April 11th, 2021


Culture War Lost

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published July 31, 2020

So much of our lives have been drastically altered this year, and maybe for years to come.

Disease, economic ruination, street riots, and divisiveness are everywhere. Many are wondering what exactly happened. What happened to civilized society? What changed the United States of America so drastically so quickly?

How is it that we have been so willing to allow ourselves to lockdown our lives by liberal mayors and governors? Why is the younger generation in particular so afraid to stand up and speak out against the tyranny of progressive policies that are eroding the very essence of free speech, freedom of worship, and our other rights as enumerated in the Constitution?

Any honest clear-thinking adult knows damn well that this country does not practice nor endorse bigotry, racism or animus toward any minority group, least of all the blacks.

A black man was elected president twice by mostly white voters; blacks have more opportunity in the United States than in any other country on earth. Any yet to see the level of rioting, looting, maiming, and killing in our cities one would think that this country is rounding up and gassing blacks in concentration camps.

Where are the common sense Americans that should know better? Why are the major corporations, sports leagues, and other institutions jumping on the bandwagon with the anarchists and troublemakers? Why do so many of our fellow citizens have no love of our country? What happened to the nuclear family? Why is there no social stigma to having babies out of wedlock, doing drugs, living in tents under overpasses, and destroying private property, but if you walk down the street without a mask on, you are looked at with contempt?

Where is the America we all once knew? What exactly happened? The answer to all this is not a mystery, really. This has been in the works for decades, moving at a slow pace, but incrementally changing our culture bit by bit with each succeeding generation. Only now it's been ramped up, going on hyper warped speed. Many people have just awakened to a place they never knew they were living in.

Last week I was watching the Mark Levin program and his guest was JWR contributing columnist, attorney, and author, Ben Shapiro. Shapiro possesses a sharp intellect and the ability of see American life clearly from a broad perspective. He has a fast mind, sometimes a bit too fast for me, in that he speaks too quickly and throws out so much information that sometimes I miss a lot of it. Nevertheless, his logic and common sense are admirable.

He made one statement in particular that resonated with me since I'd been aware of it for quite some time. He pointed out that even though the Republicans have logged more time in the White House over the last 70 years, conservatives have been steadily losing the bigger culture war in this country. Shapiro is the first national commentator to my knowledge that has brought this fact out into the open. It's more than about time. Actually is past time.

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It's shameful that our so-called conservative leaders have either willingly or stupidly relinquished the reins of culture to the people on the left. Literally everything from school curriculum, to personal relationships, to family structure, to entertainment, to music, to art, to even the very words we use in the public square have been hijacked by the progressives. And the people we elect to represent us have allowed this to happen over the years right under our noses.

Year after year, generation after generation no one has challenged the progressive ideology that has seeped into our society. When colleges and universities instituted "safe spaces" on campus, which is nothing more than a way of limiting freedom of speech and thought, no one made a peep. When the left frames every issue using twisted, Orwellian language to confuse and obfuscate the truth, no one from the other side jumps up and says "No, that's a lie! That's not true!"

And where were the elected conservatives when the progressive groups and the teachers unions rewrote the textbooks that went into out public schools and into our children's brains? Why wasn't anyone aware that American history was being altered, and in many cases eliminated, to fit an agenda of anti-American multicultural victimhood? Where was our PTA when citizenship, patriotism, good behavior, virtuousness, and God were thrown out of the classrooms?

Why didn't anyone on the conservative side do something when the performing arts (movies, television, music) turned so disgusting and vile? Why didn't anyone question why most of our popular media hammers our young people with far-left anti-traditional, anti-religious ideology? Why didn't someone see a problem with young men being pushed out of mainstream society by feminist organizations who clearly hate males more than they love females?

When labeling only two sexes (male and female) were dismissed by the "woke" leftists as discriminatory and non-inclusive, where were the adults in the room to say "That's nonsense! Like it or not, there are only two sexes!" The left began with changing words, now they aim to change the natural human condition. Grade school youngsters are taught that marrying a member of your own sex is just as wonderful, just as normal as marrying a member of the opposite sex. There's no difference.

What we are seeing play out in the streets of America, in the sports stadiums, in the board rooms and newsrooms, and in just about every aspect of our daily lives in 2020 is a direct result of not paying attention to how our culture was being manipulated and changed over the course of the last 50 years.

President Reagan once warned that we are but one generation away from losing our country if we don't fight for it and teach its values to our children. Mainstream America left it up to the traditional conservative leaders to fight the good fight, but they abandoned the American culture to the left. Several generations have grown up since. The United States of America will undoubtedly go on, but it will never be the same unless conservatives can reclaim the culture.

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