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Nov. 30, 1998

Deborah Cymrot On the road
(When you tramp a ride in Jerusalem, you'll never know who'll stop.)

Jonathan Tobin: Good news... and bad news

Nov. 26, 1998

Herb Geduld : Talkin' tukki: How the holiday bird got its Hebrew name

Ted Roberts : Puritans and Israelites: (holiday) birds of the same feather?

Nov. 25, 1998

Marc Kornblatt : Eighth-day angst

Dr. Ruth Kava Be thankful?That golden turkey may give you cancer!

Nov. 24, 1998

Ruth Finkelstein's haunting short story, The Search

Richard Chesnoff Iran's Meddling Is a New Danger for South Africa

Nov. 23, 1998

Stand-up comic Bob Alper on wedding invitations

Nov. 20, 1998

Jonathan Rosenblum Jewish money

Nov. 19, 1998

Jonathan Kellerman: The Spy Left Out In the Cold Too Long

Joe Aaron: My kind of folks

Nov. 18, 1998

Erica Meyer Rauzin : The Downer The Better

Dr. Wade Horn: Problems Develop When Others Do Parents' Job

Nov. 17, 1998

Nat Hentoff: By Grace's G-d

Jonathan Cohen: The Telescope (A MUST-READ!)

Nov. 16, 1998

Phil Jacobs: The Lilttle Kohain

Teresa Strasser: Going Back to Sunday School

Nov. 13, 1998

Joel Bainerman: The economics of Peace

Nov. 12, 1998

Nat Hentoff : What the ADL just doesn't seem to get

Amos Perlmutter: Unfulfilled promises

Nov. 11, 1998

Walter Ruby: Pollard hopeful GOP changes will benefit him

Guard your tongue!: A JWR Aural Torah presentation in Real Audio

Nov. 10, 1998

Comedian Bob Alper: What the mailman brought

Yaakov Stein: Thank you, Margaret, for breaking up with me --- and making me a better Jew

Nov. 9, 1998

Ted Roberts: A South Texas "Schindler"

Nov. 6, 1998

Dr. Laura Schlessinger : We may never realize how we help others (POWERFUL!)

Pauline Dubkin Yearwood: Jews: Touched by angels?

Nov. 5, 1998

Richard Z. Chesnoff : Saddam's a ticking time bomb

Jonathan Tobin : What price free-speech? The legacy of the Rabin assassination

Nov. 4, 1998

Erica Meyer Rauzin : Pinochet --- good for Jews, tragedy for human rights

Nov. 3, 1998

Erica Meyer Rauzin : The Gussacks and us

Hillel Goldberg: Peace for rent?

Nov. 2, 1998

J.J. Goldberg: Dance with them that brung you

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