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07/19/06: Lebanon: The Only Exit Strategy
07/14/06: Why They Fight: Time to fact-check conventional wisdom
07/07/06: Emergency Over, Saith the Court
06/30/06: Amnesty for Insurgents? Yes
06/23/06: Why I Love Australia
06/16/06: The Palestinian disease: Who Is to Blame for Grief on a Beach?
06/09/06: A ban we don't (yet) need
06/05/06: Beer, hot dogs — and 'roids?
05/26/06: Say no to Tehran's gambit
05/19/06: Why Is Border Security “Conservative”?
05/12/06: Sparing Moussaoui for the wrong reasons
05/05/06: Never Again?
04/28/06: Say it with me: Supply and Demand
04/21/06: The generals' dangerous whispers
04/17/06: Immigrants must choose
04/07/06: First a wall — then amnesty
03/27/06: Fukuyama's fantasy
03/24/06: Of course it's a civil war
03/17/06: Pandora and Polygamy
03/10/06: The Kurd Card
03/03/06: Oscars for Osama
02/24/06: A Dubai finesse
02/17/06: Quell Quailgate: Cheney's Call Was Wrong but Understandable
02/10/06: Curse of the Muslim moderate
02/03/06: The essential first lesson of any newborn democracy is that national choices have national consequences
01/25/06: Marcel, my brother
01/18/06: The Iran Charade, Part II
01/13/06: Hollywood ignoramus Spielberg gives flesh to the argument of a radical anti-Semitic Iranian
01/06/06: Sharon was going to bring stability to Israel
12/23/05: Impeachment nonsense
12/16/05: In Iran, Arming for Armageddon
12/09/05: Man for a Glass Booth
11/25/05: Sweet Land of Giving
11/11/05: Pump some seriousness into energy policy
11/04/05: Distorting Sam Alito
10/28/05: Cold-blooded and wrong-headed on Iraq
10/21/05: Miers: The Only Exit Strategy
10/14/05: A Flu Hope, Or Horror?
10/07/05: Withdraw this nominee
09/30/05: Bad Choice for an Antiwar Voice
09/23/05: China's Moment
09/16/05: Roe v. Roberts
09/09/05: Where to Point the Fingers
09/02/05: A Sensible Iraqi Constitution
08/26/05: The Stakes After Gaza
08/19/05: Israel surrendered because it has no peace partner
08/12/05: Situational libertarianism
08/05/05: Cell Lines, Moral Lines: Research Should Expand — With a Key Limit
07/29/05: Give Grandma a Pass: Politically Correct Screening Won't Catch Jihadists
07/22/05: Roberts is no Scalia
07/15/05: Europe's Native-Born Enemy
07/08/05: Philosophy for a judge
07/01/05: Shelve this deadline
06/24/05: A Party Without Ideas
06/17/05:Assimilation nation
06/10/05: From Thomas, original views
06/03/05: Gitmo Grovel: Enough Already
05/27/05: Profiles in Flinching
05/13/05: Nuclear? No, Restoration
05/06/05: The Same old saw on Social Security
04/29/05: In the Public Interest
04/22/05: Judicial insanity
04/15/05: Suffering a relapse, and loving it
04/04/05: The power of faith
04/01/05: Syria and the New Axis of Evil
03/23/05: Between Travesty and Tragedy
03/18/05: What's Left? Shame
03/11/05: Thou Shalt Not Create
03/04/05: The Road to Damascus
02/28/05: Sharon is competent
02/18/05: 2042: A Fiscal Odyssey
02/12/05: Why the ‘Palestinians’ came to the table
02/04/05: Free to dance in Iraq
01/28/05: Rice and Democratic politics
01/21/05: Tomorrow's threat
01/14/05: Rather biased
01/07/05: The ‘Zionist enemy’ — and her supporters — is in denial yet again
12/24/04: Discoveries, real and imagined
12/17/04: Just Leave Christmas Alone
12/10/04: The Afghan Miracle: Why isn't this stunning U.S. success appreciated?
12/03/04: Why Only in Ukraine?
11/29/04: A Fight for Shiites
11/12/04: 'Moral Values' Myth
11/05/04: Using all of a mandate
10/29/04: The ‘evolved’ candidate
10/11/04: Terrorists' candidates
10/04/04: The Vietnamization of John Kerry
09/24/04:The art of losing friends
09/20/04: Nowhere Left to flop
09/10/04: Kerry the spectator
08/27/04: The pressure-cooker theory
08/20/04: A better defense
08/13/04: Muffing the Bounce
08/06/04: Muffing the Bounce
07/23/04: Axis of Evil, Part Two
07/09/04: U. N. will go to any length to condemn Israel, including enabling murder
07/09/04: It's a new world and exceedingly dangerous — everything's at stake
07/02/04: In Defense of the F-Word?
06/25/04: Iraq on historic track
The smallness of a man who grantedequal valence to his own indulgences on the one hand and to the fate of nations on the other
06/18/04: Israel's Intifada Victory
06/04/04: Iraq on historic track
05/28/04: Parenthesis to history
05/21/04: Tax and drill
05/14/04: The Abu Ghraib panic
05/14/04:This war is also about — deeply about — sex
04/30/04: The Real Mideast ‘Poison’
04/23/04: Kerry adrift
04/16/04: This Is Hardly Vietnam
04/09/04: How the times have changed
04/02/04: Phony apology
03/26/04: Sept. 11, lies and ‘mistakes’
03/19/04: Spaniards capitulating
03/12/04: Shooting French in a barrel
02/27/04: NOT AGAIN! Revolution by Fiat
02/20/04: GOPers turning ugly?
02/13/04: The Other Shoe
02/06/04: After Sept. 11, It's Veterans Day
01/30/04: What Kay really was saying
01/23/04: Paradise Lost
01/16/04: A modest proposal
01/09/04: Why We Are Safer
12/26/03: How is it possible to ignore the Iraqi war's most blindingly obvious collateral benefits?
12/19/03: Killing him softly
12/12/03: Gore the Kingmaker
12/05/03: The delusional Dean
11/28/03: Geneva sellout
11/21/03: Man vs. Computer: Still a Match
11/14/03: "Master and Commander": Success On the High Seas
11/07/03: The perfect liberal storm
10/31/03: War by Car Bomb
10/24/03: Lay off Easterbrook
10/17/03: Perfect games
10/10/03: WMD In a Haystack
10/03/03: Our Instant Experts
09/12/03: Ted Kennedy, losing it
09/12/03: Dems and nation-building
09/12/03: Yet another missed opportunity
09/05/03: Dean's passion, and his problem
08/29/03: A Judge Prejudged
08/01/03: On Killing the King
07/25/03: Middle East: The Realities
07/18/03: Why Did Bush Go to War?
07/11/03: Liberal Democrats' Perverse Foreign Policy
07/04/03: Courting a Crisis of Legitimacy
06/27/03: No 'Roe' replay on affirmative action
06/20/03: Energy Fix: Pump the Oil, Raise the Tax
06/13/03: Hoaxes, Hype and Humiliation
06/09/03: Shades of Oslo
05/16/03: Iraq: A moral reckoning
05/09/03: The Roadblock on the Road Map
05/02/03: The Shiite 'menace'
04/22/03: Syrian power play
04/21/03: Lift the sanctions now
04/10/03: Killing a regime, not a people
04/04/03: Plan B -- for Baghdad
03/28/03: This shrink finds the media bipolar
03/21/03: Don't Go Back to the U.N.
03/12/03: Mr. President, call the Vote. Walk Away.
03/07/03: A place for temporary appeasement
02/28/03: Absurd UN is trying to make America a laughingstock
02/21/03: Old vs. New Europe isn't new
02/13/03: Bracing for the Apocolypse
02/04/03: It's time to dream higher
01/31/03: U.N., R.I.P.
01/24/03: No turning back now
01/17/03: Korea follies
01/10/03: Powell and Bush at cross-purposes?
01/03/03: It's time to share the nightmares
12/27/02: The Pariah Chess Club
12/19/02: Lott fiasco exposes conservative split
12/12/02: A clear choice of words
12/06/02: Violence and Islam
11/22/02: The bold road to NATO expansion
11/15/02: The Window of Legitimacy
11/08/02: The uses of political courage
11/01/02: We're going wobbly
10/25/02: The Clinton Paper Chase
10/18/02: Call their bluff
10/07/02: What Good Is Delay?
10/04/02: The myth of 'U.N. support'
09/27/02: Gore's glass house
09/20/02: Is This the Way To Decide on Iraq?
09/17/02: Fictional rift
09/11/02: Year One
09/09/02: Remembrance and resolve
08/19/02: Kidnapped by the Times
08/16/02: Invoking The Hamdi Rights
08/12/02: Open season on Cheney
08/05/02: 'Disturbed Nerd Chic'
07/29/02: Speaking of stupid liberals, angry conservatives
07/22/02: Parsley and Pride
07/15/02: When modern medicine fails
07/08/02: The Strike That Will Kill Baseball
06/28/02: Peace through democracy
06/20/02: The mendacity that pollutes Middle Eastern discourse, or,: How to guarantee more violence
06/14/02: Troubled, but Not Terrorized
06/07/02: Why didn't they call the cops?
06/03/02: A Token for Russia
05/24/02: NATO is dead. Long live NATO
05/16/02: Two can play the aggression game, but only one will win: Wake-up "Palestinians"
05/13/02: Cloning debate is not another monkey trial
05/10/02: Kofi's Choice: The U.N. secretary general gets entangled in l'Affaire Sommaruga
05/03/02: Jenin: The Truth
04/29/02: Europe and 'Those People'
04/22/02: We can't blow it again
04/12/02: Lebanon: The Fuse for Armageddon
04/08/02: Banish Arafat Now!
03/27/02: Arafat's Harvest of Hate
03/25/02: They splutter through the war
03/18/02: I would have acquitted Andrea Yates
03/07/02: Saudi peace sham
03/04/02: Who Cares What Europeans Think?
02/20/02: Who Needs Gold Medals?
02/15/02: The other Enron story line
02/11/02: Why Arafat must go
02/01/02: Redefining the War
01/28/02: The Jackals Are Wrong: Terrorists? Yes. Prisoners of War? No Way
01/21/02: America, Battle-Tested
01/12/02: Ship Of Truth
01/07/02: Where power talks
12/19/01: We don't peacekeep
12/17/01: Unilateral? Yes, indeed
12/07/01: Sharon flinches
12/30/01: Victory changes everything
11/26/01: The silent imams
11/13/01: Now is not the time to stop 'rolling'!
11/09/01: War and the Polar Bear
10/31/01: Not enough might
10/26/01: Anthrax: The new AIDS?
10/19/01: And the winner is?: State Department v. Defense Department
10/12/01: A humanitarian war
10/05/01: The threat is unique, but so is the moment
09/28/01: The War: A Road Map
09/24/01: Voices of moral obtuseness
09/12/01: This is not crime, this is war
09/10/01: Still aiming for the stars
08/24/01: No lock, no box
08/16/01: Mideast Violence: The Only Way Out
08/13/01: A Vacation Bush Deserves
07/30/01: A nightmare of a bill
07/24/01: Quite Simply, the Best Publisher
07/13/01: Affirmative Action Fails Again
07/09/01: If he only had a heart ...
07/02/01: Life in the balance
06/20/01: "Remember George, this is no time to go wobbly."
06/18/01: The campaign to undo FDR
06/11/01: The New Unilateralism
05/29/01: Left turn ahead?
05/21/01: Land Without Peace: Why Arafat will not stop his war
05/14/01: Dense on Missile Defense
05/07/01: The Bush Doctrine
04/30/01: Use the surgeon general post to help nation debate biotechnology issues
04/27/01: What happened to The Powell Doctrine?
04/20/01: Two Very Sorries
04/13/01: Two Very Sorries
04/10/01: How to solve the reparations problem
04/02/01: Conflict to quagmire
03/26/01: McCain's costly crusade
03/19/01: Keepers of the JFK copyright
03/12/01: The trouble with trials
03/05/01: Clinton haters? It's the pardons, stupid
01/26/01: How Israel will survive
01/20/01: Forget conspiracies on power, air problems
01/12/01: Meet Barak's legacy
01/22/01:Tale Of Two Presidents
01/22/01: Disqualified by His Religion?
01/15/01: Middle East madness
12/29/00: Bush's to-do list
12/22/00: Bipartisan blather
12/18/00: Defenders of the Law
12/08/00: Myths of chad
11/27/00: No more rule rewrites
11/17/00: Not by hand
11/13/00: Democracy and Legitimacy
11/06/00: Why Bush will win
10/30/00: Realities of war
10/23/00: Arafat's strategy
10/16/00: The Sleepwalkers
10/06/00: Arafat's War
10/02/00: Slanted to the Left
09/25/00: A Political Lite-Year
09/18/00: Barak's Last Chip
09/11/00: When Liberals Get Religion
09/05/00: Humbled by the Hayden
08/28/00: Man for All Seasons
08/14/00:... Back to the Future
07/31/00: The WWII Memorial: Inadequate and Out of Place
07/19/00: Camp David: Finality
07/12/00: The Oslo Interlude
07/10/00: Buchanan's Gift To Bush
07/03/00: Hafez Assad's Mourners
06/19/00: Hafez Assad's Mourners
06/12/00: Missile Defense Destiny
06/05/00: Let Peacekeeping Rest in Peace
05/30/00: Bush On Track
05/22/00: A Palestinian 'Peace'
05/15/00: Motherhood Missed
05/08/00: Regis Rules!
04/28/00: The Picture
04/24/00: Beware a Clinton Arms Deal
04/17/00: Cold War Kid
04/10/00: Our Russian payload
04/03/00: The Path to Putin
03/27/00: Red Cross Snub
03/20/00: A Nation of Oil Addicts
03/13/00: McCain in 2004
03/06/00: McCain off course
02/28/00: Profile in Courage
02/16/00: Europe's Austria Hypocrisy
02/14/00: A Winner? Yes
02/07/00: Politics in a Golden Age
01/31/00: Why Elian Should Stay
01/21/00: A Network Sellout . . .
01/14/00: Screwball Psychologizing
01/07/00: Desperately Seeking a legacy: Peace of the Anti-Semites
12/10/99: Born to Run
12/03/99: Keep Bubba home --- and his mouth shut
11/29/99: Not for Moi, Thanks
11/19/99: Where's the 2000 Buzz?
11/12/99: Reluctant Cold Warriors
11/08/99: Federalism's New Friends
10/29/99: The Phony Battle Against 'Isolationism'
10/25/99: Still With the Soul Of a Candidate
10/18/99: Nixon On the Couch
10/11/99: Slouching Toward The Center

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