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Larry Elder archives

08/03/06: Islamofascism — an enemy like no other
07/27/06: Bush panders before the NAACP
07/20/06: Crisis in the Middle East: Civilization at stake
07/13/06: Media bias on full display in coverage of military tribunal case
07/06/06: Reporting on the economy is worse than the economy
06/29/06: 91-year-old dad to his sons: ‘I want to stay independent’
06/22/06: Viola (1924-2006)
06/19/06: Death in your financial plans
06/15/06: Al-Zarqawi's death softened by criticisms of ‘Bush's war’?
06/08/06: The new American Idols: ‘intellectual athletes’
06/01/06: Sen. Boxer on big oil: Let's investigate the investigators
05/25/06: Who thought Iraq had WMD? Most everybody
05/18/06: Bush's troubles — not Iraq, Katrina, or illegal aliens, but fuzzy principles
05/11/06: The obscene debate of “obscene” profits
05/04/06: Kennedy — ‘peace criminal’?
04/27/06: Iraq: Were we greeted as ‘liberators’?
04/21/06: Couric dissed by colleagues — for the wrong reasons
04/12/06: Congresswoman Cynthia ‘Zsa Zsa’ McKinney's greatest hits
04/06/06: How does Mexico treat its illegals?
03/30/06: Shrinking black conservatives
03/23/06: The economy: The good news keeps getting worse
03/16/06: ‘Crash,’ the movie vs. race relations, the reality
03/09/06: Bush lied, people died: Part II
03/02/06: Bush lied, people died?
02/16/06: Showtime at Coretta Scott King's funeral
02/09/06: THOSE @%# TAX CUTS!
02/02/06: The (blue) State of the Union address
01/26/06: Iran: A ticking nuclear bomb
01/19/06: Hey, Matt Lauer: Next time you wish to inject your opinion, do a better job of covering your behind
01/12/06: Rose Bowl: The Vince and Chuck story
01/05/06: Koppel and Brokaw: Health care is a right
12/29/05: My dad's barbershop — and personal responsibility
12/22/05: Dems: We're losing the war and our economy stinks
12/15/05: The ‘redemption’ of Tookie Williams
12/08/05: Bush hatred — the real pandemic
12/01/05: Kosovo: Clinton ‘lied, people died’?
11/25/05: The ‘extremism’ of Judge Sam Alito
11/17/05: Black support for Bush drops to two percent
11/10/05: ‘Hey, kid, need a ride to a protest rally?’
11/03/05: Leakgate: What about Wilson's credibility?
10/27/05: NBA: No Bling Allowed
10/20/05: My dinner with a Bush-hater
10/06/05: The Borking of Bill Bennett
09/29/05: Anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan: The whole world is watching
09/22/05: Farrakhan on New Orleans: The white man did it
09/15/05: ‘Gouging’ and ‘dumping’
09/08/05: Katrina, the race card, and the welfare state
09/01/05: How often do Americans use guns for defensive purposes?
08/25/05: Michael & Me — The movie
08/18/05: After Roe v. Wade, then what?
08/04/05: Sharpton: Dems take Blacks for granted
07/28/05: To end Islamic fanaticism, solve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute?
07/21/05: It takes a village . . . of property owners
07/14/05: What do the terrorists want?
07/07/05: Video dinner
06/30/05: Durbin is sorry, but what about Rangel?
06/23/05: If Bush is dumb . . . ?
06/16/05: Michael Jackson dodged a bullet
06/09/05: Dr. Dean, the shrink is in
06/02/05: Newsweek to America: Stop dreaming
05/26/05: Time for Reverend Sharpton to apologize
05/19/05: Just how fat are we?
05/12/05: The ‘Today’ show trashes Cosby
05/05/05: Cigarette smokers' revenge
04/21/05: An Asian student confesses — ‘we work harder’
04/14/05: Minutemen — don't call us "Vigilantes"
04/07/05: Pope John Paul The Great
03/31/05: Removing the feeding tube — from the feds
03/24/05: The Iraq war — America's most unpopular?
03/17/05: Liberals — Wrong, Wrong and Wrong again
03/10/05: Lou Dobbs to Outsourcing: Drop Dead!
03/03/05: Congratulations, Jamie Foxx!
02/24/05: ‘60 Minutes’ Wacky piece on black/white adoptions
02/17/05: Bush's budget — the welfare state lives
02/10/05: Reverend Al turns to Chicken-ism
02/03/05: Iraq and the fire of freedom
01/27/05: The fire of freedom
01/20/05: You're too stupid to manage your own money
01/13/05: The race card — 2005
01/06/05: America the stingy
12/30/04: The Bush legacy will take a healing period
12/23/04: Kids having kids
12/16/04: Media — covering the war, or making news?
12/09/04: Hard work wins — still
12/02/04: Don't look now — but Bush is uniting the country
11/25/04: When libs play the race card
11/18/04:Arafat and the 'peace process'
11/11/04: Misunderestimated...again
11/04/04: Four more year
10/28/04: My Saturday with the Air Force Reserves
10/21/04: Media gave Kerry a pass during the debates
10/14/04: War on terror: winning the hearts and minds — here at home
10/06/04: Debater Versus Leader
09/29/04: The media that couldn't shoot straight
09/23/04: Rathergate is a 'sign' of the times
09/20/04: Rathergate
09/09/04: GOP bounce — Dem desperation
09/02/04: Alan Keyes supports ... reparations?!
08/26/04: John Kerry to Vietnam: ‘Send Me’?
08/19/04: ‘Two Americas ’ — Bush-haters and the rest of us
08/12/04: IA million black voters disenfranchised
08/05/04: I survived the Democratic National Convention
07/29/04: Sandy Berger in trouble? Send in the media!
07/22/04: What media bias?
07/15/04: Kerry: We don't attack our opponents in personal ways
07/08/04: Bush to United: Fly smarter
07/01/04: Iraqi optimists versus U.S. pessimists
06/24/04: Re-writing Reagan's religiosity
06/17/04: Did Ronald Reagan 'torture' blacks?
06/10/04: The Gip and George W.
06/03/04: Bashing President Bush takes over as our No. 1 national pastime, Part II
05/28/04: Bashing President Bush takes over as our No. 1 national pastime
05/20/04: Michael Berg: A mourning father's misplaced outrage
05/13/04: The Iraqi prison scandal — time for some perspective
05/06/04: The curious lack of curiosity about WMD
04/29/04: J.F.K.: Jiggy Fly Kerry
04/22/04: Has the Bush administration trashed the environment?
04/15/04: The soft bigotry of low expectations comes from many directions
04/08/04: A tale of two books — one critical of Clinton, one critical of Bush
04/01/04: Sen. Kerry — the likability gap
03/25/04: Born-again critic of the Bush administration
03/18/04: Answers for the ‘swing voter’
03/11/04: The McGruder award for most outrageous statement by a black public figure
03/04/04: The strange disappearance of the 'L' word
02/26/04: The state should get out of the marriage business
02/19/04: The war on terror: The world doesn't get it — yet
02/12/04: A conversation with Nancy Reagan
02/05/04: Dubya the liar?
01/29/04: How to self-destruct in a few easy lessons
01/22/04: On WMDS — what did the Dems say?
01/15/04: The man with 'television addiction' threatens to sue cable company
01/08/04: Honesty during the holiday season
01/02/04: Resolutions for success — don't tell those who wish to remain pathetic
12/26/03: Confronted by a "radical socialist"
12/18/03: Saddam Hussein — man in a hole!
12/11/03: Hillary Clinton accuses Bush of 'undoing the New Deal'
12/04/03: Michael Jackson & the race card
12/01/03: What you need to know about the 'religion of peace', Part II
11/20/03: What you need to know about the 'religion of peace'
11/13/03: The Dems' moral compass is …. Rev. Al
11/05/03: Rush to judgment — about drugs
10/30/03: Bush's foreign and domestic successes — do the media care?
10/23/03: The "religious zealot" double standard
10/16/03: WMD: Will Bush's critics read David Kay's report?
10/09/03: Media double standard couldn't stop Schwarzenegger
10/02/03: To Ariel: In memoriam
09/25/03: Does the media give soft-glove treatment to democratic gaffes?
09/18/03: Would a Muslim flag above the White House solve America's problems?
09/11/03: Let the other 49 states beware
09/04/03: Journalists' liberal bias: Why it matters, how it hurts
08/28/03: For Hollywood libs, even Ah-nuld fails the "compassionate" test
08/14/03: California tax-weary residents say "no mas"
07/31/03: North Korea blinks, but Bush gets little credit
07/31/03: Now they ignore Clinton?
07/24/03: Kobe Bryant accused
07/17/03: Coming to a city near you … license to panhandle?
07/10/03: Saddam Hussein plus al Qaeda equals WMD
07/07/03: Colorblindness rejected by the Supreme Court
06/19/03: Legalize "insider trading", Part II
06/12/03: Legalize insider trading, Part One
06/05/03: DEM PARTY -- RACIST?!
05/29/03: Annika's big adventure
05/22/03: Racial preferences at The NYTimes — the road to perdition
05/15/03: From Democrat to Independent to Republican
05/08/03: A search for weapons of mass destruction
05/01/03: The real reason for Jesse Jackson's no-show at Augusta
04/25/03: Celebs ignorant about the First Amendment
04/21/03: Bush's invisible victory
04/10/03: Left hypocritically asks how much the war cost
04/03/03: A tale of two American antiwar activists
03/27/03: Frederick Douglass could treat the antiwar celebs suffering Stockholm Syndrome
03/20/03: Inspector Hans Clouseau
03/13/03: Anti-war demonstrators ignore Iraqi terror
03/06/03: Where were Bush's critics during Kosovo?
02/27/03: Hollywood "experts" speak out
02/20/03: When Clinton supported regime change, where was the opposition?
02/13/03: The 'black leadership's" trivial pursuits
02/06/03: 'New' Europe stands with America
01/30/03: Leftist bias in college -- the denial continues
01/23/03: Chinese athlete gives American lesson in colorblindness
01/16/03: Is filmmaker Michael Moore a bigot?
01/09/03: Muslim hatred of the West is economics-based?
01/02/03: Interview with Saddam's bombmaker
12/27/02: "Affirmative action" revisited
12/19/02: A Lott of double standards
12/12/02: The "glass ceiling": The bad spin
12/05/02: MURDER in L.A.
12/02/02: Kids, guns and Dr. Phil
11/21/02: Does the Democratic party take blacks for granted?
11/14/02: Nancy Pelosi? The Dems just don't get it
11/07/02: More gun control, please: Part II
10/31/02: Black "blame America" anger does a number on the black psyche
10/24/02: More gun control, please
10/17/02: What if Colin had attacked Harry?
10/10/02: Congressman McDermott: Trust Hussein, distrust Bush
10/03/02: Snoop Dogg, Miss Piggy, and Macy's
09/26/02: How Today Show's Matt Lauer patronized Charlton Heston
09/19/02: Saddam to Bush: Checkmate?
09/12/02: U.N. inspections -- Clinton vs. Clinton
09/05/02: It's "PLAY BALL" . . . with taxpayer money
08/29/02: Taxes and Mr. Lieberman
08/22/02: The reparation desperation
08/15/02: Brazil to U.S.: Send money
08/08/02: Free trade vs. "fair" trade
07/25/02: Inglewood: Arresting While White
07/18/02: Let's get government, not the Creator -- out of our schools
07/11/02: Glossary for the liberal media
07/04/02: The soft bigotry of President Bush?
06/27/02: Andy Rooney comes clean: media bias --- can they still deny it?
06/20/02: Hollywood Leftists -- you pay, we insult
06/13/02: The Bono/O'Neill Magical Third World Tour
06/06/02: Strange times at Santa Monica High
05/31/02: Shirking responsibilities: Dubya and Uncle Sam
05/24/02: Mirrors of evil: Caution, you are, what you read
05/19/02: The Second Amendment strikes back
05/10/02: Sexism in Hollywood?
05/03/02: Who says government programs have to work?
04/26/02: Time for black leadership to reconsider their anti-Semitism
04/19/02: Pass the Advil on taxes
04/12/02: Hardened hearts teaching 'Palestinian' children
04/05/02: SAPs -- Second Amendment Phonies
04/01/02: The "B" word and disrespect
03/22/02: 'Foul'? Or, Just 'Good Coaching'?
03/15/02: Government 'Victim' Welfare
03/08/02: Presidents and stupidity
03/01/02: The Color of Murder
02/22/02: Skate-Gate: Politically correct, feel-good outcome
02/15/02: The Media That Couldn't Shoot Straight
02/08/02: Don't "Reform" investing
01/31/02: Deadbeat dads: Victims?
01/24/02: Journalists and Economics 101
01/17/02: In search of DNC chairman McAuliffe
01/11/02: Helen Thomas' grandmother clause
01/03/02: What about the war against the welfare state?
12/27/01: "Democracy" in America
12/20/01: Rocky Mountain bigot?
12/13/01: Where were you on December 7, 1941?
12/06/01: What about the war against chutzpah?
11/29/01: Shallow Hollywood double standard
11/26/01: California to punish excellence
11/15/01: The truth and Mr. and Ms. Clinton
11/08/01: Zero tolerance for the Red Cross
11/01/01: Why was America attacked? U.S. kids speak on the war
10/25/01: Arab world poverty -- whose fault?
10/18/01: Post-September 11: Another look at guns and racial profiling
10/11/01: The battle over Islam
10/04/01: A wartime "stimulus" package -- tax more, or spend less?
09/28/01: Self defense is job one
09/21/01: Arab Islamic terrorist-victicrats
09/14/01: Terrorism in America -- retracing our steps
09/06/01: Gangs -- society's fault?
08/30/01: NAACP doesn't understand Hollywood
08/23/01: NAACP to blacks: Watch more TV!
08/16/01: Federal funds for stem-cell research -- no
08/09/01: Martin Luther King III --- get off his back
08/03/01: "Fixing" social security
07/26/01: Bush to NAACP: Maybe next year
07/20/01: Gary Condit -- moderate, conservative or right-wing?
07/12/01: "Handicapped" in Santa Monica
07/06/01: The Constitution versus the modern welfare state
06/28/01: Daring to question the welfare state
06/21/01: Price controls -- bad idea whether temporary or permanent
06/14/01: Larry Flynt -- freedom fighter or goon?
06/07/01: In praise of hard work
05/31/01: Are energy suppliers ripping off California?
05/24/01: More dads, less crime
05/17/01: Invisible blacks
05/10/01: On race relations, color me confused
05/03/01: The arsenic wars
04/19/01: Is racial profiling a fact?
04/12/01: The bankrupt reparations movement
04/05/01: Burning furniture to keep the room warm
03/29/01: Hollywood is anti-family. Is it racist, too?
03/22/01: Reparations and campus political correctness
03/15/01: 'NO' on government 'protection'
03/08/01: GOP's biggest battle -- the media
03/01/01: Continuing the tradition: Hollywood Bush-whacking
02/22/01: Understanding the "N" word
02/15/01: Athletes and role models
02/08/01: Charity is not the government's job
02/01/01: Barney Frank discovers the Tenth Amendment
01/25/01: About Jesse
01/18/01: NOW, let me get this straight
01/11/01: Memo to AlGore: Who let the dogs out?
01/04/01: Sowell and Williams: Grace under fire
12/28/00: Cabinet fever: The left attacks Bush
12/21/00: Jesse disses black achievers
12/14/00: Dems lose -- send in the clowns
12/07/00: High noon for affirmative action
11/30/00: The GOP's intimidation tactics
11/23/00: The Florida Supreme Court: Democratic nonpartisans
11/16/00:The election: Hanging by a chad
11/09/00: No Cher amour for GOP
11/02/00: Why I'm "wasting" my vote
10/26/00: The color of racism
10/13/00: "Gratuitous" government is worse than "gratuitous" violence
10/06/00: Does America need a 'Ms. president?' 09/29/00: The politically incorrect professor
09/22/00: The phony health-care crisis
09/15/00: Anti-education educrats
09/11/00: In search of the "Religious Left"
09/01/00: The villains of welfare reform
08/25/00: LA to DNC: Show me the money
08/18/00: About Sen. Lieberman
08/11/00: Lies, damn lies, and government studies
08/04/00: Taking out the (white) trash
07/21/00: When good people say bad things
07/14/00: Politically correct double standards
06/30/00: Summer of hypocrites
06/23/00: Dad
06/16/00: The good times of Johnnie Cochran
06/02/00: Mission Impossible: Shaming a victicrat
05/21/00: Police scandal: Overreaction equals anarchy
05/19/00: Guns and Rosie
05/12/00: Feds warn: BEER CAUSES STDs
05/05/00: Dems and the "she" vote
05/02/00: The exploitation of the student-athlete
04/24/00: The eternal government quest for crises
04/14/00: Striking janitors: virtual slaves?
04/07/00: They call them "warning labels," don't they?
03/31/00: Tinseltown crowns a 'hero'
03/24/00: A USELESS law
03/17/00: Why GOPers cheered when McCain lost
03/10/00: When the bad guy is black
03/03/00: Cops -- how bad are they?
02/25/00: O.J.'s revenge?
02/18/00: "Maverick" McCain
02/11/00: Regis feels our pain
02/04/00: "Hurricane" warning
01/28/00: Basketball game or political rally?
01/21/00: Hollywood: Another casualty in the war on drugs
01/14/00: Hollywood should thank AlGore
01/07/00: Did Britain's anti-gun laws save ex-Beatle Harrison?
12/31/99: John Rocker: Designated bigot?
12/27/99: Campaign finance reform -- needed or needless?
12/16/99: Sen. Bradley and the black vote
12/09/99: Clinton, the WTO, and Economics 101
12/06/99: Are G.I. Janes unwanted?
11/29/99: Jesse's wrong
11/12/99: George W. Bush-wacked
11/09/99: Coming soon: The Fat Tax
10/29/99: Pete Rose: All-Whiner?
10/25/99: A tale of two shootings
10/18/99: SAT, R.I.P.
10/11/99: Hollywood to America: "We care, you don't"
10/01/99: An unfair attack against a fair-minded man
09/28/99: Smoking down: Good news?
09/20/99: Minimum wage, maximum stupidity
09/10/99: Can a good cop have a bad mouth?
09/03/99: The coke question: Why Bush, not Clinton?
08/30/99: The new "racists" are here
08/20/99: The Lesson of the L.A. Shooting -- Be Prepared!
08/13/99: The Gipper Gets No Respect
08/06/99: L.A. to NFL: Drop Dead
08/02/99: More Television, More Crime?
07/23/99: John Kennedy, Jr.: America's Prince?
07/19/99: The World Cup: Some Women Don't Get It
07/09/99: Hatemongers and the Elvis factor
07/07/99: Big Brother, please stop "Big Daddy"
06/25/99: Guns and Moses? Hardly
06/18/99: "Victory" in Kosovo
06/11/99: Is America desensitized?
06/04/99: The teflon director vs. the NRA
05/28/99: Stars war on Rosie
05/20/99: Make the crooks' day, blame the cops
05/17/99: Did "Jenny Jones" commit murder?
05/07/99: Politicians: full of gas
04/30/99: Littleton and the Brando rule
04/16/99: Are cops killing blacks?
04/16/99: Minimum wage: Yet another Republican retreat
04/12/99: GOP: the "White People's Party"
03/25/99: Joe D. and affirmative action
03/18/99: Black jocks dumb, says judge
03/12/99: Where are the angry geezers?
03/05/99: Is the president a rapist?
03/02/99: So, how was your flight?
02/18/99: Life in the Clinton gloat-free zone
02/16/99: The fur coat death notice
01/29/99: A Malcolm X postage stamp? What about George Wallace?
01/21/99: Racism is only a conservative problem, right?
01/18/99: Police brutality? What about policy brutality?
01/04/99: The NBA slam-dunks taxpayers
12/28/98: "Evil" Republicans impeach Clinton
12/21/98: On to the Senate!
12/10/98: Will the real America stand up?
11/30/98: Save the children:tax the poor
11/30/98: Ken Starr and the vast left-wing conspiracy
11/19/98: Will the real hypocrite stand up!?
11/13/98: The Clinton 400
10/23/98: My evening with Chris Rock
10/15/98: Slavery is not funny
10/02/98: Clinton --- friend of the working woman
9/28/98: George Washington vs. the Grand Jury
9/18/98: I It's the perjury, stupid
9/14/98: The "Larry List" of the most fascinating women in politics
9/07/98: Why blacks shouldn't support Clinton
8/27/98:The Brown bomber strikes Justice Thomas
8/21/98:So very clintonesque
8/17/98: Gary Coleman, hate criminal?
8/07/98: How much mea culpa?
7/24/98: ATM Al?
7/24/98: Advising the advisors
7/17/98: Camille Cosby's carelessness
7/9/98: Moses mugged
7/2/98: Al Campanis -- forever a racist?
6/25/98: And you thought "coke" was worse than smokes
6/19/98: Is Jasper ‘America'?
6/12/98: Guess who's not coming to dinner
6/5/98: What now, NOW?
5/29/98:What's next, ‘burger busters'?
5/21/98: 'Stuff' happens
5/18/98: This just in
5/11/98: Stepping up
4/30/98: Who's faking whom?
4/23/98:Presidential hoop dreams
4/16/98:To spank or not to spank
4/10/98:TWA: Teaching While Asian

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