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What Are They Ashamed Of?

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published October 23, 2014

As the days dwindle down and we edge closer to the mid-term elections it's kind of amusing but mostly infuriating to witness Democrats doing everything they can to avoid being linked to Barak Obama, even if it means spinning, obfuscating, and downright lying to do so. They're running as fast as they can away from the man who was once their hero-in-chief. In order to avoid saying they voted for Obama they're bending over so far backwards that they look like those double-jointed Chinese acrobats in Cirque du Solei.

The Democrats' candidate for Senate in West Virginia, Natalie Tennant, would not mention President Obama by name when asked whom she voted for in the previous election. The Charleston Daily Mail editorial board asked during a candidates' forum whether the candidates would be willing to say whom they last supported for president. Try as she might, Tennant just couldn't choke out the "O" word.

Tennant would only say she "voted for the Democratic party." A pretty safe statement considering she's a member of that party. Republican Shelley Moore Capito and the Libertarian, Constitution, and Mountain party candidates had no problem in volunteering the information, responding with their respective party's presidential nominee.

Two other Democratic Senate candidates, Alison Lundergan Grimes of Kentucky and Michelle Nunn of Georgia, have also recently refused to answer questions about whom they supported when President Obama was on the ballot. Democrats ashamed to admit they voted for Barack Obama! When it comes to President Obama I guess it's don't ask, don't tell.

Grimes claimed it was a "matter of principle" of privacy at the ballot box. Her opponent, Republican Mitch McConnell unhesitatingly said that he voted for McCain and Romney respectively in the last two presidential elections. But Grimes took the Fifth on that question.

And in a recent video, Michelle Nunn, Democrat from Georgia, also dummied up when asked if she ever voted for Obama in the past presidential elections. It's amazing. These people just won't say they voted for the man. Why can't they just be honest? Just say, "Yes, I voted for him, but I was wrong. I thought he would be a good leader, but he was a disappointment to me." They can't even say that much. If they're too cowardly to admit they voted for him, maybe they should just get out of politics.

What's really going on here is nothing new. It's the typical Liberal dodging and weaving to avoid confronting facts. President Obama has been engaged in this very thing for six years and because the media is pretty much in his corner, he's been allowed to skate. Unfortunately for him though, the vast amount of obfuscations, half-truths, and out and out lies emanating from his administration are finally waking up the public. Polls are showing that the majority of people just don't believe what he says nor do they feel confident in him.

Democrats who are running for elected office can't run away from their record of support for Obama and his policies. They find themselves in a catch twenty-two: either they have to own up to the fact that they have supported a weak, deceitful administration or they have to make themselves look like complete fools by refusing to even say they voted for the guy.

For political hacks that are unaccustomed to telling the truth about anything, there really isn't any choice. They simply refuse to answer and attempt to change the subject.

Questioner: "Whom did you vote for in the last presidential election?"

Candidate: "UmÉ. I'll have my people get back to your people on that."

Questioner: "But as a member of the Democratic Party did you or did you not vote for Barack Obama?"

"Candidate: "That is a trick question, and I simply won't engage in low level personal attacks such as that!"

Questioner: "Does that mean you won't say who you voted for?"

Candidate: "In this country who a person votes for is their own private business, you have no right to ask me to divulge my ballot choices. How dare you!"

Questioner: "To what extent have you supported President Obama's policies?"

Candidate: "This harassment is unbelievable! I really would like to move on to another topic, something much more important to the American people."

Questioner: "Fine. What would you like to talk about?"

Candidate: "Let's talk about the war."

Questioner: "Fine. What is your opinion on how well the war on ISIS is going?"

Candidate: "No, I mean the REAL war. The War on Women."

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. He's also a Southern California-based freelance writer.