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Jewish World Review Oct. 16, 2000 / 17 Tishrei 5761

Don Feder

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Lieberman conscience resembles a revolving door -- SPEAKING of political whores, Sen. Joe Lieberman could end up having a red-light district named for him.

Lieberman was chosen to give moral credentials to the Democratic ticket. For his rebuke of Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal, the media anointed him the conscience of the Senate. In his first days on the campaign trail, he mentioned God so often he might have been mistaken for Billy Graham.

But the senator has shown himself to be a shameless panderer. In a way, he does help the ticket. Next to him, Vice President Al Gore looks principled.

Today, Minister Louis Farrakhan -- America's most notorious nut case -- has brought his Million Family March to Washington, D.C. Farrakhan is anti-Semitic ("Hitler was a great man"), anti-white, anti-Catholic, anti-Asian, anti- -- well, you name it. And Joe Lieberman practically wants to have his child.

In a close election, the black vote is crucial to Democrats -- and, sad to say, Farrakhan has a following in the community. To become America's first Jewish vice president, Lieberman is willing to condone the sort of demagoguery that led to the Holocaust.

In an interview on a black radio station, the self-styled Orthodox Jew said he was open to meeting with Farrakhan. Regarding the Nation of Islam leader's voter-registration drive, Lieberman declared, "I have respect for him."

The senator's campaign explains that Joe is a bridge-builder. Then would he meet with white racist David Duke? I asked a Lieberman spokesman. "I wouldn't care to speculate on that," the aide replied.

But Duke is no more loathsome than Farrakhan. (Both say they've changed, when it suits their purposes.) The difference is there's no political mileage in courting Klansmen, but votes can be had by sucking up to Farrakhan.

Oh well, at least Lieberman isn't wooing Hamas -- so far. But the senator has yet to criticize the Palestinian jihad, even when it spills the blood of one of his distant relatives.

When an Arab mob demolished the Tomb of Joseph in Nablus on Oct. 7, Rabbi Hillel Lieberman rushed into the flames to rescue the Torah scrolls. The rabbi was abducted and tortured to death by the Palestinians. It seems he was vaguely related to the candidate.

According to his campaign, Lieberman called the rabbi's father to offer his condolences. He did not, however, condemn this calculated atrocity or the desecration of an important Jewish shrine. That would put him at odds with Clinton's Middle East policy, founded on the delusion that Yasser Arafat wants peace.

For votes or campaign contributions, Lieberman is willing to stand on a street corner in fishnet stockings asking if anyone wants a date. At a $4.2 million Hollywood fund-raiser, the senator told the cultural polluters that he and Gore are "both fans of the products that come out of the entertainment industry," and may "noodge" but would never censor them.

As former Education Secretary Bill Bennett points out, this directly contradicts the senator's pre-campaign positions. Then, the industry he now admires so much was "pushing the envelope of civility and morality in a way that drags down the rest of the culture." If Hollywood continues "to market death and degradation to our children ... then one way or another, the government will act," the senator warned.

Lieberman has sold out so often that his conscience resembles a revolving door. In an interview on the "Don Imus Show," he, as first reported here, at, deliberately misrepresented Judaism, claiming it contains no prohibition on intermarriage.

When Imus asked him about the morning prayer where a Jewish man thanks G-d for making him a male, Lieberman replied it's an optional anachronism that he doesn't recite (wouldn't want to offend feminists). Perhaps at this point in the liturgy, Joe inserts his own prayer for gay marriage and partial-birth abortions.

A Sept. 25 Associated Press story speculates this year's race is so tight that the vice presidential candidates might actually be a factor in the outcome.

If so, voters should look beyond Joe Lieberman's saintly facade, to a man who's willing to embrace evil, stand silently while the blood of his brothers is spilled and praise the cultural corrupters -- all in the reckless pursuit of a meaningless office.

JWR contributing columnist Don Feder's latest books are Who is afraid of the Religious Right? ($15.95) and A Jewish conservative looks at pagan America ($9.95). To receive an autographed copy, send a check or money order to: Don Feder, The Boston Herald, 1 Herald Sq., Boston, Mass. 02106. Doing so will help fund JWR, if so noted. He is also available as a guest speaker. To comment on this column please click here.


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