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Jewish World Review March 8, 1999 /20 Adar 5759

Cal Thomas

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The ‘lady' is a tramp

( LET'S BEGIN WITH SOME DEFINITIONS. Tramp: "A woman of loose morals.'' Slut: "a lewd woman.'' Lewd: "evil, wicked; sexually unchaste or licentious.''

Monica Lewinsky: all of the above.

The two-hour Barbara Walters interview on ABC shows what happens to a life uncontrolled by an immutable moral code. Monica Lewinsky flits from man to man, as she might choose food in a buffet line. She has sex with whomever she pleases, aborting the consequences, whether they be an unborn child or the man's wife, while processing her own "feelings'' of poor self-esteem. There is rarely a concern about objective truth because her emotions are her guide. But feelings can never satisfy, and so she never finds what she's searching for, which is real love and contentment.

Lewinsky -- coiffed, painted, coached and at times poised -- tried to present herself as the girl next door. Only if the house next door is a bordello.

It was clear from the beginning of the interview that this is a self-absorbed kid in a woman's body. Only her pleasure was paramount. If a wife or child got in the way, it was too bad, though she now "regrets'' it and is "sorry'' (I'm so tired of that overused word which in its present form is exculpatory rather than representing true repentance and contrition). Let the devil take tomorrow. Monica needs help making it through her never-ending night.

Phone sex is "fun,'' Barbara. She seemed to imply Walters should try it. Tee-hee!

This wasn't an affair to remember. It was a series of "quickies'' designed to sexually satisfy the president and, Lewinsky said, her. It required nothing else. For the first half-dozen encounters he didn't even know her name.

She says he gave her "hope'' that he'd leave Hillary for her. That's one of the oldest lines a married man uses to get a woman to submit to his sexual come-on. But perhaps, like the president, she also believes in a place called Hope.

Lewinsky said that Chelsea is the "most precious thing to him.'' No man who regards his daughter so highly would do what Clinton did because it diminishes him in his daughter's eyes.

Lewinsky claimed that Clinton's "religious upbringing'' caused him to sometimes "hold back.'' What religious upbringing? His stepfather was an alcoholic and his mother's version of the trinity was the Trifecta.

One searches in vain for a temptation Bill Clinton led himself into where he sought and received deliverance. No wonder he can sing "We shall overcome'' with the best of them.

In her book, Lewinsky said the president confessed to her that he's been a serial liar since he was a small boy. This is not news.

Barbara Ledeen of the Independent Women's Forum told me, "A normal man does not do this.'' Apparently it was Monica's idea of normal. Exposing her thong underwear was "a dance,'' she chirped. Dirty dancing, perhaps. He's a "good kisser,'' she told us. They were "sexual soul mates,'' according to her. Unredeemed souls. He was "sweet about my weight,'' asking if she had lost some. What she, and he, had lost were their minds.

Other Lewinsky insights into the president included: "I don't think the relationship hurt the job he was doing or I was doing.'' It just dishonored his office and marriage vows. Aren't they part of "the job'' of any leader?

"It's difficult to be president of the United States,'' intoned Monica the historian. "Sometimes you need a piece of normalcy.'' If Lewinsky considers what she did in the White House a piece of normalcy, God help us all.

This entire episode is Fantasy Island run amok. Expect Lewinsky to soon have her own cable television show with guests who will show up because they also need to sacrifice themselves to the celebrity gods.

A newspaper reporter once asked Xavier Hollander, "The Happy Hooker,'' the difference between what she did and what the reporter's mother used to call a tramp.

That's the one question I wish Barbara Walters had asked Monica Lewinsky.


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