Bush's quarter-century old drunk-driving offense surfaced five days before the balloting and the daughter of poor James Byrd (the black man murdered in Texas) was trotted out to charge that when the governor vetoed an expansion of the hate crimes law it was as if her father was lynched all over again.

After Nov. 7, the party of perjury, no-controlling-legal-authority, Buddhist temple fund-raisers and laundered Chinese campaign contributions did what comes naturally. The initial count didn't go its way, so it insisted on a recount. The machine recount had Bush ahead, so it demanded a hand recount.

When that wasn't enough, the hanging chads had to be counted, then the dimpled or pregnant ballots. An army of shysters, hacks and flacks descended on the Sunshine State to overturn the results of Nov. 7.

Florida's clear statutory law was rewritten by justices of the state's supreme court (every one a Democratic appointee), making a mockery of election rules enacted by an elected legislature. Deadlines were arbitrarily extended, and methods of divination worthy of a psychic condoned.

All of this will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court, a move Gore's lawyers fought frantically. There are actually Republican appointees on the high court.

If nothing else, this election demonstrates that Al Gore has less integrity than Dick Nixon.

When presented with clear evidence of illegality in the 1960 election (not so-called voter confusion, but outright fraud), for the good of the nation Nixon chose not to contest the outcome. For Gore, there is no national interest, nothing higher than his own ambition.

The party of Harry Truman and Hubert Humphrey is dead. That party could fight (witness Truman's whistlestop campaigning in 1948), but it fought fair, it had principles and it knew how to lose gracefully.

In its place is a criminal enterprise -- a gang of legal weasels and language manipulators, sly cynics and devious cheats more than willing to tear down the republic so they can rule over the ruins.

In his remarks last week, Vice President-elect Dick Cheney spoke of the Bush administration's desire to work with Democrats. I hope he doesn't mean it. At this point, the only reason to reach across the aisle is to land a solid sock on the jaw. Consorting with criminals is corrupting.

JWR contributing columnist Don Feder's latest books are Who is afraid of the Religious Right? ($15.95) and A Jewish conservative looks at pagan America ($9.95). To receive an autographed copy, send a check or money order to: Don Feder, The Boston Herald, 1 Herald Sq., Boston, Mass. 02106. Doing so will help fund JWR, if so noted. He is also available as a guest speaker. To comment on this column please click here.


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