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Where Are All the Conservative Companies?

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published May 14, 2021

Where Are All the Conservative Companies?
Thanks to social media there's no doubt that our culture has taken a sharp left recently, especially in the past year or so. The internet "cancel culture" bullies intimidate people to join the so-called "woke" ideology or suffer loss of income, public harassment, and perhaps bodily harm.

We've come to expect the sports and entertainment multi-millionaire celebrities to happily join the chorus, they're cowards who desperately want to protect their asses and look good in the eyes of their ultra-progressive peers.

Now even the major sports leagues and teams, movie studios and entertainment conglomerates have caved and have publicly made it clear that they stand with ANTIFA, BLM, and others on the far left regarding "social justice" issues, anti-police rhetoric, critical race theory, and other leftist agenda items. In fact, it seems that just about every major American company has taken that stand, even though national polls have shown that at least half of the country is opposed to it.

When some celebrity idiot like a Robert DeNiro sticks his face in front of a camera and proclaims his stupid leftist political views, I can simply not watch any of his movies anymore. Easy. The same with singers, musicians, and athletes. I don't have to spend money or time supporting people who insult my values and take me for granted. I have stopped watching, and even following, The Los Angeles Dodgers because of this.

But major corporations and consumer companies pose a more complicated problem. In a Wall Street Journal article entitled "What I Wouldn't Give for a Shave That Isn't Woke", writer Dave Seminara bemoans the fact that Gillette (and its parent company P&G) along with Harry's have both adopted the progressive stance. He goes on to mention Coca-Cola, Delta, Disney, Microsoft, and other companies that publicly have thrown their support behind left-wing ideology.

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So, the question is, what companies are around that support the conservative viewpoint? Seminara mentions a coffee company, Black Rifle Coffee Co,. that supports Veterans and happens to be pretty good coffee, but he stops there, leading me to assume that there may not be very many non-leftist (or at the very least) neutral companies around that conservatives can support.

Back in more civilized times, major companies stayed the hell out of politics. After all, why take a chance of alienating a segment of your consumer base and limiting possible sales? All companies took this tact and most performers did as well. Today I have to believe that these corporate woke-holes either think that most of the population agrees with them, or the fear that they have of those on the left is so great that they are willing to gamble on losing some of their business in order to protect their personal fortunes and standing with other liberals in their social circle.

I really don't need a company to espouse my political or social views, all I ask for is neutrality. When I buy a box of cereal or a loaf of bread I don't want to know who the heads of the company voted for.

Does the cereal taste good? Is the bread fresh? I'm interested in the quality of the product not the political correctness of the CEO. Why do I have to know the sexual habits or political beliefs of an actor? I don't want to know the personal sexual habits of anyone. And why is it important for me to know that a shampoo company (Pantene, to name one) supports transgender visibility? Is this shampoo only for transgendered people?

As a conservative consumer, I'd like to be able to spend my money on a product or with a company that doesn't have contempt for me or insults me. Just keep your opinions to yourself and produce a product or a service that is of high quality. Not everything in the world needs to be political. I'd like to be able to brush my teeth without thinking about social issues.