April 14th, 2021


Social conservatives are losers

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published March 15, 2019

Social conservatives are losers
If you are a social conservative who is opposed to progressive ideology, political correctness and other leftist ideas being pushed throughout our society and are puzzled why it appears that your side is losing ground in the culture wars, there is a very good reason for it.

Your elected Republicans in Washington are not supporting you, they never did. For far too long they have just accepted much of what the left has initiated in the areas of social change, history revisionism, language redefinition, and so much more without saying, "Wait a minute this isn't right!"

This sad commentary on the state of our society was finally brought to national light this week on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

As part of a larger opening monologue, Carlson said the following: "Republicans in Washington do a fairly credible imitation of an opposition party. They still give speeches. They tweet quite a bit. They make certain noises about how liberals are bad. But on the deepest level, it's all a pose.

"In their minds, where it matters, Republican leaders are controlled by the left. They know exactly what they are allowed to say and believe. They know what the rules are. They may understand that those rules are written by the very people who seek their destruction, but they ruthlessly enforce them anyway."

So the obvious question is, why? Why do those politicians who are supposedly "on our side" go along with the dogma, speech policing, and social engineering introduced by the far-left into our culture without objection? Why the hell do they accept it and use it, thus making it the new American norm? The simple answer is because they're cowards. They're afraid to counter it because they don't want to be labeled as homophobes, or racists, or islamophobes, or misogynists, or whatever.

"Republicans in Washington police their own with a never-ending enthusiasm," Tucker says. "Like trustees at a prison, they dutifully report back to the ward, hoping for perks. Nobody wants to be called names. Nobody wants to be Trump . . . . Kevin McCarthy spends half his day telling Republican members not to criticize progressive orthodoxy. Paul Ryan did the same before him. A couple of years ago, the entire Democratic Party decided to deny the biological reality of sex differences, an idea that is insane as it is dangerous. Republican leaders decided to not criticize them for it. They might get upset."

That's where we stand. The left decides what our cultural values should be, what the national conversation must be, what our social priorities should be, how we speak, how we talk, and how we must think. The Republicans cowardly go along with it, and once that happens it eventually becomes accepted by society at large.

That's how progressive orthodoxy seeps into the American fabric. And when that takes root it becomes just about impossible to change back. Once "Ms" was established as the new way of addressing females, people were scared to use "Miss" or "Mrs." Nobody wants to be called a chauvinist.

We are told by the leftist powers that be that we should be fine with late-term abortions, indeed even infanticide if the abortion is botched and it is the mother's wish to end the life. We are instructed that there are no longer only two human sexes, there are multiple genders that must be accepted and society must adjust to them wholeheartedly.

We must use only politically correct speech and we must not voice contrary opinions in public, especially on college campuses, of any views or form of thought if it goes against the progressive line.

The left has dictated what the proper and improper nomenclature should be regarding almost all things in our lives, including designations of peoples. Negro, colored, black, even people of color are all considered derogatory terms. African-American is the only proper label for someone of the black race (that is, until the left decides on something new).

Oriental has for sometime been verboten, we must only use the term Asian. American Indian, no good. Native American, no good. The designation now must be indigenous people. In some circles using him and her and he and she is considered wrong because it is insulting to genders that are neither male nor female. It becomes nearly impossible to keep up with the politically correct nonsense since it seems to change every few years.

Revisionist American history has been installed in our school system for decades and we now have two or three generations who know nothing else. The mainstream media and entertainment industries are partners with liberal academia in this.

And all along no one challenged these things. No one ever stepped up to say it was wrong and now it is what it is.

Unless true conservatives fight back against the progressive onslaught on traditional American values and culture we can expect things to get much worse. We can't rely on our representatives in Washington to do battle for us. They're not on our side.

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. He's been a JWR contributor since 1999.