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The Real Enemy

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published April 17, 2020

By now it should be crystal clear to all that the so-called news media is rooting not only for the demise of our country, but for the demise of western civilization itself.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has been obvious for a long while now, wherein anything President Trump says must be wrong simply because he said it.

But since the China Wuhan virus has hit, these leftist hacks who purport to be "journalists" have done everything in their power to make sure that they don't let a good pandemic go to waste.

Far from doing the right thing, like rallying behind our president in his fight to save American lives and the American economy, they have been engaged in lies and negative reporting in their ongoing attempt to bring down Donald Trump, even if it means bringing down the United States of America or the whole world along with him.

Who would have ever guessed that the media would be this evil, this willing to see millions of lives destroyed, families broken apart, and businesses go under just to tear down a president they happen not to like?

Day after day they look for ways to "get" Trump, show him up, catch him misspeaking about some detail, dragging up uncorroborated news sources to make him look bad. And if all else fails, they make it up.

The media keeps trying to play Dr. Fauci, President Trump's health care policy expert, against Trump himself. For the most part they respect Fauci's medical opinions so they look for ways to show that President Trump really doesn't, even though he appointed him as part of the Coronavirus task force.

In Monday's press briefing Dr. Fauci defended President Trump, saying that the president has supported all of Fauci's recommendations since the very beginning.

"The president has always listened to what I have said," Fauci said. Then one of the hack-reporters asked the doctor if he had been forced by Trump to make that statement (in itself a nasty and offensive question) Dr. Fauci bristled and shot back, "everything I do is voluntary. Please. Don't even imply that."

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Over the past weeks the reportage of the virus and its effect on American society has been shaped and spun to put the blame on Donald Trump. They either play down or in some cases even support the lies coming out of China concerning how the virus got started as opposed to the facts coming from our own government.

The hack-press, gleefully it seems, reports daily infection numbers and death tolls without mentioning the numbers of people who were infected by it and got over it to become completely well.

Here's how it works with the fake news; when Trump acted quickly In January to take action, such as stopping travel coming in from China, he was portrayed as xenophobic, racist, and just plain wrong.

Now he is portrayed as not doing enough soon enough. Why didn't he act in November, they ask. Never mind that the entire world didn't know anything about this virus until the first of the year, Trump should have known they say.

When Trump and his team recommended a nationwide shut down, they said he was going too far, he was acting like an authoritarian fascist. But when Trump says we need to explore ways of getting America back to work and back to normal again, they say he is ignoring the advice of the health experts and putting American lives at risk. Any way Trump goes, anything he says they go against.

As bad and as wrong as I believe the Democrat party to be, I nevertheless can understand their deceit and underhanded tricks. They are the opposition party, they want to gain control and implement their socialist policies to push America leftward. I get it. We all know that's what the Democrats do for a living.

On the other hand the American press is supposed to be evenhanded truth seekers, not in one camp or the other. That they pretend to be impartial, journalistic fact-finders when it has become so obvious that they are not, puts these disgusting liars in a class all their own. They really are despicable.

President Trump has called the Coronavirus "the invisible enemy" in his war to save our country. But the real enemy in this war is not invisible at all; in fact it is in clear view, on display daily to all of us.

The real enemy of the American people is the dishonest news media.

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. He's been a JWR contributor since 1999.