Jewish World Review Feb. 9, 2004 / 17 Shevat, 5764

Neil Cavuto

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Sign it, send it, be done with it! | I'm not even from Missouri, but I'm a show-me kind of guy.

So this goes out to all you politicians dead set against any of us getting a tax cut.

Give yours back. Right now. Not later when you become president, but now, this very minute, when you're yapping about becoming president. Don't worry, I can wait. Just cut the check, and while you're at it, cut the bull.

You say it's a waste of money; cough up your money.

You say it's not good in our hands; get it out of your hands.

You say it will create deficits in Washington; volunteer a deficit in your wallet.

You say the rich are getting too much of a break; give me a break, and give all of us your dough.

Since you fail to draw any connection between an economy improving and tax cuts coming, I say you should get going.

You want to send a message? I say, send a check. And send it now. To the Internal Revenue Service.

Let those guys know they're better with your money than you are with your money.

Let those guys know you don't trust yourself, but you do trust them.

And let those guys know you speak for all of us guys when you say you don't trust the rest of us guys . . . and gals.

You're essentially saying, "We had the dough and blew it."

You say deficits are back because we got our money back.

Yet you refuse to point out that we're doing great with our bucks. Meanwhile, Uncle Sam can't figure out what to do, so he keeps spending, and we keep chugging, and now you're worried the deficits keep growing.

I'm sure I don't have to remind you that tax cuts don't cause deficits. Spending too much does.

Ronald Reagan proved that when you cut taxes, you actually create more revenue for Uncle Sam. The problem is Uncle Sam then takes that money . . . and spends that money, actually far more than that money, and creates an even bigger mess.

But apparently you politicians who favor that mess would prefer the bureaucracies keep the dough than average people keep the dough. Just a news flash here: it's their dough. It's our dough. It's not your dough.

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But back to your dough. You have a hole burning in your pocket; I say, empty your pocket and keep emptying it. Because if you're naive enough to think giving the government more money will bring any of us more relief, you're a "dough-dough."

But please let it be known that you're the "dough-dough." Not us.

Your dough. Not ours. Your guilt trip. Not ours. Your precious government programs. Not ours.

And your naive, socialistic dreams. Not ours.

Not now. Not ever.

So to the Barbra Streisands and Michael Moores and John Kerrys and John Edwardses . . . and all those who say they can't live with these breaks, give me a break . . . and give it back.

I'm waiting. But I'm not holding my breath.

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Neil Cavuto is managing editor of Business News at FOX News Channel. He is also the host of "Your World with Neil Cavuto" and "Cavuto on Business." Comment by clicking here.


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