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New government office to tell the world about the United States and the country's goals | (UPI) -- President George W. Bush created a special Office of Global Communications Tuesday to better coordinate efforts to tell the world about the United States and the country's goals, the White House announced Tuesday.

The office, created by executive order, would be part of White House operations.

"The president understands the importance of conveying America's message to the world," the White House said in a fact sheet on the new office. "Better coordination of our international communications help convey the truth about America and the goals we share with people everywhere.

"He knows we need to communicate our policies and values to the world -- with greater clarity and through dialogue with emerging voices around the globe."

The White House said the office would draw on the lessons learned during the conflict in Afghanistan, when the United States established Coalition Information Centers abroad to counter anti-U.S. propaganda.

The Office of Global Communications will produce a daily fact sheet sent worldwide to detail key points and daily activities on global issues. It will also hold daily conference calls to administration leaders to coordinate near-term and mid-term communications planning.

It will also coordinate with the U.S. State Department and U.S. Defense Department to respond to "allegations and rumors in the war on terror," the White House said.

"Drawing on the president's outreach to Arab and Muslim audiences, OGC is working closely with the State Department to increase our interaction with existing pan-Arab news media ... and new ways to reach Muslim audiences directly via U.S.-supported broadcasting," it said.

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