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Consumer Reports

"Keep your pants up and your underwear out of sight or no service" -- COVEDALE, Ohio (UPI) The Glenway Pony Keg has gone one better on the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" credo.

Owner Linda Keppler, apparently fed up with the popularity of low-rise pants, has posted a notice on the door of her convenience store reading: "Keep your pants up and your underwear out of sight or no service."

"I figured that if shoes and shirts are supposed to be worn in the store, why can't pants be pulled up also," Keppler told WCPO, Cincinnati, on Wednesday. "Some child came in with his pants like that and I said, 'You'll have to pull up your pants before I serve you' and he said, 'Is that the law?' and I said, 'Yeah, my law.'"

Brandon Wessell said he thinks Keppler's rules are unfair. He said he and his friends like to wear their pants low, a style copied from such fashion icons as rappers Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

"You gotta make sure they're clean and not raggedy," said Robert Schirmer, a friend of Wessell's. "You can't be walking around with stains in the drawers."

"I'm tired of people coming into my store exposed in their undergarments, showing off," Keppler said. "I'm just fed up seeing it."

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© 2002, UPI