April 17th, 2021


Year 2017 Coming Right Up

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published Dec. 23, 2016

Year 2017 Coming Right Up

This is the time and place where I usually remark on the year that has passed. I don't know what I'm going to write about even now as I sit here staring at my screen, but I know something will pop out of my brain and onto the page sooner or later, as it generally does. Whatever it is will be a surprise for all of us, not least of all me. So hold on tight and here we go.

As the days of 2016 dwindle down to a precious few I offer some thoughts that have been rattling around in my head lately including a couple of things regarding our presidential election.

To those who voted Democrat and are still looking to blame everyone and anything for Hillary's loss except Hillary herself I say this, get over it and get behind our new president. If Trump wasn't your first choice, so what? Now that he's won we all should want him to do good things for America. When Obama won in 2008 lots of people were saying how important it was to support him and wish him success as president. Well, that goes for Trump now. With the bitter election over, we need to unite and support Donald Trump.

The United States has been a fractured and divided country for too many years and its time we started pulling together again. Alt-Right and Alt-Left notwithstanding, our country is still mostly made up of hard working, liberty-loving middle class people who have no axes to grind with their fellow Americans. No matter what you hear from the loudmouths in media, most Americans are not haters, are not racist, and are not looking to hurt others.

Instead of New Year's resolutions or predictions, how about some New Year's wishes for America? I wish that we could unite as a nation and be strong once again. I'd like to see the Democrats accept their defeat graciously and help the new president with the difficult work that lies ahead in 2017. If they can't do that, then they should shut up and get out of the way.

I wish all Americans that want to work would be able to find jobs in 2017. I wish that all the cheaters and liars that are taking government handouts will be discovered and either deported or go to prison.

I wish America could get through the entire year without an Islamic terrorist attack. I wish we could get through all of 2017 without the hateful, dishonest race-baiters waging war on the police officers in our country. I wish all our wounded veterans will be able to get the medical, financial, and spiritual help they need and deserve so badly. I wish we could find and round up all the illegal immigrants that have committed violent crimes against our citizens and once and for all get rid of them.

I wish American values, customs and patriotic history could be taught and embraced in our public schools and colleges once again. I wish the entertainment industry would stop pushing politically correct Left-leaning messages in their movies, TV shows and music and concentrate on simply producing really great entertainment.

I wish the news media would attempt to be unbiased and fact-based.

I wish the American people could rediscover a love of God and the traditional Judeo-Christian values that were so important in the founding of the United States of America. The fact that America has drifted away from these core religious principles has made us less strong and more divided, not to mention more vulgar and less civilized, in my opinion.

Separation of church and state was never meant to keep God shut out of public life. The Ten Commandments were a major part of the building blocks of America along with the Magna Carta. I wish more people understood this. Our founding fathers spoke of it often. The United States was never intended to be a secular nation.


My wish is that 2017 may be the start of good things for all of us. Wishing you good health and G0D's blessings for the New Year.