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A Rose by Any Other Name

Greg Crosby

By Greg Crosby

Published March 1, 2019

A Rose by Any Other Name
We all know how feminists don't want any sex specific designations. No, don't say waitress, say server or waitron. (Waitron, how stupid does that sound?) Don't say actress, call them actors. They don't even want to be called gals anymore, they want to be just one of the guys. To my old-fashioned ears hearing a woman say to a group of women, "Okay you guys, see you next week" sounds completely absurd. Referring to females as "girls" is a big no no too, of course.

I keep asking the question, what is so wrong with a female name designation? Why is it considered offensive? I don't get it. Why is the term "girl" demeaning to females but the term "boy" is not demeaning to males (unless you happen to be a black male)? Why is it inherently wrong to designate a female person as a female person? What are they ashamed of?

If feminists want no female designation then the words "woman" and "female" should be stricken from our vocabulary just as stewardess was. Woman and female are derivatives of man and male and that, I would assume, is demeaning and insulting to them. Feminists need to come up with a brand new word for what they are. How about "harpy?" Works for me.

And by the way, why is it that today's modern females don't want to take their husbands last name when they marry, but they are okay retaining their father's last name? Daddy was a man wasn't he? So they are still going by a man's name. (Wow, that must kill them.) Along the same lines, why are we still using the terms "husband" and "wife?" Those are sexist terms too.

Speaking of husbands and wives, I really wish homosexuals and lesbians who marry could use a little imagination and come up with brand new terms to call each other rather than "husband and husband" and "'wife and wife." In my world husband and wife is a partnership between a man and a woman only. Go ahead gays, get married if you want to, but please think up new names to call yourselves and leave husband and wife for us traditionalists to cling to.

My wonderful state of California has determined in its infinite wisdom that the use of "He" and "She" shall forevermore be banned. The California state Senate committee chair (not chairman just chair please) Hanna-Beth Jackson spoke about the change in January, . . . which affects her committee, and said it's a matter of gender.

"We are now a state recognizing the non-binary designation as a gender," Jackson said. "We are using the phrase ‘they' and replacing other designations so that it's a gender neutral designation of ‘they.' Basically that's the primary reforms and revisions to the committee rules."

If you think the human race is just male and female, you're wrong ; those designations are so "binary" and so yesterday. We recognize many other forms of "gender" designations now. That's why the powers that be pushed the term "gender" to replace "sex" years ago.

The term sex refers to biological characteristics, such as chromosomes, internal and external sex organs, and the hormonal activities within the body. Gender primarily deals with personal, societal and cultural perceptions of sexuality. Society, not science based.

So "gender" can be anything that progressive society wants it to be, the alphabet soup of our times. That's why all those initials keep changing. The current politically correct term is LGBTTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual) but tomorrow --- who the hell knows.

The old name change game is part and parcel of the progressive agenda of constantly throwing tradition and normalcy off balance. Blurring the lines of right and wrong, fact and fiction, truth and lies. Calling into question and literally trashing human science and traditions that have been established over thousands of years for the sake of a new progressive worldview.

It's what the universities call "relative truth." You can have "your" truth and I can have "my" truth, but there is no longer any such thing as just one truth. No such thing as just two sexes. No such thing as just one morality. The problem with all this claptrap is what weÕre really left with is NO definitive truth, NO definitive sexuality, and NO morality at all.

And yes. That's the whole idea.

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JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children's books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. He's been a JWR contributor since 1999.