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10/06/08: The Palin prejudice

09/29/08: A whole lotta nothing: McCain, Obama offer not even two cents worth of wisdom on bailout

09/26/08: With friends like these ...

09/22/08: America's stress test

09/18/08: Pols duck the truth on crisis

09/16/08: Barack's big blunder

09/08/08: CSI: Politics

09/05/08: Lackluster speech is bad snooze for John McCain

08/28/08: The Dem-olition man

08/27/08: Welcome to the ‘Repair Barack Obama's Image’ convention

08/26/08: New, improved Barack Obama must surface at DNC

08/25/08: New ‘Cheney’ is safe pick as Obama chooses Biden's experience 08/19/08: Russian invasion of Georgia illustrates threat to U.S. global role
08/18/08: Barack Obama blinks in Hillary face-off
08/14/08: Here come The Clintons
08/12/08: The charisma gap
07/17/08: Barack Obama's plan ignores the facts
07/15/08: Will the real Obama please stand up?
06/30/08: Hillary's veep stock is rising
06/23/08: ‘New’ politicians up to old tricks
06/16/08: The greatness of Tim Russert
06/08/08: The most honest speeches Hillary has ever given?
06/05/08: Obama must break with Billary
06/02/08: Obama's perfect liberal instincts
05/27/08: Hillary is her own worst enemy
05/22/08: How Ted earned our respect
05/19/08: Bush's attack found the holes in Obama's national security credentials
05/15/08: Barack Obama's biggest problem now
05/12/08: Hillary Clinton is one sorry sight on her way to defeat
05/08/08: Get ready for history in the making
05/01/08: The more you know about Wright, the more you doubt Obama
04/29/08: No debate about it: Clinton's a bully
04/28/08: Obama's race talk off point
04/23/08: For proof the race is nonsensical, see the Dems' Iraq plans
04/18/08: Obama's honeymoon over, and it shows
04/17/08: Dems enter the dead zone
04/10/08: Next President can't win in Iraq
03/31/08: Barack Obama, our new appeaser
03/24/08: Dems' run for President now a train wreck
03/20/08: Doubts about Obama are piling up faster than he can talk them away
03/04/08: Hillary's last stand — or Obama's final attempt at a knock-out?
03/03/08: The general election ain't over just yet
02/29/08: Too much whining ruined whatever points Hillary Clinton scored
02/25/08: Hillary Clinton: Positively unpresidential
02/19/08: Hillary and neocons use the same playbook against Obama
02/18/08: Bloomberg's one ‘L’ of a candidate
02/14/08: Obama's truth sets us free
01/31/08: Hil needs a magic moment
01/30/08: The tide has shifted again dramatically in the Democratic race
01/28/08: Rudy Giuliani couldn't overcome his pro-choice stance — and GOP losing out
01/25/08: Happy talk is a sad policy
01/22/08: Washington's remedy for economic woes is trips to the mall
01/14/08: Women trivialize politics by rushing to Clinton in the tracks of her tears
01/08/08: President Obama? At the very least, he's certainly no race huckster — and that's why they haven't embraced him
01/07/08: What Hillary still hasn't learned
12/31/07: The democracy delusion
12/24/07: It's about Hillary, stupid
12/19/07: Hillary and Rudy are struggling to stay front-runners
12/04/07: Giuliani's last hurdle to nomination is his messy family saga
11/29/07: Gates offers a better idea
11/27/07: Hillary has only herself to blame
11/19/07: Despite a mortal terrorist threat against America, Dem contenders see no evil
11/12/07: Oh man, Hillary Clinton's got guy trouble
10/18/07: Now, Rudy's integrity test
10/11/07: Thompson shows he's no joke
09/25/07: Now playing left field ... Hillary's refusal to condemn attacks on Gen. Petraeus is unpresidential
09/19/07: Silence far from golden when a Prez wanna-be is afraid to talk the talk
09/12/07: The battlefield shifts: Petraeus brings the facts, but some Dems can't handle the truth
09/10/07: Lack of urgency may catch U.S. off guard the next time
08/20/07: Obama's last stand
08/07/07: Voters are probably distracted, but they shouldn't be fooled
06/21/07: Bloomberg lauds honesty, but finds it hard to be truthful
06/19/07: The wrong game plan: Rudy's terror strategy ignores the fact that offensive tactic failing
06/07/07: Edwards wins with 1 word: Leadership
05/31/07: A weak power play: Bush's victory on war funding vote is solely political win that may not last
05/22/07: Too rich to relate? Presidential wanna-bes enjoy highlife as most Americans struggle
05/17/07: Rudy's new best friend
05/14/07: An idea to write home about
05/10/07: As Hamas grooms next generation of killers, the world must wake up and stop pacifying foes
05/07/07: Rudy must play catchup: Debate waffle on abortion could make him toast
05/04/07: Honesty is best policy: Pols' lip service smacks of insincerity
05/02/07: Reality bites the Dems
04/30/07: Obama wins Round One on points — just barely
04/27/07: Obama needs a second act
04/06/07: No way I'd bet against Clinton
03/29/07: From the ashes, a legacy: 9/11 family refuses to be bitter, turning a tragedy into an opportunity to do good for others
03/27/07: The fantasy of Gore running again is just the latest delusion from a party with plenty
03/19/07: The two faces of Hillary
03/12/07: Dems' deadline will surely damn the U.S. and proves pols have no idea how to win
03/01/07: Plot to kill Cheney latest sign U.S. is weak, divided in an increasingly dangerous world
02/13/07: Just shut up and vote
02/05/07: Who should win the Senate's tug of war
02/01/07: Hillary's Big Lie grows
01/25/07: When the general tapped to lead the troops has doubts, the plan may already be doomed
01/23/07: Show me
01/22/07: No way Hillary's strategy will win
01/19/07: Senator's push for unity threatens Prez wanna-bes who divide to conquer
01/11/07: Give Bush a chance: Voters are willing to see if he'll get it right on war
12/29/06: It's an up-Hil battle
12/13/06: Let's not lose the next war
12/07/06: Opening the Gates to unity
12/05/06: The hollow man: U.S. leaders need to consider that Maliki just may be the wrong man for Iraq
11/28/06: Paradise lost
11/24/06: A big lesson in unfair lawsuit
11/20/06: The U.S. needs to give up the fiction that Baghdad can save itself
11/16/06: Dems jump gun on Iraq
11/13/06: The rise of the Mommy Party
11/09/06: Full speed sideways : Rumsfeld boot shows Bush ready for real change in Iraq
11/06/06: Hillary's magic number: With a weak opponent and partisan wind at her back, she needs a big victory to boost White House hopes
10/19/06: Dim the Friday night lights
10/09/06: Future schlock
09/28/06: Hil, it's time to muzzle Bill
09/21/06: Imagine the world without the United Nations
09/14/06: W's firm stand has foes shaky
08/28/06: Just one dog in the hunt
08/21/06: The terror kings win: Garnering neither respect nor fear, Israeli loss is a U.S. defeat, too
08/14/06: Dems' dangerous drift: Lieberman didn't leave the party — it left him
08/07/06: As Hil rips Rumsfeld, both parties sound prepared to accept defeat: Different positions of Iraq are legit — but do more than complain
08/04/06: Dems in full retreat
07/27/06: Iraq's last chance: More troops may help, but Bush needs luck
07/24/06: Give war a chance: Hezbollah starts a fight, so it's time to teach terror a lesson
07/20/06: Arab world's awakening brings hope
07/17/06: In search of a dateline
07/13/06: Derail this deathtrap
07/10/06: It's WWIII, and U.S. is out of ideas
06/26/06: Give Dem '08 hopefuls a D — for defeatism
05/03/06: Blood brothers
05/23/06: The mouth that roared could stymie Dems
04/18/06: Frustrated generals want Rummy axed, but it would come with a price
04/12/06: Bipartisan border betrayal
03/31/06: We're getting ripped off
03/23/06: For Bush, too late for talk
03/14/06: Security Job One for '08
03/09/06: Will's follies go on
02/06/06: Dems are blowin' it
01/23/06: Wacky puppeteers pulling political strings
01/19/06: Hil's slip is showing
01/10/06: Dean digs Dems a hole
12/08/05: Dean digs Dems a hole
10/24/05: Still not on track
10/20/05: She's already failed
10/13/05: Feds leave N.Y. hanging
10/10/05: No sale
09/22/05: Sorry, Dems
09/08/05: Don't blame only feds
08/15/05: Dem silence is deafening
07/14/05: Civil War, D.C.-style
07/11/05: No separate peace
06/27/05: We need straight talk from W
06/20/05: Towering troubles
06/13/05: Howard and Hillary sing the same tune
05/09/05: Monumental failure
05/02/05: Bush is down, not out
04/14/05: Bubba is still the mouth that roars
04/11/05: See Rudy. See Rudy run.
04/04/05: Man of faith's final lesson
03/22/05: Hearing — it must have been a plot
03/15/05: Steroid probe may make for longest season
03/10/05: Rather's running of the bull
02/21/05: Jason must be dumped: An open letter to Steinbrenner
02/07/05: Dean ‘The Scream’ is Dem gravedigger
01/27/05: Hil's abort talk puts '08 run front & center
01/24/05: The growth factor
01/20/05: Self-demolishing Dems
01/17/05: Just say goodnight, Gunga Dan
01/10/05: ‘Dems Gone Wild’?
12/29/04: Scoundrel year
12/27/04: Call off the scalp hunt
12/13/04: Life catches up to Bernie
11/25/04: Dan's fall is Nixonian: Rather's smearing of his critics was even worse than the bogus hit on W
11/23/04: Forget about Bubba: Clinton still craves the spotlight, but he's no longer relevant
11/18/04: Prez, by ignoring race, makes racial history
11/08/04: Bush won — get used to it
10/29/04: This isn't an election, it's a living nightmare
10/27/04: Why Teresa Heinz Kerry is such a flake
10/14/04: Kerry's scary on terrorism: Unchanged by 9/11, he says, and no real ideas about what to do
10/05/04: The Big Mo still looking for its lover
09/28/04: What we're up against: The war on terror & the war in Iraq are now one and the same
09/14/04: Media bias is doing nation a disservice
08/18/04: Kerry confusion will soon be unforgivable
07/29/04: Why are the wackadoos still dear to Dems' hearts?
07/21/04: Kerry couldn't say no: Hillary waffle was just part of a wimpy week

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