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Dem Desparation: Are they out to prove Goebbels correct?

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published August 2, 2019

Dem Desparation: Are they out to prove Goebbels correct?
Well, another week, another chant of "racist" from the Democrats over a President Trump tweet. Wow, this lie is getting old and really tiring.

This latest uprising started after congressman Elijah Cummings hysterically attacked Kevin McAleenan, acting head of Homeland Security. He accused him of having no feelings for the poor illegals on our southern border, particularly the children. Cummings insinuated that McAleenan had no regard for the welfare of young children, allowing them to "sit in their own feces."

This attack on McAleenan prompted the president to tweet out,"Rep. Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the great men and women of Border Patrol about conditions at the Southern Border, when actually his Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous. His district is considered the Worst in the USA"

In a follow up tweet President Trump continued, "As proven last week during a Congressional tour, the Border is clean, efficient and well run, just very crowded. Cumming's District is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous and filthy place."

And with that, the Democrats jumped out of their skin, ran to their twitter accounts and to any microphone they could lay their hands on, and called the president RACIST!

The Democrats in our country have gotten to the point that any time a white person criticizes a black or Hispanic person for anything they are instantly labeled a racist. Of course there was nothing even close to racism in President Trump's tweets, but never mind, he's a racist because it called out a black congressman for not doing a better job in cleaning up his district.

You'll notice that Cummings wasn't called out for being a racist when he screamed at Kevin McAleenan, who is white. Why? Well, because it doesn't work both ways. In the mind of the left, only whites can be racists.

This is all part and parcel of the unrelenting drumbeat from the left of how America has always been and continues to be a horrible racist country. It's a lie, of course, but the very dangerous thing about a lie is, as Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels once said, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

Anyone who takes more than five seconds to think about it will quickly realize that today's America is far from being a racist country. The United States has offered more opportunities to more people than any other country on earth. Name a country where blacks, (or any other minority) have prospered more than in America.

How about the little fact that the United States of America, with a predominantly white population, elected a black man president for two terms? Is that a sign of a racist country? According to exit polls conducted by The Associated Press and the major television networks, Barack Obama won the largest share of white support of any Democrat in a two-man race since 1976.

Obama won 43 percent of white voters, just 4 percentage points below CarterÕs performance in 1976 and equal to what Bill Clinton won in the three-man race of 1996.

A stunning 54 percent of young white voters supported Obama, compared with 44 percent who went for McCain, the senator from Arizona. In the past three decades, no Democratic presidential nominee has won more than 45 percent of young whites.

Now let's examine President Trump's "white racist" voters. In 2016 Donald Trump received LESS support from white voters than Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in 2012 when he lost the election to President Barack Obama and more white Americans as well as minorities voted for Obama than Trump's rival Hillary Clinton.

Pundits such as CNN commentator Van Jones have attributed Trump's 2016 win on election night to support from white voters, going as far as calling the election a "white-lash against a changing country." But as I stated, according to verifiable exit poll data, Trump DID NOT receive a record number of votes from white voters compared to 2008 and 2012 when Obama, the first African American president, was elected and re-elected.

By the way, Trump also received more support from Hispanics and African Americans than Romney.

Question: How much longer will the left keep telling us how racist Americans are? Answer: As long as it takes to completely destroy all of America's traditions, culture and ties to western civilization.

Like I said, this lie is getting old and tiring. But if enough of us shine the light of truth on it every time it rears up, we might just have a chance of wiping it out once and for all.

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. He's been a JWR contributor since 1999.