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Jewish World Review Oct. 10, 2000 / 11 Tishrei 5761

Don Feder

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Israel should prepare for Armageddon -- IT'S TIME to end the insanity -- not the violence that swept Israel last week (and which will continue as long as Yasser Arafat wills it) but a peace process that is leading inevitably, inexorably to the annihilation of the Jewish state.

The only hope for Israel's survival lies in a complete separation of Jews and Arabs -- including the Arabs who reside in pre-1967 Israel.

The rioting and murders are a natural manifestation of Palestinian nationalism. The Palestinians are dedicated to realizing the dreams of their forbears -- driving the Jews into the sea. Each concession serves as a springboard for the next round of demands. Whatever territory they receive will serve as a staging area for the next war.

Remarkably, even some on the Israeli left are beginning to get it. Writing in The New York Times last Wednesday, Avraham Burg, the Labor Party speaker of the Knesset, confessed: "We who advocated peace are facing an enormous crisis of confidence. The events of the last couple of days make us ask ourselves: Do we really understand what is going on?''

Of course, the hopelessly delusional still believe last week's slaughter was provoked by Likud leader Ariel Sharon visiting the Temple Mount, a site holy to Jews and Moslems.

This ignores the fact that Arafat has been planning the present offensive for months.

This year alone, 25,000 Palestinian kids were sent to paramilitary summer camps, where they learned fun stuff like how to kill Jews. A 14-year-old recruit explained, "We are undergoing military training in order to defend our motherland Palestine, chase out the settlers and return Jerusalem to us.'' And those are the short-term goals.

Indoctrination precedes weapons practice. Palestinian textbooks equate Zionism with Nazism. A sixth-grade primer muses, "Perhaps Allah brought the Jews to this land so they would all be destroyed here.'' On Palestinian television, Islamic preachers regularly exhort the faithful to "kill the Jews'' and expunge the "Zionist entity.''

The latest uprising commenced with coldly calculated murders, like the Israeli officer on patrol with a Palestinian policeman, who was shot and killed by his "partner.'' Tanzim, the militia of Arafat's Fatah faction, was deployed with automatic weapons.

Israel's Arab citizens have joined the jihad. In a nation of 6.3 million, 1.1 million Israeli Arabs constitute a fifth column as deadly as the Palestinians in the territories (1.6 million). Last week, motorists and Israeli cops were fired on by Israeli-Arab gunmen in towns south of Haifa.

Arab members of the Knesset led howling mobs. "Break the hands of the police,'' shouted MK Ahmed Tibi.

When former Interior Minister Natan Sharansky tried to speak at an Arab village in the Galilee on Israeli independence day last May, he was met by hundreds of stone-throwing demonstrators waving Palestinian flags and chanting, "With our spirit and blood shall Palestine be redeemed.''

Arab parliamentarians demand the "dejudaization of Israel.'' One opinion poll shows 71 percent of Israeli-Arabs identify themselves as Palestinians, not Israelis.

The situation is desperate, but as yet not hopeless.

Thanks to the Clinton administration's pressure and the naivete of the Israeli left, Zion has already lost the high ground of the West bank. In places, its strategic depth has been cut to 15 miles. Just weeks ago, Prime Minister Ehud Barak was considering offering Arafat sovereignty over parts of East Jerusalem -- giving Arab terrorists an ideal base for infiltrating the rest of Israel's capital.

The peace process must be abandoned, for it ends in the peace of the grave.

I would tell Arafat the following: What you now control is all you're getting -- not because you have any right to it, but because trying to dislodge you would cost too many lives. But you're not getting another grain of sand or an inch of Jerusalem.

The only business we have left with you is to arrange an exchange of populations. We will take the 200,000 Jewish settlers living on the West Bank, and you will take the Arabs living in what's left of Israel.

Once the transfer is complete, we will build the highest, strongest wall ever conceived between us. We have no more illusions. We know that when you think you're strong enough, you'll come after us. With G-d's help, we'll be ready for you.

JWR contributing columnist Don Feder's latest books are Who is afraid of the Religious Right? ($15.95) and A Jewish conservative looks at pagan America ($9.95). To receive an autographed copy, send a check or money order to: Don Feder, The Boston Herald, 1 Herald Sq., Boston, Mass. 02106. Doing so will help fund JWR, if so noted. He is also available as a guest speaker. To comment on this column please click here.


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