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Let me tell you about 'White Privilege'

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published April 12, 2019

Let me tell you about 'White Privilege'
There's something wrong with me. I'm an adult white man living in the United States of America in 2019 and I feel absolutely no white privilege at all.


I worked hard all my life at my chosen profession. I didn't come from a family of money. I had many menial jobs as a teen and young man until I was able to work my way into the career I wanted to have.

I hated social climbing and office politics so I didn't engage in it. Whatever I achieved I got through hard work, talent, and perseverance.

No one ever gave me anything that I didn't earn. I had no personal connections to rich smart business people, so I had no one to give me advice on money matters.

When I married and wanted to buy my own place I worked my day job and also stayed up nights doing freelance work in order to save enough money to put down on a condo.

I'm white and yet I have no guilt feelings whatsoever over past injustices that may have been perpetrated on some people by other people, all of whom are now long dead.

I myself have never participated in racial injustice.

I have never treated anyone differently on the basis of his or her race, religion, or social standing.

I judge people as individuals, not as groups.

When I was in a position to hire people I did so solely on their ability to do the job they were being considered for.

It never occurred to me to hire a person because they were of a certain race or because they were a man or a woman.

But I don't think I'm anything very special. I would bet the vast majority of white men in this country have treated people of other persuasions the very same way I have.

In my everyday life I have never personally witnessed any white man mistreating a person because of their ethnicity, skin color, sex, or religion. This isn't to say that bias and racism doesn't exist, but I know it isn't as widespread as the left would have us believe.

Interestingly, the ones who are preoccupied with judging people on the basis of their race, gender and ethnicity seem to be mostly the ones on the left. The ones who insist on separating the American people into distinct groups are liberal Democrats.

The left has a vested interest in making sure our society stays segregated and does not assimilate into one united American culture.

For the Democrats to succeed they need our country to be divided into niche groups.

There's only one thing that the left wants the niche groups to be united on, and that is that the white men are the bad guys.

White men have kept all other cultures down. White men have enslaved the Africans.

White men have held women down through mistreatment, bullying, rape, and fear.

White men have brought disease and death to millions. White men have destroyed the environment.

White men have brought aids into the black community.

White men are responsible for the drug culture.

White men are no damn good. If you don't believe me, attend any one of our esteemed colleges and universities and they'll set you straight.

How can there be "white privilege" when everyone in the world who isn't white hates you?

So what's that, the privilege of being despised by everybody?

If you're white the only way you might be able to escape blame is to be a woman. But here's the thing, white people, Europeans to be precise, founded America. When a country is primarily made up of one race, isn't it natural for that country to be predisposed to that particular race?

What about countries in Asia? Do the Japanese and Chinese suffer from "yellow privilege?" And if so, why aren't they condemned for it?

Do the black people in Africa have "black privilege?"

Does South America have "Latino privilege?"

Is there "Islamic privilege" in the Middle East?

Are Arab countries Christian-phobic? Of course they are. Why aren't they scorned for that? We know Arabs are Jewish-phobic, is that okay?

As a white guy I have nothing to be ashamed of. I will not prostrate myself, groveling and apologizing for being born a Caucasian man like every white Democrat running for President is doing now.

What weak pathetic people they are. Do they realize how self-pitying and slimy they sound? Do they really think they can win over America by genuflecting all over themselves?

For writing this column I am sure I will be labeled a white supremacist or neo-Nazi or whatever. The left is really good at simplistic hateful labels. But like so much of leftist rhetoric, white privilege is a made up thing. Today's ranting and bemoaning of so-called "white privilege" is just the latest term the left is using to show their contempt for Western Civilization.

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. He's been a JWR contributor since 1999.