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Jewish World Review August 16, 2000 / 15 Menachem-Av, 5760

Don Feder

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When will American
Jews wake up? -- NO ONE could reasonably accuse Minister Louis Farrakhan of dual loyalty. The Nation of Islam leader is unswerving in his devotion to America's most implacable enemies.

This irony was overlooked in coverage of Farrakhan's weekend press conference, where he questioned whether, as vice president, Sen. Joe Lieberman would be "more faithful to the Constitution ... than to the ties that any Jewish person would have to the state of Israel."

I have problems with Lieberman. (He's middle-of-the-road only if that road runs through Rep. Maxine Waters' backyard. Both received 80 percent ratings from the dogmatically liberal Americans for Democratic Action.) But for Farrakhan to question anyone's patriotism is absurd to the point of being surreal.

The Windy City Ayatollah never met an anti-American tyranny he didn't adore. Take his 1996 27-day thug tour -- a pilgrimage to the shrines of international terrorism.

In the Sudan, Farrakhan denounced America's "unjust plots" against an Islamic government that's slaughtering and enslaving Christian tribesman.

Clarence Page, a black columnist for the Chicago Tribune, accused Farrakhan of turning "a blind eye to reports of slavery in Africa, even when they're thrust in his face."

Touching down in Iran, Farrakhan proclaimed its regime a democracy. An Iranian newspaper quoted the greatest patriot since Nathan Hale predicting, "God will destroy America by the hands of Muslims."

Mutual admiration by Farrakhan and his loathsome hosts peaked in Libya, where Muammar Qaddafi offered to provide $1 billion to fund a Muslim lobby in America. In a 1985 satellite broadcast to a Farrakhan rally, Qaddafi proposed providing weapons to help the minister's followers destroy "white America."

Farrakhan and Qaddafi

To be accused of disloyalty by Farrakhan is a compliment, rather like an Englishman being called a traitor by the notorious Nazi propagandist Lord Haw-Haw.

I only wish American Jews were more committed to Israel's security -- a commitment entirely compatible with loyalty to America. If they were, they wouldn't vote Democratic by lopsided margins.

Without Lieberman on the ticket, Jews would still vote 80 percent Democratic this year, as they have in years past. That is to say, they would give an overwhelming endorsement to the junior partner of a president who's playing Palestinian roulette with Israel's survival to cop a Nobel Peace Prize for himself.

Clinton is the best president Hamas ever had.

When asked at a July 1, 1999, press conference about the so-called Palestinian right of return, the president magnanimously expressed the hope that one day Palestinians could return "home" even to pre-1967 Israel. If that ever happened, millions of Palestinians and their descendants from throughout the Arab world would inundate Israel -- putting an end to the Jewish state.

This administration has never criticized Yasser Arafat for a single violation of the Oslo Accords, including his refusal to honor 45 Israeli requests for the extradition of known terrorists. But it regularly condemns Jerusalem for legal construction of housing in the territories.

Speaking at Tel Aviv University on May 21, Clinton's National Security Adviser Sandy Berger said Arab violence directed at Israel is both a "curse" and a "blessing," because it "constitutes the greatest incentive" to negotiations.

When former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wasn't quick enough to make concessions, Clinton sicced his favorite attack dog on him. On the president's orders, James Carville helped Ehud Barak win the 1999 election.

By contrast, this year's Republican national platform pledges, "While we have hopes for the peace process, our commitment to the security of Israel is an overriding moral and strategic concern." Is the GOP guilty of dual loyalty?

Regrettably, most American Jews will once again vote with their hearts rather than their heads. Instead of casting their votes for Israel's legitimate security interests, they will vote their faith -- not in Judaism or Zionism, but liberalism.

If Gore is elected, Farrakhan needn't worry about the Lieberman's loyalty. Shortly, there may not be any Israel to be loyal to.

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