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Keeping it Real

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published April 5, 2019

 Keeping it Real
In our increasingly secular society, where too many of our fellow citizens believe that the idea of male and female sexes are nothing more but "social constructs," where the belief in a traditional father and mother household is considered hateful and wrong, where the very ideas of "truth" and "goodness" are debatable, and where white men are considered the scourge of the earth and America itself is nothing but a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, imperialist country that keeps minorities down and imprisoned, we desperately need honest voices of reason and sanity.

We don't hear any such voices running for president in 2020 from the Democrats, at least not up until now. Perhaps someone possessing clear-headed logic and intellectual honesty will emerge but I seriously doubt it.

They just ain't growin' em like that anymore on the left side of the political spectrum.

This current batch of presidential candidates has no interest in truth, honesty, or American values. They are too invested in identity politics and social justice.

And the young voters they're courting want that too, thanks to our poisoned educational system of America-hating indoctrination.

The Democrats have put all their eggs in the far-left basket of socialistic programs, multiculturalism, open boarders, and big government idealism. And that is exactly their problem.

Stupid young college students notwithstanding, most of us in this country just aren't there yet. We may get there one day, Heaven help us, but right now the majority of voters aren't all that thrilled with the idea of America being turning into Venezuela or Cuba.

That is why when all is said and done President Donald Trump will win reelection next year.

Vulgar, ballsy, politically incorrect, say what you will about the man, he has lived up to his promises. He has kept America strong and safe and employed with one of the strongest, booming economies our country has enjoyed in decades. The list of accomplishments under his watch is long, but the main thing about the guy is simply that he is honest and real. No phoniness.

Listen to the Democrat presidential wannabes. They all sound the same. They use the same phrases, the same words, and promote the same programs.

There's no individuality of ideas, nothing to separate one from the others. But mostly they come off fake. They say what is expedient for them to say at any given time. Political correctness at all times and Donald Trump bashing is a must.

What's really hilarious is watching all the white men twisting themselves into pretzels, either genuflecting to the minorities and women, or apologizing for being what they are, white and male. They all try so hard to say just the right things and they all come off wooden and insincere.

President Trump has never come off insincere. For better or worse he always says what's on his mind. You know what you're getting with Trump and I think voters like that. He's a big mouth and a braggart. He's your rich loud uncle bloviating at the Thanksgiving dinner table. He's your old grandpa who uses politically incorrect terms in public and doesn't give a damn even though it embarrasses you in front of your friends.

But deep down you don't really mind any of that because you know he's on your side and his beliefs are genuine. They are his beliefs, not just words put on paper by some political hack in Washington. To paraphrase Frank Sinatra, Trump does politics HIS way. He calls em as he sees em and most of the time he's right.

Trump recognizes fakery when he sees it and he points it out. He is able to cut through the psychobabble and P.C. nonsense and zero in on the reality of a given situation. So okay, he might not always put his thoughts into the most subtle, concise or delicate manner, but he gets his points across and you never doubt he means what he says.

For me Trump has been a breath of fresh air. I don't always agree with every policy issue of his and some of his crudeness goes over the line, but when he tells me he loves America I absolutely believe him. I don't know how religious a man he is in his daily life, but I believe he knows how important religion is to the fabric of our country and he welcomes it.

A brash honest man who has a good heart and who has done a lot of very good things for America. Donald Trump is the real deal, a no bull kind of guy. A voice of reason and sanity. We could use a few more like him.

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. He's been a JWR contributor since 1999.