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Jewish World Review April 12, 1999 /26 Nissan 5759

Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg
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Just a few questions

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JUST A FEW RANDOM QUESTIONS about the current unpleasantness, general debacle, ongoing folly or whatever this is in the Balkans:

  • Why is this administration still assuring the enemy that he need not worry about a ground war? An air war can certainly influence an adversary, but even after the most prolonged or effective bombardment, somebody has to occupy the land. Even after 40 days and 40 nights of uninterrupted aerial assault, it took a 100-hour land war to divest Saddam Hussein of his ill-gotten Kuwait. Even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, an occupation force was necessary.

  • Why are troops from the United States and the rest of the alliance not assembling even now in Macedonia, Albania, Hungary, encircling Serbia with overwhelming force? The more evident such force, the less likely it would have to be used.

  • Why was the most foreseeable result of any war -- refugees -- not foreseen? And if it was, why wasn't NATO prepared for Slobodan Milosevic's war-by-refugee?

  • Why are the Joint Chiefs of Staff leaking stories about how they warned this would happen, rather than avoiding political statements?

    Whatever happened to being good soldiers with no political axes to grind? The generals and admirals and their talkative staffs need to save this kind of thing for their memoirs.

  • Why weren't attack helicopters (not to mention adequate food, supplies, armaments and troops) sent to the Balkans before the air war was launched? It's called preparation.

  • Why weren't the military, political and diplomatic foundations laid before this war was launched? Why are we only now discussing what our war aims should be?

  • Why isn't every Albanian boy being taught how to shoot? Why isn't every Albanian girl being taught how to shoot? Why aren't we giving every able-bodied Albanian who has managed to flee Kosovo a weapon, training and a place in the newly formed ranks of a well-organized, highly disciplined and all-encompassing Kosovan army of liberation?

Why hasn't Washington recognized Kosovo's independence? Why isn't it helping organize a Kosovan government in exile?

  • The U.S. Army still has Civil Affairs battalions; I remember being assigned to one of them for a time. Any plans to use them?

  • Why are we cooperating with Slobodan Milosevic's ethnic-cleansing campaign? Which is just what we're doing by scattering these refugees throughout the world and creating a dispirited Albanian diaspora. Why not organize, train and mobilize them in Macedonia, in Albania and wherever they are now? In numbers there is strength.

  • Why isn't a nation-in-exile being constructed -- in preparation for these Kosovars' imminent return to their homes accompanied by overwhelming force, including their own army?

  • What will NATO do when Slobodan Milosevic makes war against Montenegro, too? Stand idly by, file a formal protest, drop more bombs or just not think about it?

  • Why are we still toying with this little killer in Belgrade? Ken Bacon, the Pentagon's PR man, now says Slobodan Milosevic need not sign the Rambouillet accords in order to end the war, but just accept their general principles. Soon, one suspects, he won't even have to do that to reopen negotiations. And what is a spokesman for the Pentagon doing making American foreign policy? Doesn't he trust the State Department to make a big enough mess of it?

  • Why haven't we pronounced the Rambouillet accords null and void, dead and gone, as meaningless as any evidence of Slobodan Milosevic's good will? Why doesn't Washington explain that it would be unthinkable -- unconscionable -- to return these refugees to any trace of the regime that made them refugees -- those it didn't rob, kill, maim or rape?

  • Why hasn't Slobodan Milosevic been indicted as the war criminal he is? Why aren't dossiers being compiled even now on every identifiable one of the murderers, rapists and thugs in and out of uniform responsible for this gravest war crime on European soil since Hitler's holocaust?

  • Why aren't the lights out in Belgrade?

  • Why is Serbian television still on the air?

  • Why is Slobodan Milosevic's presidential palace still standing? Or do we care more about saving buildings than people?

    Why should only the Albanians have no place to lay their heads while Slobodan Milosevic struts and preens in his ornate offices?

  • What happened to all that brave talk about recognizing no privileged sanctuary in this war?

  • Why is this prominent command-and-control center exempt from attack? Hitler's Reichschancellery was an impressive structure, too, but I don't remember any tears being shed over its demolition. Sic semper tyrannis. Which is Latin for Don't Tread on Me.

  • Why are we still approving loans and grants to Russia's regime, despite its support for this sordid little war against Kosovo's Albanians?

  • Where is the rest of the world? Where are the doctors, the nurses, the medical supplies, the sanitation needed to keep disease at bay in these sprawling refugee camps?

  • Who is in charge here -- NATO's commanding general, its secretary general, the president of the United States, anybody? How fight a war without organizing Principle No. 1 of any army -- unity of command? Or do we propose to wage war by committee? If so, why not surrender now?

  • Why did NATO's commander have to wait so long for the attack helicopters that should have been in place and standing by, like so much else, weeks and months ago? Why weren't NATO troops ready to move in force even before the Rambouillet agreement collapsed? Or are the most elemental precautions beyond this administration?

  • What masterminds planned this operation? Sandy Berger, the president's national insecurity adviser? Madeleine Albright, our secretary of state and vacillation? And why haven't they submitted their resignations? Would resigning be unspeakably responsible? Or is that only a British thing? (The most useful and honorable thing Lord Carrington ever did was resign when he failed to foresee Argentina's attack on the Falklands.)

  • Why are we having to strip away aircraft used to monitor the no-fly zone in Iraq in order to supply our forces in the Balkans? Whatever happened to the goal of a military capable of fighting a two-front war?

  • Why has this administration steadily under-funded military budgets while over-committing military forces around the world? Why is the Air Force running short of cruise missiles?

  • Is this going to be another Somalia -- all the way from brave, well-intentioned beginning to panicky cut-and-run after the first casualties? Our troops there didn't get the weapons they needed, either, at least not in time. Let it be said for Les Aspin, then secretary of defense, that he had the decency to resign after that debacle.

  • Why does all this bring back Korea and Vietnam? Have we gone back to the good old, tried-and-failed doctrine of limited war? Have we forgotten MacArthur's Law? ("In war there is no substitute for victory.'')

  • Are we waging war or playing some kind of elaborate game with no clear purpose and immense risks?

  • If we do not intend to achieve a clear victory, why are we fighting? Or do we intend to withdraw only after years of pointless sacrifice?

And why didn't Bill Clinton ever take that ROTC course!


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