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Jewish World Review April 28, 2000 /23 Nissan, 5760

Don Feder

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Miami Cubans more American than Bubba or Reno -- THE COMPETITION is over at last. For years, we wondered what picture would come to symbolize the Clinton era -- the smoldering ruins of Waco, the president's shifty-eyed performance as he lied to a grand jury, the House voting to impeach him, bombs falling on Belgrade?

But no, the image that will haunt us more than any other is an immigration storm trooper, in full combat gear, standing in the Lazaro Gonzalez home, pointing a submachine gun at the man holding a terrified Elian. A runner-up would have to be the photo of the child carried screaming from the house in the arms of a furious female agent.

After waiting so long, why did they nab the kid now? Because when they're losing, the Clinton thugs get desperate.

Last week, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against them on every count. It held that Elian cannot be taken from this country while his appeal is pending. Rejecting the administration's position, the court tentatively concluded that a 6-year-old can apply for political asylum and that the INS should take his wishes into account.

Attorney General Janet Reno insists the home invasion was necessary to ''uphold the rule of law.'' But this begs the question. The administration lawfully could have granted Elian asylum, or let the family courts determine custody, or simply have left him in the care of his Miami relatives until the matter was resolved.

Instead, in the predawn hours on the day before Easter, they stormed the Gonzalez home like the security forces of a police state. Clinton has finally convinced me of the case for gun control to this extent: While he and Reno are in charge, no federal agent should be allowed to carry firearms.

When this administration speaks of the rule of law, it's hard not to gag. Consider the way the president perverted the Constitution with spurious claims of executive privilege during the impeachment crisis or Reno's partisan refusal to seek the appointment of a special prosecutor in various fund-raising scandals. House Majority Whip Tom DeLay calls this ''the rule of Reno.''

Clinton is trying to prove something here. The most immoral administration in history is absolutely convinced of its moral superiority. It knows what's best for children. Hasn't it proven its devotion to them with its anti-tobacco and anti-gun crusades? Wasn't child welfare the rationale for incinerating 25 of them in Waco?

Clinton cut a deal with Castro. He pledged to pack Elian back to the gulag in return for Fidel's promise to refrain from sending us the refuse of his prisons and mental hospitals in an election year.

Who are these Miami protesters to stand in the way of Clinton's arrangement with another tyrant? A bunch of Catholics speaking broken English who have a hatred for communism that draft-dodger Bill find incomprehensible.

Clinton has the same revulsion for Cuban Americans that all effeminate men (half men) feel for whole men, and women.

Unlike many Americans, those with the modifier Cuban on their nametags refuse to roll over. They defy Clinton's will loudly and emphatically.

Spurning the niceties of debate, they call him what he is -- a coward and a traitor. They understand the nature of communism. Many of them bear its lash marks on their backs.

The one consistent policy running through this administration is the love it has lavished on Marxists -- food aid for North Korea, diplomatic recognition of the Hanoi regime, chronic kowtowing to Beijing and now doing Castro's dirty work.

How can the Clinton gang -- which carried the Viet Cong flag during anti-war demonstrations and decorated their dorm rooms with pictures of Che Guevara -- not feel contempt for people who insist, with every fiber of their being, that communism is mankind's mortal enemy?

A word to my brothers and sisters in Miami: What you witnessed on Saturday isn't America. Rather, it is the antithesis of America -- the poisonous fruit of an administration at war with this nation's noblest traditions (faith, family and freedom).

Amigos, you are more American than Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Hillary and the rest of that corrupt crowd will ever be. On Nov. 7, you can help us to expunge this latest stain on our national honor.

JWR contributing columnist Don Feder's latest book is Who's Afraid of the Religious Right. Comment on his column by clicking here.


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