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Jewish World Review May 13, 1999 /27 Iyar, 5759

Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg
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This war will end --- or spread

(JWR) ---- (
AT LAST THE POWERS that cunning be in Communist China have found a mass protest they can not only permit but even promote: the march of mobs on the American embassy in Beijing, and on Western consulates in general.

The reason, or at least the occasion, for this sudden but scarcely spontaneous outburst is the bloody bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. That attack, it seems, was both highly accurate and highly accidental. What should have been a warehouse full of arms turned out to be the Embassy of the People's Republic of China. Some days the term Military Intelligence heads our list of oxymorons.

Rather than let the Chinese people know of American regrets and apologies, Beijing has orchestrated a series of popular eruptions against the round-eyed barbarians, evil imperialists etc. When Goethe said there was nothing so frightening as ignorance in action, he overlooked the spectacle of ignorance carefully maintained, nurtured with righteous indignation and then whipped into a frenzy for political purposes. Result: Both the cause in Belgrade and the effects in Beijing can now be televised on the hour by CNN. Think of it as the Boxer Rebellion plus electronic coverage.

Here was a chance for China's illegitimate regime to lay hold of a legitimate grievance and ally itself with popular fervor. And the commissars didn't miss it. They've also suspended military contacts with the United States. Somehow we don't think this means they'll stop stealing our military secrets. Nor is Beijing about to give up its most-favored-nation status when it comes to doing business with this country and raking in a huge trade surplus.

Meanwhile, Washington continues to press for the admission of Communist China (but not the Republic of China on Taiwan) to the World Trade Organization, while soft-pedaling revelations of Chinese espionage in this country, not to mention all those illegal campaign contributions. War is war, propaganda is propaganda, but business is business.

It's not exactly news: Governments maneuver and people suffer. But only some suffering is preserved on film, like that of the Chinese diplomats grieving over their dead in Belgrade. There are no CNN camera crews to record the massacres that continue even now in Kosovo. Only the outline of mass graves from 15,000 feet offer a clue to the fate of thousands and the horrendous destruction of a whole people.

The Albanians of Kosovo have become unpersons. Their decimation and dispersion proceeds even now as the West plugs away at this halfway war, or maybe quarter-way war, unable to conceive and execute one clear decision: victory.

If there is a moral to this mix of real terror and media manipulation, it may be General Sherman's: War is hell. Which should be all the more reason not to prolong it. Where are the ground troops? Where is the overwhelming array of force-on land, on sea, in the air -- that remains the only way to put an end to this carnage? Still offstage. What's more, Serbia's Slobodan Milosevic is repeatedly assured that's the way it will stay. Of course the atrocities continue.

The greater the force deployed in this war that Our Leaders still will not call a war, the less likely those troops will have to be used, or if used, the fewer their casualties and the quicker this fire can be put out. Instead, Washington holds back, NATO dithers, and those screams you hear are from the ``collateral damage,'' which turns out to be flesh and blood.

There are two possibilities at this juncture: This war will be ended, or it will spread. That is the nature of wars.

If Slobodan Milosevic is not stopped at last, and stopped definitively, the widening circle of violence will eventually draw in other provinces, like Montenegro, and other nations, like Macedonia, and other great powers, like Communist China. Either deliberately or accidentally.

Halfway measures will only increase the suffering, and the danger of an even greater conflagration. Once again, MacArthur's Law applies: In war there is no substitute for victory.


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