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By Design

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published August 6, 2021

By Design
If you were trying your best to destroy human civilization you couldn't come up with a better plan than what has been happening the past year and a half.

The Wuhan virus is one thing, but in a different time and with a common-sense, science-based attitude toward it, the disease would have been managed, delt with, and people would have gone on with their lives just as they've done throughout history when pandemics swept through the population.

But not so today. This one is being managed to purposely cause chaos.

Yes, this may sound like a crazy conspiracy theory, and that's what the left wants you to believe, but there really are evil, power hungry people who want to shake up the world and control the masses for their personal gain.

It's a phenomenon that's going on world-wide, but my concern is with my country and the American Marxists (a term coined by author Mark Levin) who are pulling the strings, causing panic, insecurity, and pain for millions of us from coast to coast.

The Left is totally in charge of the federal government and they call the shots (pun intended) when it comes to how our daily lives are led. They might call themselves progressives, or social Democrats, or whatever other nomenclature they decide is easiest for the public to swallow, but they are Marxists at heart who are out to fundamentally change the United States into a massive authoritarian regime stripping its citizens of their constitutional freedoms.

This practice has been going on in small incremental steps. The idea being to see how far the American people can be cowed into doing what the government wants. The Wuhan virus was the perfect example of what Rahm Emanuel, Obama's Chief of Staff, once said, "Never let a serious crisis go to waste." The pandemic was the serious crisis the left had been waiting for.

Wuhan was a godsend for the left, it allowed them to scare the population into submission, if you will. People willingly went along with whatever the government told them they had to do. Nobody wants so to die, right?

Mask wearing might seem like a little price to pay not to die a horrible death, but in reality it is nothing more than a training exercise in obedience. If they tell you to wear a mask today and you do so, (even though many infectious disease experts have said the practice is nonsense) then they know they can tell you to do just about anything they say and chances are you will do it.

After over a year of masking, distancing, lockdowns, business closures, and loved ones dying all alone in hospitals and nursing homes the CDC finally began easing up on the guideline restrictions, citing the reduction of overall deaths and infections. But not for long. Just days ago, the CDC has changed the rules once again.

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The new Delta virus, they say, is even more contagious than the original Coved, so we need to go back to masking in public again, even if we've been vaccinated.

For months the government has been telling everyone that the only way to save yourself from the dreaded Coved is to be vaccinated. So, millions got vaccinated thinking they were good to go.

But not so fast.

Now they say that even the vaccinated need to wear masks and practice distancing when in public. So, what is it? Does the vaccine work or not? If we're still susceptible to the virus after we get vaccinated, then why get vaccinated at all? Talk about mixed messages!

The mixed messaging and back and forth restrictions are making people crazy, confused, and scared out of their minds. It's also screwing up small businesses, making it nearly impossible for a mom-and-pop restaurant or store to know when and how much to open up, when and who to hire, and whether they will ever be able to see a profit again.

Then we have the public-school situation, another mess and an assault on kids. Add the open border influx of millions of non-vaccinated aliens and things get even worse.

But you see, this is exactly what the plan is. Keep people off balance. Keep them nervous and scared. Kill small businesses, break up families, make everyone dependent on the government.

Make sure dissenting voices don't get heard, shut down free speech and keep those with opinions contrary to the official state propaganda ("Misinformation" they call it) off the social media platforms. And above all, make sure normal never comes back.

This is nothing new. This is textbook anarchy. An insurrection without weapons (at least for now). It started with Chicago's revolutionary Marxist community organizer, Saul Alinsky and further developed by Colombia University sociologists Cloward and Piven in the sixties. We're seeing their strategy play out in real time all around us.

Using confusion and division to tear down the capitalist system and Western Civilization as we know it. Best not to question anything. This is playing Simon Says, but for real. Simon says shut up and put on your mask. Then get vaccinated. Then put on your mask again. Take six steps back. Then lift up your left leg. Then hop in a circle and chant, "I am following science."

Then repeat. Big Brother commands it.